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Burn Learn--Feed the rage


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I came up with this lil basturd around 1999.

A bluesy lil tune that goes

somethin'like this,

I was born-in this town

where hearts were black-

and the air was brown,

life was hard-and i was torn

between my rock-and this fucking

frown-always comin'down,

no mercy on me-and thats

a fact.

time rolls on-and minds receed

life grew harder and harder-

on anger i would feed,

there seemed to be no end-

to this pain and misery-

no matter how hard i tried-

it all came down on me,

somehow i got through all the

bullshit and half truths-

better alive than dead,

yes indeed.

feed the rage-it happens every

day we feed the rage-the violence

we enguage can't turn the page-

cause the fuckin' worlds a stage

trapped in our cage-with lifes

growing little wage we feed

the rage,what will we do

when all is lost,you get a wage-

that can never pay the cost,

who feeds the rage-

televisiion feeds the rage

movies feed the rage

some music feeds the rage

most people feed the rage,

like news tv feeds the rage

Scream 3 feeds the rage

NO PAC he fed our rage

manson seathes rage

--thats Marilyn you know--

the worlds a presure cooker-

with no fuckin' guage.

Its the end of the world

as we know it,

is this the way its gonna be,

nobody cares- nobody cares-

nobody shares and we all show it,

KAOS and death for you and me,

feed the rage-God will not

save our ass's in this cage-

there are no special classes

on lifes stage-some wear

rose colored glasses

like the ostrich-till the whols

damn' thing colapsis

feed the rage-feed the rage.

Now i'm a man-with a plan

with a plan-i have learned

all i can,

aient lookin' back-on that sad place-

i'm movin' on-

i'm moooooovin' on-

from that dis grace,

the more you learn-

the less you hate...,

PERSONAL--no jones too late

no jones too late

no jones too late

no jones too late....END

Any feed back,pro or neg is KOOL. Moble Home Moqui

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I liked it, with the exception of the stanza that starts "it's the end of the world as we know it". That felt too cliched.

For whatever reason I heard Eminem's 'business' tune in my head as I read it so I don't know if I even got the meter you were writing for.

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Does anyone ever really come in this place much? Just checking cause I admit these are only the words to my song. I have this recorded but can't post the song yet! One day all my songs will make it to this place.


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A tribute to John Lennon


I remember the 8th like it was yesterday

2730 took it all away

he never even had a chance

not even time for one last dance

all was taken on that sad day

why the hell did this thing happen anyway

My brother called me on that day

he told me all he knew, i said fuckin' no way

i said there's no way this could be true

later on i saw the whole damn thing on the news

i don't think i ever was that sad

sometimes he was the only friend i had

I am writing this today

i saw a show about the whole damn thing yesterday

it made me think back on old times

remembering all you said to me

thats why i wrote these lines

no songs ever ment as much to me

they were so true-sometimes full of shit

so full of you and me!!:!!

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