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The 6 best home projectors in the UK

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Once upon a time, choosing a new TV was easy. You visited a retailer, picked out the screen size you wanted, and then carried the thing home. It was that simple. Nowadays, there’s almost too much choice. When you've got hundreds of options in front of you, picking the right model is an almost impossible task. 

It doesn't need to be this way, though. If you’re looking for a seriously big picture and don’t want to go down the traditional TV route, there is an alternative. You could invest in a home projector.

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IMAGE: Amazon


ViewSonic LightStream

Impressive brightness levels and good quality video makes up for limited audio.

    £499 from Amazon
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    IMAGE: Amazon


    BenQ W2700

    HDR performance sets this projector apart from the competition.

      £1,399 from Amazon
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      IMAGE: Currys PC World


      OPTOMA GT1080

      Bright, sounds good, and has no latency issues.

        £599 from Currys PC World
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        IMAGE: Currys PC World


        Acer Predator

        Experience every detail in all your favourite games with this immersive projector.

          £880 from Currys PC World
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          IMAGE: Currys PC World

          BEST FOR VALUE

          Epson EH-TW650

          Low-priced projector that offers great picture quality with good levels of brightness.

            £499 from Currys PC World
            B99581c7 d30f 4ef4 9e64 4301e5609850
            IMAGE: Amazon

            BEST FOR 4K

            Sony VPL-VW270

            It's a seriously expensive model, but it's the best in the business.

              £4,889 from Amazon

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