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  1. Too busy to be bored...unforunately. Posting stories, handling calls, reading a script, and preparing a presentation... How about a game of Penguin? :P
  2. Maybe this is an opportunity for the world to come together and send the thugs back to the stone age where they came from
  3. Again--Hard to call the US terrorists when youve got dictators running the country with gold-plated machine guns and a countryside littered with genocide. Are you suggesting Saddam was less a terrorist, and what would have made the war legal? I actually think the idiots were so paranoid, they thought there were weapons of mass destruction. Check out the thread I sent you and tell me these guys werent paranoid or shell-shocked: http://www.cooperativeresearch.org/timelin...restingday.html "As to 'camp x-ray' in Cuba"-- its a disgrace.
  4. I think Mike provoked your response with his macho post... But Im sensitive to the anti-Americanism in the world today, and alot of the blame is misplaced...
  5. The song inspred about him is still kinda catchy... B)
  6. Once could spend a lot of time in those files. Hard to believe a lot of these people were spied upon by their own government... :reallymad:
  7. Damn - I was born in the wrong country :reallymad:
  8. No, honey, You're in the right place. Just make yourself at home...
  9. I was with two people last night for dinner who used to work for the guy in question at Novell , and they weren't too complimentary about the old boss. They said the recent suits seemed like his fingerprints, and they volunteered (without me asking) that they didnt think Microsoft was underhanded here. I, like you, like them, dont trust Microsoft's tentacles...its one of the reasons Im a Macster. But this will be an interesting development to follow...let's see if your thesis plays out..
  10. According to the article, the age of consent is 14 in Canada... So there's no limitation on what those kids can do, but if someone is older than 18, there is?
  11. 170 innocent people were just killed in Spain by terroirsts... What's with the anti-American rant here...??? As to the thesis statement above, I guess it comes down to defining what a terrorist is and then defining what you think Bush's goals are. I too would like to hear an example of where Bush inflicted terror upon innocent civilians to accomplish his goals. I think you can accuse Bush of a lot of things--arrogance--of being being a big bully --of being a Plutocrat--and to a minor extent, a religious zealot (Like Bin Laden ). You could say, that Bush's actions/American policy indirectly hurt civilians in Iraq, and for that matter, US Soldiers--but you would be hard pressed to say he was a terrorist to the people in Iraq, given who he went after... From my pov, if civilians are purposely killed, I dont give a fuck what someone's rationale is --freedom fighter or not --its WRONG--and the means dont justify the ends--ever. Im about as anti-Bush as they come--but Bush shouldnt be mentioned in the same light as these thugs. Are Bush's policies threatening to world peace? I probably would agree with you, Method, particularly when he sometimes thumbs his nose at the rest of the world's leaders and diverts his attention to Iraq instead of going after the Al Queda. But make no mistake about it, the current group of terrorists the world is up agains have no respect for human life whatsoever. They are selfish, power-hungry twisted religious nuts, and they've got to go. I realize that the US government's current policies has damaged America around the world--and there are many of his who are quite critical of his policies- both domestically and abroad. But you mustn't forget, that America has also done a lot of great things. I dont see many other countries stepping up to the plate these days. Why should we always be the scapegoats for the problems of the world? So, Method, where are the good guys? I dont see any bright lights coming out of Europe and stepping in to save the day..for instance, in Africa, where the slaughter continues year after year.. And MikeH, while i agree we need to rid ourselves of terrorists, Im not in line with your belief that you have to carry a big stick and intimidate the rest of the world to do so.
  12. Didnt know you were into rasslin' shawn... :P
  13. Kooper - I think the 'removal of public hair' must have come up when I was looking at the BK Thug Thread which contained the indecent exposure of your ass... And Shawn, the reason we are blessed with so many church ads, is because Beatking is the last refuge for God's Children. Amen. B)
  14. What is the difference between indecent assault and sexual assault - contact? And wouldntthe statutes of limitations apply? Any legal eagles in the house? And how come, other than an occassional frisky school teacher, you never hear much about women preying on the young? It's always some sinister dude (or preacher) in a raincoat? My guess is that sexual abuse is far more prevalent...
  15. I was beng facetious. Actually, Limbaugh is funnier than Howared Stern. The question is, why, after all these years of the shock jocks, and enormous profits for Clear Channel, all of as sudden, there is a problem? Do you think the FCC's charges, and congress's recent vote, are truly because people woke up one fine day and said, oh my god, what Stern does is obscene and must be removed from our airwaves for the sake of our children. Or, do you think, the actions are poltically motivated? As to the question of indecency...that trend started when the legitmate news outlets began to mirror American Media's Natl Enquirer, et tal. (Did you know that all the major news outlets have American Media on retainer?) I would agree that Stern and others have long passed the line of propriety... So what took so long for the FCC and others to do something about it?
  16. Ive just noticed that a lot of the ads are working in synconicity. There are Beatles music ads above as I post this. Clearly Google must be sending info back for those ads to register above. How does that work?
  17. Hey, if we get to censor, lets start with Limbaugh... At least Stern is funny at times.
  18. Probably get the songs quicker than the coffee :P
  19. No different than the jukebox if you think about it - here you get to take the song and packaging home. The price is still too high - 25/50 cents would be more reasonable -but this idea should have been born from Tower, Best Buy, et tal, a long time ago. At least youre getting the songs you want...
  20. My mom has one - she also has a Tippy Canoe and Tyler too medal
  21. If you look at Magical Mystery Tour as a series of music videos ( the Beatles pretty much invented the form) for TV then the thing sorta works in segments. At least they had the Magical Tour idea as a concept...most music videos never have any theme at all A Hard Days Night and Yellow Submarine still hold up as films today
  22. Umma, could I borrow a topless photo? :P
  23. This means only 22 people saw the danger in this on freedom of speech--unbelievable. The Senatorial side is a bit more in tune with the real world.... hopefully
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