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Undying Wizard

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It may be old-school, but there is plenty out there right now that cannot touch Megadeth. Dave's voice is unique and, much like Metallica, they had their days of brutality. Whether you want to call it selling-out, or just maturing, they are still a band to reckon with. I am quite a fan myself I remember when Dave Mustaine back in the early days.

I am quite a fan myself I remember when Dave Mustaine was in Metallica back in the early days.

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well crap sorry for not bein around, ever since I got my promotion at work ive been workin longer hours and longer hours, Ive worked more then 140 hours in the last 2 weeks , now thats alot LOL

anyways Im ganna try to keep this thread goin my hours are ganna go alittle lower because I asked for less so now I wont go over 60 hours a week.

so here's todays band, I think you guys have probaly heard of them but not all of you here we go !

todays band is " Carcass " Good Album is 'Symphonies Of Sickness'

from what Ive heard this guys are doctors, if you read thier lyrics you would not understand most of em inless you had a damn dictionary alot of doctor terms, DudeasinCool will probally get all the info on them.

Im a Supervisor at a Retail store now and my hours are alot I mean alot so I dont get much time these days, but I told them I cant handle all the hours so thier alittle lower now that should give me more time to be around.

lol Im a computer tech ( almost ) and work at a damn Ross Dress For Less lol

anyways I will not let my thread die, but my get slow at times- but wont die

so many people have Viewd this thread I cant let it die it seems to be a highly in demand thread here now ( thats cool ! )

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Welcome back, Wizard, and I hope you get the day off tomorrow:

Ok, here is some background on Carcass:

Carcass: T H E    B A N D

(L-R: Ken Owen, Jeff Walker, Bill Steer)

Carcass was composed of the following members:

Bill Steer (vocals, guitar)

Jeff Walker (vocals, bass)

Ken Owen (drums, vocals)

These other fortunate people had the honor of being a part of the Carcass mythos:

Mike Amott (guitar)

Mike Hickey (guitar)

Carlo Regadas (guitar)

Ok here's how it goes.  Bill and Jeff and Ken and this guy named Sanjiv (vocals) were the original line-up.  Sanjiv leaves the band after they record their Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment demo.  Maybe he got fired, who cares.  Anyway, Bill, Ken, and Jeff proceeded to record Reek of Putrefaction and Symphonies of Sickness.  At this time it was decided to add a second guitar player to bolster their already balls-to-the-wall heaviness.  Enter Mike Amott, presently of Arch Enemy.  Mike was with the band for the recording of both Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious, the Tools of the Trade EP, and Heartwork.  After Heartwork was recorded, he felt like he needed to go in a different direction, so he left the band.  Ironically, Arch Enemy's latest album, Stigmata, manages to take the Heartwork sound one level further.  Back to Carcass.  In need of a second guitarist for the Heartwork tour, Carcass recruited Mike Hickey, the only American to ever play in Carcass.  After the Heartwork tour, however, Mike was through with the band.  Jeff Walker once said in an interview that maybe Mike couldn't handle their British sense of humor (or would that be humour?) hehe.  So, enter Carlo Regadas, a friend of the band who lived nearby them in Liverpool.  Carlo assumed the second guitar duties on the album Swansong.  Due to the fact that a certain record company screwed Carcass worse than Communism screwed the Russians, Swansong was to be the last studio album from Carcass.  The fact that its release was delayed a full year did little to help the departure of guitarist and founding member Bill Steer.  Carcass was no more.

C O O L    I N F OHere's a little bit of cool and unusual Carcass info for all you fans!

Carcass tunes their guitars down 2 and a half steps, ending up like this (low-high): B E A D G F# B.  Jeff tuned his bass to standard concert pitch, with the low E string de-tuned to B.

Bill Steer used to also play for Napalm Death, appearing on their first 2 albums (Scum and From Enslavement to Obliteration) as well as Death by Manipulation.

Carcass's record label was Earache Records.  That other company will not be mentioned by name or discussed.

In the video for Incarnated Solvent Abuse, Bill Steer appears maybe twice, with Mike Amott in the rest of the video.  Neither myself or Jeff Walker are exactly sure of why the hell this happened...

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well hello boys and girls

Im back , yeah I know its been a long time

I quit my job last week so I can go back to school, so now Im goin to get my thread goin again, but since this thread is about dead Im goin to start a new one

YEY Wizard's back !

keep an eye out for my upcoming thread " The Wizard's Suggestions II "

Coming soon to a BeatKing metal thread near you.... right now tho I gotta go to sleep, wake up go to school for 4 hours and when I get home I promise I will return,,,, really I will----- before I go to sleep Im goin to start the new thread pointing to this one,, tomorrow I will put up somthing you all should enjoy : )

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Wizard..I never told you...but my little bro' lived in a duplex ...downstairs from Gar Samuelson (the original Megadeth drummer) in Highland Park.

Belated Mike Attack...

Lee Rausch was Megadeth's original drummer in 1983.

Gar joined in 1984. Kerry King (Slayer) was also a part of Megadeth before the first album was released.

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New suggestion .......

Go listen to metallicas new album !! it the only one that hasent sucked in 17 fuckin long years !!!

ohh and bestking love the new lay out ,,, that beta thing needs to go tho I thought this site was over ran // yeah its been to long

Holy shit.

FTD owes me $45 for the arrangement I sent to your funeral.

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Maybe you've changed in the past 17 years, wizard.

Give us something tangible to back up your opinion of the album.

Thus far I want to take a whiffle bat to all their eyeballs.

it is really hard to make an opinion tangible(guess you will need a printer) ,, just use yor mouse then use your ears

I hoped for more fro tis album , but it s much better then the tunes from thm in much time

I will write a thread about what I have to say soon

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So ,

Who wants a New thread ( yeah I know theres 2&3 can they be merged ? )

or just restart this one ?

if you guys merge , can you remove some of the pointless post please ?

Anyways , look out for a new addition this weekend/ once we figure out out the merge/new thread thingy :)

anyways guys ....

Start a new thread with a link back to this one B)

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So...what was all that again?...take 3 of these and call me in the morning...

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="

name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="
type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>


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