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Diddy ft. Nicole - Come To Me Lyrics

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[Nicole (Diddy)]

It's Bad Boy bitch

Do it do it do it do it

Do it do it do it do it

(It feels good to be back, I missed ya)

Relax your mind, let's the concepts be free

And I roll with the sounds of BPE

Do it do it do it do it

Do it do it do it do it

(You know what time it is)

(Report to the dance floor)

It's bad boy bitch

(Talk to 'em)


See you laughing with one of my eye

Leanin on the wall lookin fly

I want you to come be with me

You're the only one I wanna talk to

But I don't wanna rush

[Chorus - Nicole]

I'm here when will you make your move?

I see you, I am me, I want cha, why don't cha

Come to me, I can be, what you need, uh baby

I'm standin, been waitin, I'm yearnin, I'm burnin

Come to know me, come and get to know me

Come to show me, that you wanna know me


You know who it is, I'm back in the building

Security strapped, still stackin a million

It's doubt with the stallion, somethin' Italian

Or maybe Puerto Rican, you can catch me in Paris

I'm in it to win it but willin to carry

The game, if you think I'm not look at the carats

I buck clean about in a Phantom

The people go screamin like an opera anthem

I did it before, do it again

I got to blow, gotta to spin

Lies before, cool as the wind

Got hits go back like Juicy Jin, yeah

Shine the best and diamond necklace

My extravagant taste, the style perplexes

They know I'm the ish, they wanna get next

That's why she had to fit cause she wanted to get next


[Diddy (Nicole)]

Anywhere I appear, they all stop and stare

Admire your body language speakin loud and clear like

(I want you to come be with me)

She be waitin anticipatin for oh so long

Fantasising wild thoughts of me comin on like

(I'm here when will you make your move)

She diggin my style, my swag, my suede, my swirve

My way with words, the Boys absurd for sure

You can't fall til my aura called

I make miracles like I walk on water

What you want mama order, it's on my tab

I'm so bad with the cash, I dropped the whole bag

Where you at girl?



I'm here in love, can't wait no more no

You were the one who stole my heart

Can't you see the way to sober(?)

I need you to come closer

Please believe is getting stormy

You really got me hot


[Diddy and Nicole]

Do it do it do it do it

Do it do it do it do it

Why don't cha come to me

I can be, what you need uh baby

I'm here, you're here, let's make it happen

Do it do it do it do it

Do it do it do it do it

Relax your mind, let's the concepts be free

And I roll with the sounds of BPE

Do it, do it

You know what this is

It's Bad Boy bitch

Press Play!

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