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Non-Stop Sencless Rhyming Motivation

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-Non-Stop Sencless Rhyming Motivation- 

(And my mind takes me away, time to filter out)

Check it...

Yo some life tasting like crime living in lies drownded by clouds outside the sky relay thoughts in my mind scientists clone in disguise intrigued from the rhymes I lay off like folks loosing their jobs just a criminal who hops n robs from spot to spot to boost the crime rate on toll I'm over it, fuck it, that's all... time to drop heavy ammo on top of the globe wobbling bass and breaks to blistering snares that'll put cap on your ears

you are dwelling in deep ends putting out your chances to hear am I making myself clear, boom boom arupt the room in chunes look around invision the groove experience raving anew era craving to break in infecting the wounds open up let it in this is breakage on the loose substance abuse poisonous angry juice drink till your puking all over restrooms guess tonight you'll be sleeping in the guest house as was presented at first but guess what now, all along it was clown house created to contain massive ravers on the reach of evolution on the reach to x stepping in the massive where the junglist distributin' keep it bangin to point where u thought it ends we light it up again big ups selectah up more nights then one is weak as fuck I say watching sunrise I keep my eyes on more then booty calls it be a close call however whether or not it ain't going to stop like smokers having a stroke and they right back at it the body's a vessel invincible doubt it unless in the club I'm steppin a war horse loose commencing action on dance floors forever searching for an epic path no need I'll find it when I'm looking back never asking for hand outs like waste of space pour crowds begging with their hands out it's no use can't stop the weak putting more flaws into the new, created smart devices implemented into systematic loops elemental attributes i equip myself to reflect opposite force natural cause ebony & ivory divided into separate colonies by laws and government cover ups we're blinded to watch real talk you disagree your obiding the commandments from  your own fleet why u gone and done that now broke shit up out of order styles like amateur dating along the crowd fucking track and field relaying the baton now the way l I relay is my schitzaphrena pass my thoughts along outer dimentions voices that put me down it's deep shit so deep I can't smoke heeze without tweeking no sleep blazing weed to me be for night caps no in betweens and no threesomes unless it's all girls but me hit my peak clashing heads through the premises watch out beware of dogs chew off the warning signs titan in the right state of mind lately aching to break inside put it into drive looking for attention so I bought the majestic throw back throw u off in a second mili second that 519 where I'm reppin at recognize a heist in the presence a lifeline being called on cuz this life I'm about to steal it's whole soul I try not to be cruel like fam told me but I had to go and make my own story reach for tropheys n glory where rewards be and where minority controlles dirty money thank the law for dirty money and what it's brought me no shame b and until these beats end l'll be free'ing till my throat bleeds even then I'll just coat it in cover up continue where my last lead was dose n blast damn good drugs same old basslines send me a rush through my spine to my sculp bang my brains with painted pictures on canvas and ego with statistics so vicous an entire campsite won't miss it you just know when I walk in the room spread a poisonous vaccine unheard of since 2017 spreading new found dreams far apart ripping out hearts and all hope from humanitys arms big hugs holding grudges I'll murder the bonds create new beliefs that we become cultists beginning surrounded by bon fires worship a new god who's immortal claims to be our savoir when really in the end just munipilate's us all elevate us up then turn our bones to charcoal a demonic entity within without a remedy just the beginning in the end heavy casualties shame what a tradegy just remain calm like me and rap about fucked up shit I only did it cause I fucked off to fuck land tickets for all id doubt you'd withstand this cypher I grasp a winning in Palm of my hand I got two passive skills unlike others that's avoiding mowing lawns in the summer n shoveling snow in the winter your a contender? I bet you got to do both by order plus you do the dusting around maid by mother cut you like butter melt you down feed you on the bread i doubled almost trippled this summer watch dogs looking out for an entrance hasn't been covered infiltrate the system get the systematics blue prints n dipset double team using tactical cross fire throw u off asap you be steppin out after the battle rocking all gear mis matched and those are firing facts to your spittin lies like performing live on much music 1 hit wonders didn't get a chance to look back what u want clean and plain or bring a hook back mix it up each times a new set new sound new track dj the decks mc the mic clash em fires waters can't wet, elemental the life of the writh wrath Leviathan dropping waves of enemies more then call of duty it's the juggernaut bitch spoken from a realist in armor so u want to feel the full effect of me hand a tech to me equipped with a tech I'm intillectually superior make the wack werior inferior deteriate rate like bacteria get inside you like interior have you saying I'm hearing ya give me props then nod off popping a shot one to the top leave you brainless covered massacre on the block limitless like American history x the cats jaw gets locked broken never steal from unknown sources or get hacked all I have to say is ip address what you want me to write you a map how about you ask for a smoke n light here's a flashlight what the humour ignites like a bite from the basslines heavy artillery currently on site hit the peek to the limit let it drive like the A.I smarter then the average yay high eh right got me flowing back to my old times old signs representing my past life in another world or dimentions with a creature fills the sky speaking to me from different dimentions warning me of upcoming events unfortunately I missed them as you can see I'm in a never-ending free that's meaningless but may one day have chances to teach nor preach don't catch a breach on the wrong street if you facing off with law then use evil where it's never been leaked out crawling in darkness where the flashlight enters presenting visions uncovering multiple advantages catch em all off guard from their swords and board like poparotzy with they cameras by any means I can't help but taking stabs at ya switch it off turn it back like i invented the light to show your true self whatever wealth light mid heavy build contender or operation in the field occupation or identity for memory observation it's all just an excuse to mute the population there's too many we should terminate the wasted civilization that exists exterminate to create reason to exist to breathe to bleed to love to be equal in wants needs wants to jus sit back relax smoke trees recycling my thoughts wash em out like clean product I bought from a source that took 10 years to hold trust I wouldn't get ripped off I always say it's like resume u build good and bad mix but ends where the elder wins long term beats time with irrelevant basis got the Calvary on call can't wait to release it on your faces leave you face-less taking over fascist lands like dictators sit and spectate the crisis I'm non ritchious like snipers scoping from a distance put the dot on your end then end your existence I'm done set spitting for now I enjoyed cutting up my victims chow!

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