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jefferson airplane


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i love white rabbit,there are a lot of songs from the 60's that are good :P

Good song. I have a whole folder full of 60's songs. There were a lot of good ones made then!!

The Doors

Janis Joplin

The Beatles




Procol Harum

Iron Butterfly

And on and on it goes!!

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wierd song by iron butterfly - "in-a-gadda-da-vida"....

The way I heard it is that when that song was being written, one of the band members was very drunk. He was trying to say "In A Garden Of Eden" and they decided to leave it that way. Excellent song anyway. One of the first real long ones that were to become popular in the 70's.

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they found his corpse in a van in the woods in south america , i think, somewhere with a rainforest. he called some people and said forces were after him, that he was scared for his life. he had some of his physicist stuff with him and they never recovered it. ccccrazy eh?

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I heard the same thing about the Iron Butterfly disappearing mysteriously. Saw them perform once--i was right in front of the stage. But can you name any other hits besides Inagoddadavida?? I can't lol

Janet's referring to the Surrealistic Pillow Album of the Jefferson Airplane. Not sure where the name came from, but the Airplane was dope terminology for inverting a joint and blowing it up someone's nose.

The Jefferson Airplane were part of the San Francisco music scene along with the Quicksilver Messenger Service and The Grateful Dead, all which came into prominence due to the concert promotion of Bill Graham...

Embryonic Journey

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Jefferson Airplane had some good stuff......I sort of lose interest by the time I get around to their "Starship" stuff.

edit- but Homer likes "we built this city..."

My father was/is a big fan of hits from the 50's/60's.

As a result I can really dig tunes like "Mac the Knife" or "Down in the boondocks".

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a jefferson airplane was when you took two paper matches and held them, one atop the other, with the roach of a spliff held betwixt them, like tweezers i suppose. once you try it, you can kinda see where the name comes from, it kinda looks like an airplane.....if your stoned.

--the above is a highly effective way to smoke your roaches--

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Damn, its been awhile. Thanx for correcting me Rainbow and IOPan. See, its true--marijuana damages the brain!

Somebody to Love - Live @ Woodstock

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wow...great topic

1) yes .. a drunken roadie ...was trying to say ..garden of eden ...and thats how he pronounced it.

The band loved it and used it as the title.

2) Iron Butterfly founder... Ron Bushey (I believe his name was) ...was found in the Angeles National Forest ..about 5 miles from where I live....not in a So. American jungle or woods.

It was Southern California.

Mystery still surrounds his death.

3) White Rabbit & Somebody to Love ...were originally written and performed by a band called Great Society

Jerry Slick(Grace's then hubby) & Darby Slick (his brother )wrote them and Grace sung them.

Still the best version(s) of the 2 songs ...imho.

Great live recordings are around.

Look for them in P2P land.

4) Jefferson Airplane ..was a matchbook cover split apart so that it curled and the top stuck out ..so that it looked kinda like an airplane from the side view ...when a joint was inserted.

Like a poor mans cigarette holder...for getting those last tar laden tokes....... /-

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You liked The Great Society versions better? The sound seemed a lot more primitive and tinty than the Airplane versions.... But its been a few years since I listened to either...

Volunteers of America (1970)

Original Version

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We need to send her a refresher invite :)

Today - Live @ the Monterey Pop Festival (1967)

I think this song appeared on Surrealistic Pillow

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The best version of White Rabbit I ever heard was in Pittsburgh's Civic Arena. In the summer of 1976 or possibly 1977. It was a Starship show. Grace screamed "feed your head" over and over while the band jammed behind her. Don't know how long this went on, but it was a while. I get chills just remembering it. This was the first tour that Craig Chaquico was involved with. An excellent guitarist!!

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On the down side of this. I saw a band that called themselves "Starship". It was a free show at a Pittsburgh wing festival a few years ago. Mickey Thomas was the singer. The rest were just kids basically. No original members at all. For what they were, they were a decent band. But to call themselves "Starship" (They dropped the Jefferson) was a joke. They played some old Airplane and Jefferson Starship songs. I told my wife if they even attempted White Rabbit, I was leaving! They didn't. All in all, it was kind of sad.

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DudeAsIn Cool...yeah well..the Great Society versions were more primitive and earthy...the live versions (being originals) broke new ground.

No, they didn't have the production values of the Airplanes versions( that we all heard first)...but they are good in their own right...kinda like Airplane unplugged.

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... "watch her ride," ... another great jefferson airplane song ... i hadn't heard it before, but someone shared it with me ... i love it, fun sounding song ... :D ... jefferson airplane, better and better with time ...

I didn't know you were the one for me, I couldn't see

But you were waiting,

For someone to come along to help you out to sing your song,

And I was changing;

All I see is you; All I feel is you for me!

And I would really like to watch you ride;

And always feel you by my side;

I would really like to watch you ride

All on me!

I go stumbling to the sky, and I seem to fly so high

I see you, I feel you;

You have a way of walking 'round your feet they never touch the ground,

And you are shining;

All I see is you; All I feel is you for me!

Times don't change; Times don't ever change for me;

And I know that you could be the only thing in my world,

The only thing that my mind would find;

For love, for love and peace of mind, for me, for me; Oh

Your Shadow in the morning sun becomes my fun, and we can say,

"I love you, love you;"

My morning shines on silver beaches, your light flashes to the reaches

Of my mind, my mind, of

My mind, and my mind it comes alive with you;

It's all that I can do to sit here and let you blow my mind;

Ah! My mind,

You're so fine, in my mind you're so fine, in my mind you're so fine,

You're so fine, in my mind, you're so fine in mind.

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I actually believe In a gadda de vida is latin for In the garden of life.

vida is latin for life I know that for a fact.

As for jefferson airplane , yeah way cool but there best stuff was not so commercially successful..

Like the way cool "After Bather at Baxters" album a long trippy album. I also dug

"Crown of Creation" it has a very moody thought provacative song named "Triad" which grace slick wrote and sang as I think it was one of her best.

Also when Jefferson Airplane morphed into Jefferson Starship they made a killer album called "Spitfire"


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