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dirty_d Vs real OG

Call it  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. Call it

    • Dirty D
    • Real OG

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you cant touch me i'm on another level lyrically/

i'm new to the site but nobody here real as me/

i keep loadin clips and keep bustin the lead/

start runnin your mouth and there will be a hollow tip in ur head/

cuase i'm the realest and i've come to take over/

so like lil flip you can go ahead and say ur game is over/

talkin bout you a real og/

only thing you real at is bein on ur knees/

so heres a big one for ya hope you dont choke/

dont see how you gonna talk when its all in ur throat/

i done seen yalls battles and aint none of em tight/

Ima bring some realness and make this the #1 site/

and after everyone feels and knows my presence/

i'll have respect from the world and even the heavens/

so real og i hope you and everybody learned/

without me on the mic the world would never turn.

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yo fuck this intro shit/

ima bout to spit this shit/

kick this shit/

make this wannabe EAT MY SHIT/

see i always got a flow//

im always on the go//

always ready to put on a show//

show this bitch how to do it/

coz this is a real fuckin spit/

me on my knees??//

ha ill uppercut you into 2morro/

put you through all this fuckin sorrow/

ya ryhmes are weak/

ill knock you out if i even hear a peep/

wot u think your doin takin this site?//

but you aint takin it with out a fight//

win this battle then smoke a pipe//

and when this is all said and done/

this battle right here is already won/


here's a quick one cldnt be botherd thinkin to much today brain aint workin to good...

aight sum one put a poll on this and get the votes in...


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I just like the flow better on OG's.

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im gonna have to give this one to dirty d both of the flows were tight but i we have to chose one peace


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hold on hold on theres 4 votes for dirty d and there is only 2explained so the other 2 dnt count because there NOT explained....

fair is fair

and can the mods check who voted... plz im not being a sore loser or nothing jus wanna c who voted thats all

and take 2 off his coz 2 are not explained...

thats the rules

Edited by real OG
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I voted dirty D because I liked it better. What kind of explaination are you looking for?

And maybe I don't know where to look but I can't see who voted.. sorry.

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Yeah in truth if people don't reply to the thread we have no idea who posted. i.e. one person could line up 4 aliases and win it for one person.

Everyone should at the least reply after they vote.

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well that means its 1-3 dirty's way...

so yeh shawn you should make it public poll so you can see who has voted by clicking show results and it comes up with all the ppl who voted...

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