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  1. http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/500miles.php :Here's to you:
  2. Ok. You've said your piece and it will stay on the boards. But in the future, let's try and keep the sites separate. **** It's the weekend. Time to switch gears and get into that spirit ;)
  3. I was referring to the film in which the ghouls did everything they could to get back in the mall--hilarious!--I probably screwed up the titles and meant Dawn of the Dead? I worked on Monkeyshines a bit--a couple really good scares there. Tell me more about Lucio Falci--lol--I cant believe I dont know him--I kinda got tired of all the efx movies they are making out here and stopped going to see everything..
  4. Happy Twentieth!!!!!!! Have a great birthday weekend, dude! :good job: :jammintwo: :jammin: :strumma: :drunk: :frog: :frog: :frog:
  5. I for one am not gonna miss 'em. I guess its cool to be spiritual lyrically, but that music was anything but..
  6. Unfortunately, Im on the 7 day work week, too. No rest for the weary... :(
  7. Hmmm...that's mighty fine herb... :bigsmile:
  8. Damn... I want some of that stuff you're smoking and quick :smokin: :rotfl:
  9. You dont see the resemblance with your clown pic?
  10. I understand you're feelings, Nulls. But let the past die here and have a good time.
  11. These extra gigabytes are becoming a standard - I like the fact that some of their profits go to fight cancer... :good job:
  12. Traci is lookin' good there... :good job:
  13. This little dinasour runs and flies around a volcano island with a number of nifty weapons and must pick up an egg in five of them and deposit them in certain temporal zones within a time limit, while evading attacks from all kinds of prehistoric monsters that multiply when attacked. 3D graphics and music were pretty good - I think it was made by Electronic Arts. They also put out an advanced game a couple of years ago called Nanasaur Extreme with more weapons and obstacles.
  14. I was addicted to this Mac game called Nanasaur. Actually have a snap shot with the highest score... Course after putting hundreds of hours into something, one would hope you would get a good score Ever played it Moonie?
  15. Dr Dude recommends garlic--his fixit drug of choice these days. Pills or raw and sleep will do the trick
  16. In America we had a short work week, and its the weekend again, already. Any plans? I dont have any, but I can be persuaded to to Clapton's Guitar Fest if there are any other takers out there...
  17. "For those not into mainstream music or the muff sniffs that control the airwaves" :good job: :rotfl:
  18. They are now working on technology that can replace actors in movies, tv shows and games...
  19. Have you ever read Carlos Castaneda, the mystical writer, Potato. Ken is actually that crow on the side of the building - he only comes alive when a Spud makes a calling...
  20. Hmmm...that is scary. I didnt read the article close enough. There is one saving grace in that another artist wrote the song with his voice in mind...but... Interesting that the RIAA and ASCAP will sue you for mixing stuff from different material, but they have no problem exploiting dead artists likeness, voice, etc, for their own ends..
  21. Catchy - the synthesizer is what makes it work - nice fusion. But going throught all those doors in the video made me dizzy Nice find :good job:
  22. Is the one with the dog a Frank Lloyd Wright building? Nice pics, Ken - that would make a nice slide show, particularly with the right music.
  23. Bet this was pretty expenseive to put together. Curious as how the anime turned out. As white rock and rap bands go, I guess you could say Linkin Park was at least successful for awhile in pulling off the fusion...
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