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  1. Yea, I was thinkin the same thing. thanks bud.
  2. Detection and reflection of my infection, viewer discretion is advised Cause i'm comin and am abouta make an eruption, light the fire in her eyes Radiant at first, it's gonna put you in a hearse Then smooth it out, like a professional bout When i put it in motion Comin over the ocean This perpetual flow Is inflaming the door. This is just the first half of my verse so far, I should be comin back making some edits and other things. Thanks ahead for the advice. This is another short verse i did: See im a lyrical, miracle A political and critical A clinical, pinnacle Invincible, now cynical I'm ridicule and minuscule Now people peep my noise and i Change the world with the power of my voice This one I was writing to Free Mason by Rick Ross.
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