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walk on the wild side...marky mark and the funky bunch...cool version of a cool song..a sort of a state of the nation.....and whatever one might have to say about mark wahlbergs musical career and dumb comments that he`s made in days gone by he certainly came up the hard way.....he`s a good actor too... :)


Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch

Written By: Spice/M.Wahlberg/L. Reed

Ah yeah huh..America the Beautiful

Huh, yeah, let me introduce y'all..to the Wildside

Annie was a high school cheerleader

Pom poms and bobby socks, no girl was sweeter

Come Prom time everybody was on the line

All the fellas swinging nickel and dime

Tales about love and lust and trust

But Annie took it all in stride

Cause deep inside Annie had aspirations

Wanted to be a chemical engineer

Making 50 to 55 thousand a year

Her first year of college was a success

But along came Billy possessed and obsessed

He took Annie on a fatal date

And showed her things that make heartbeats accelerate

Annie took a hit breathed two short breaths

One for life..the last for death

Now she's gone, a former Valedictorian

Ended up becoming a topic for historians

Washe up dreams and shattered pride

All because Annie took a hit - on the Wildside


Ron had enough of being broke everyday

Saying to himself, there's gotta be a betta way

Cause 9 to 5 wasn't worth the headaches

So Ron figured out a faster way to make - money

Before you know it, he's a rich man

Gold on every finger of his hand

A brand new BMW, a condo, Ron ended up a John Doe

A body was found in the alley but never clained

Full of bullet holes but none to blame

Ron became another victim of homicide

Because he chose to walk - on the Wildside


Charles had everything going for him

A top paying job, a good life, a good wife

A baby boy on the way any day

A gentleman attitude is all he displayed

Carol was the wife he loved and adored

Her family and freinds treated him like an Ambassador

One night on the other side of town

A police dispatcher picked up a weird sound

Charles on the car phone asking for help

Claiming a burglar shot his wife and himself

His pregnant wife lay slumped over

Dreams corrupted and a young life over

Extensive searches throughout the projects

Put a lot of people through misery and wreck

Everyone a suspect til someone was found

Interrigated cause their skin was brown

Then there was Bennett, guilty until proven so

But soon as the case started moving slow

What do you know, sure as as sea gull gets webbed toed

Charles was the culprit

The whole plot was an insurance scam

Charles and his brother came up with a plan

Kill Carol, collect a big check

Blame it on a black man, what the heck?

And just before the story was known

Charles had a feeling that his cover was blown

So he jumped offa bridge

Committed suicide

This is how it is - on the Wildside


Little Tiffany, only thirteen

Came to the city, place of big dreams

Visiting family and friends for the summertime

Sittin' on a mailbox, watchin' the boys climb trees

And the girls play hopscotch

So far, her vacation was top notch

Then out of the blue, a Mercedes at top speed

Gang bangers chasin' the robbers on the stampede

Quick as a blink shots rang out loud

And a hail of bullets zipped through the crowd

One hit Tiffany, and instantly she died

Innocently - on the Wildside


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Nouvelle Vague

 Melt With You

 Nouvelle Vague


 West Indian Girl

 What Are You Afraid Of

 West Indian Girl


Ulrich Schnauss

 Crazy For You

 Strangely Isolated Place-bonus Disc


streamcast from www.kcrw.com

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jon hiseman`s colosseum..." lost angeles " from the 1971 album Colosseum Live.....brilliant hammond organ from dave greenslade with the great chris farlow on vocals, and clem clempson on guitar..wonderful sax and brass from dick heckstall-smith, and john hiseman on drums..the cream of `70`s british progressive jazz/rock......

Lost Angeles...

By Colosseum

Truth that I sing and the words I bring

Are all meant for you

The chairs they are full and the minds they are bare

And it's time I care

Everyone is in town and not much of a crowd

Nobody here where the sun down lies ahead

Such a town, there is a town in the burning desert

Set it down, set it down, set it down with the millionaire

A man with the wake in the morning

Alone in the midnight air

A millionaire alone in the burning desert

Oh, gonna get ya

Such a town, such a town in the burning desert

Set it down set it down, set it down with the millionaire

A man with the wake in the morning

Alone in the midnight air

A millionaire alone in the burning desert

Here am I alone in the city

Ain't I a pity

I just want to leave and get away from Los Angeles

Earthquake and smog are driving me out of town

I don't want to be here

I don't want to be around

Take me away if you please

I do not want to live in Los Angeles

No, I don't want to be here anymore

I want to be on my own

So take me away if you please

Oh, get me away from Los Angeles


- Chris Farlowe / vocals

- Dave Greenslade / organ, keyboards, vibraphone

- Mark Clarke / bass, vocals

- Dave "Clem" Clempson / guitar, vocals

- Dick Heckstall-Smith / saxophone, sax (Soprano), sax (Tenor)

- Jon Hiseman / drums, producer

Track listing

1. Rope Ladder to the Moon (9:43)

2. Walking in the Park (8:21)

3. Skelington (14:52)

4. I Can't Live Without You (7:28)

5. Tanglewood '63 (10:12)

6. Stormy Monday (7:29)

7. Lost Angeles (15:43)


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Kyuss - Fatso Forgotso

It’s hanging above you and it’s over

It’s over your head

Hoovering slowly I hear words

Too and I totally agree

It ain’t just you and me

Since then you’ve been looking at me

Like I been on your mind

Everything would have been

Don’t take it like we’re taking it home

It’s over your head

It’s over my head

It’s over your head

It’s over my head

It’s over

It’s over

It’s over my fucking head

10 years ago last night (July 12, 1995) I watched Kyuss open up for White Zombie....It was one of the best live perfomances of a band I have ever seen.

I lit a candle in commemoration and memorial :P

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listened to a few samples (" hurricane " and " one inch man ") from kyuss album.." and the circus leaves town "..you can`t derive much from samples but the general thrust of their sound is pretty good..i`ll obtain a copy of the album i think and have a real listen... :)


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