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  1. Paras Griffin/Getty Images for ATLive

    Back in January, Cage The Elephant singer Matthew Shultz was arrested for illegal firearms possession after police found two loaded guns in his NYC hotel room. The search ensued after a hotel employee saw a seemingly intoxicated Shultz brandishing one of the guns; it also uncovered Polaroid photos of the weapons, including one image of a hand holding and pointing one of the guns. Now Shultz has managed to avoid jail time by taking a plea deal in the case.

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  2. The Pixel Watch. It's a round little pebble.

    Enlarge / The Pixel Watch. It's a round little pebble. (credit: Ron Amadeo)

    Here's one of the improvements Google might want to look into for the Pixel Watch 2: better glue. Android Police spotted a few reports of the back panels of some Pixel Watches just falling off. A few posts on the PixelWatch subreddit have photos of this phenomenon; several commenters say it happened to them, too.

    This certainly seems like something Google should cover under warranty, and with the device being less than a year old, everyone should be under warranty. You also have a strong argument if you contact Google support about a device that has fallen apart. The scary thing is this will also compromise the device's water resistance, and we doubt Google is covering every instance of water damage. Most reports indicate Google is taking care of the problem, but a few users were initially threatened with a $300 repair fee, which was later waived.

    When iFixit tore down the Pixel Watch, it noted the back adhesive was a novel "liquid gasket" the site had never seen before. The report said, "The rear glass appears to be held in place by a kind of liquid gasket that seals tightly, but comes open clean. It also peels off the glass with virtually no residue." It sounds like Google's fancy glue peels off a little too easily. Poorly adhered back panels were also a recent problem with Fossil watches, and in the "Gen 6" versions, Fossil acknowledged the problem and said it was fixed.

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  3. Andrew Timms

    Central Cee and Dave are two of the biggest stars in the UK rap world, and they’ve both become big festival draws across the world in the past few years. The two of them are good friends, but before today, they hadn’t been on a song together since 2016, when both of them appeared on AJ Tracey’s “Spirit Bomb” remix. Today, the two of them have come out with a fun, breezy new track called “Sprinter.”

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  4. Spy-Satisfaction-1685733504.jpeg

    This record is filthy. The extremely grimy Bay Area hardcore punk band Spy got started during the pandemic, and they made their name on the strength of their EPs — 2020’s Service Weapon, 2021’s Habitual Offender, their 2022 split with Maniac — and their reportedly-insane live show. Before releasing an album, Spy were already playing to huge crowds and spreading the gospel of ugly and unreformed basement-punk. Now, Spy have an album, so god only knows where they go from here.

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  5. Replacements-Coffman-1685732945.jpeg

    In 1985, hometown heroes the Replacements played a concert at Coffman Memorial Union at the University of Minnesota. The setlist looks awesome. (They covered “September Gurls”!) At the gig, Minnesota music photographer Daniel Corrigan, who shot the iconic rooftop photo of the ‘Mats that became the cover of Let It Be, snapped some shots of the band in the Coffman elevator. Until recently, framed copies of two of those photos could be seen hanging at Coffman, but as Minneapolis resident Tim Johnson pointed out on Twitter, they’ve been removed.

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  6. Rancid-Tomorrow-Never-Comes-1685729816.j

    Look: I can’t be objective here. No music critic is ever really objective — objectivity itself is a total myth — but I’m especially not objective here. Rancid are my favorite band of all time. Let’s Go changed my entire perception of reality when I was 14, and I’d be a profoundly different person if I didn’t find it at exactly the right time. I am in the tank for Rancid. With all that said, I am delighted to report that Rancid’s new album Tomorrow Never Comes kicks 31 flavors of ass.

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  7. 5best-new-1665083228.jpg

    Every week the Stereogum staff chooses the five best new songs of the week. The eligibility period begins and ends Thursdays right before midnight. You can hear this week’s picks below and on Stereogum’s Favorite New Music Spotify playlist, which is updated weekly. (An expanded playlist of our new music picks is available to members on Spotify and Apple Music, updated throughout the week.)

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  8. Allen-Ginsberg-tribute-1685728471.jpeg

    In 2003, a whole lot of musicians paid tribute to Allen Ginsberg, a towering figure in the history of American poetry, on the album Allen Ginsberg​’​s The Fall of America: A 50th Anniversary Musical Tribute. The album was intended to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Ginsberg’s book The Fall Of America: Poems Of These States 1965-1971, and it featured people like Yo La Tengo, Andrew Bird, Devendra Banhart, and Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo setting Ginsberg’s poems to music. Given that Ginsberg’s book was actually published in 1973, it only seems right that we’re getting a sequel on its real 50th anniversary.

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  9. Shamaal Bloodman

    Cardi B doesn’t make albums anymore. She barely even bothers with singles. Instead, Cardi does her best work these days when she jumps on another rapper’s remix and just annihilates the song. That’s what Cardi did last year when she appeared on GloRilla’s “Tomorrow 2,” and now she’s done the same thing on Atlanta rapper Latto’s Put It On Da Floor Again.”

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