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  • 5 months later...

PLEASE your the lyrical disease
that everyone talks about
wipe that mouth get off your knees
and give me one reason not to seize a heater and sqeeze
ur rhymes suck i'm sure everyone agrees
stay in school i don't know how the hell your words
look before you write em cause u can't spell you herb
burnout i probably sell you herbs
ain't u heard ur verse sucks at best
so u must be deaf cause thats the only reason left
u make no sense
i'm intense
u probably live in tents
u see my intent is to vent some steam
to anybody i see on this compu screen
picture this shit .........i stomp u scream
you'll dream for nightmares to forget that scene
so keep readin keep writing
i'm the hand of GOD I strike u down like white lightning
[email protected]

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  • 2 months later...

try stay open minded, put pen to pad like i did
who hurt you, oh grime did
ware you down grinded
only just registerd how do u find it
saw beatking.com so tryed it
first post so dont chat shit

first post yet, its better than most of these new topics
sting ray to ur irwin away in the tropics
back to the uk back to the topic
first post so dont flop it

why is it so deadout here
writers block? nar people are scared
readin riddles ur mind will get snared
sorry im late, u better prepare
judgement day i declare
like i said im finally here
u need guns n tanks, all sorts of gear

lets start getin twisted n sadistic
left for dead another statistic
blink once, your gone, sorry u missed it
3 inch wonder u cant grip it.

dont get angry cus i vexed ya
real talk, dont shoot the messenger
stay where its safe on msn messenger
i pick what i want like arsen venger

its friday im gonna take yar
im jason, stone mason, i will break yar
waitin for a reply so we can clash bar's
dont take time, reply fast

this is just a little thunder, u wonder how the rest sounds
put down the scissors mines ground
u need to hear how this flows n sounds
my mistake, if i saw u in person u wud get gagged n bound.

cheers for readin i think ur sound.

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[quote name='dirty_d_35' date='08 December 2005 - 08:05 PM' timestamp='1134072309' post='106260']
You niggas wanna real freetyle then hit me up and will battle.

yeh bruv lets do it

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  • 1 year later...

[quote name='bfd-showah-mandem' timestamp='1237496693' post='178710']
Ama man ona mission yh bfd
n u luk around bt u cnt c me
yh mysterious or mystery
so many wastemanz hatin me so many wastez stoned out ther tree
jus coz i got tha ansaz i got the key

im the man on the frontline
fuk spitin 2 classical shit wen theres a ting lyk grime
dont copy this shit ccoz these barz r mine
if u wont a lyrical war il turn it into aa crime


ima streetwise guy thaats y im stil alive
im not rich but i wunt say im deprived
a dont think am bad jus coz av skived
and evri1 in the place nos wen iv arrived

a jump on the mic and u step back step back
ur a crakhed smoke crack smoke crack thers a hit on u so watch ur bak yh wtch ur bak an u myt c me strate 2 tha hed wit da heavy rite knee u hear mysterious and u turn and fllee coz i got mor moves than the masta bruce lee

im not aa surfer hu lives for a wave im a sik guy hu lives for a rave im not the taliban hu hides in a cave n i dnt lyk a gyal hu tinks fuck havin a shave call me mysterious not dave i get bare pleasures from ne sex slave

stamp on ur hed stamp on ur brain u wil get fukd up oh wata shame al fuk u up lyk a heavy goods train my barz are heavy ur barz r lame ur a lank bastard taller than a crane im so vicous u cant call me tame in the grime game thers jus 1 special name

many mor barz if u spit bk n tht wo free style ma 1st tym haha hit bak fam yh bless
Talking bout crack heads,
and street smarts.
Ya'll bitches retards.

Did you ever hear of,
spell check?
Can't even spell,
you get no respect.

You should be a surfer,
and go catch a wave.
when it comes to writing rhymes,
you never getting paid.

The only mystery ,
Is what you smoking on?
This probably lives with his mom.

You must be straight stupid,
the kinda bitch to get struck by cupid.

I bet your up your girls ass,
begin for some pussy.
Leave that bitch alone,
stop being pushy.

Let her be on some TLC,
let the bitch creep.
I'll stick my dick in,
eight inches deep.
Give that bitch cash,
she bring home no recite,
that cause your hoe,
put some kicks on my feet.
She was giving me brains,
in the back seat,
of the 94 jeep.

You would be surprised,
what you bitch would do.
She got come on her lips
when you kiss.
But you got no clue.

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