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  1. Been taking a lot of heat past few days from dealing with fakes and low lying snakes; But that's okay its the game and I guess I'm down and ill play; I'll ball hard like every day. Damn bitches now days just a lot of makeup while attempting to keep their public faceup; All about the bull, kick up dirt; talk a lot of stool, But shady pau ru ain't no fool; I've worked with my hands, so I know y'all tools. Seems like your just destined to be used. Damn Hoes now and days act like gum on 90 + days; Stuck on my shoes really hard to scrape; Need a long stick just to attempt to separate. So I chew em to the grissle, and spit the husk out when they acting stupid and fickle. I like it when I'm single because I see chicks jocking. Never really been jaw dropping but that never stopped y'all from knocking and giving me a swing. A miss; Sorry mrs. Perhaps another day a kiss? I guess it's cali swagger: And the look that I could handle my business and still keep a good distance from all em scandals. Shit I know I need to be sober shady pau ru when vodka and bitches are shaken not stirred; before shit become still shots and blurrs. WARNING; Loss of memory maybe incurred. Deferment of judgement must be inferred, next time shit gets stirred. y'all know what you've damn heard; Em lyrics have just been burned. You know how I spit these sets, I bring it up to 18-30f°. Burn and broil em all to deaf. For y'all who don't know that's the temperature of pyroclaustic flows, indiscriminate even burning cross H2O. So best stay up on your toes when dealing with these super heated flows. biaachhh Shady pau ru always scrutinized when I be acting a fool; Under the scope painted methylene blue. So I devour bitches by the hour, eat down to the grissle, leave them clean as a a whistle; Then spit em out when they be acting stupid and fickle. ha time to blaze and leave contrails of purple haze in my wake. What you know; I've been doing this and I'll keep it on roll; Just me, my doe; And my field boy stroll; yee; fasho. check me out @shady_pau_pac on twitter id appriciate any feedback thanks.
  2. check it out.. I am class one dope baby so my spits be vicious the type that got you whole body itching for the mellody; I've got you jonesing for my voice you've got no choice; syringe to the vain dopamine in your brain got you coasting panned and greased ready to be toasted; Lights trailing, synapses alight time to start the party alright; now your feeling real chill my verses too ill for y'all to kill; Straight ona hype every single damn night bitches can't catch me I'm on the next flight to kiss that sky im walker high looking real fly and shady pau ru got me feeling alright; Doing this till the day I die put dallions on my eyes; fates got my twine taunt life on a line straight but had to cut me loose because I lived my life like I had nothing to lose. Now slowly floating into oblivion don't know what ring of hell ill be sent to dwell; oh well servants in heaven, kings in hell; I'd pass away for my people too. Put me on that cross id die like a boss. Rise late on the third day although I'd be here to stay. Im something like a messiah, my word be dope ill give y'all hope now let's all smoke; Forgive my sins I didn't know how to win; I know I've dun did wrong as i sing this song. Low on the key best believe I burn this tree as I speak and bring up the heat. Y'all know shady pau ru spit pyroclastically boil and burn em jiggas speaking so dastardly; my flows come hot your rhymes are not; my scene ready to pop; stienbeck country where living ain't easy, every day is a struggle to keep on breathing; yeah; roll one up for me; smc where we burn em trees.. mr. 18-30f°
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