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  1. Thanks guys. :) One problem though, my birthday is Saturday. Seems I fudged up my profile here and at PC2PC. One of the signs of old age I guess. EDIT - It's fixed now. Sorry. :(
  2. Ya just can't keep a good site down. :good job:
  3. I don't wear a hat, and I only hang up my cape and cowl when I'm not working. (Or like Burt Reynolds said in Smokey and the Bandit, "for 1 reason only." (lol) ) Just kidding of course. Thanks DAIC, you have a great site here. :)
  4. Hey guys, this is Roadblock, one of the three co-founders of P2P Consortium. First let me say that you guys have a great forum here, and although I thought that I had joined here a long time ago, I couldn't log in. It may have been that I just forgot my info. (lol) Anyway, I just rejoined. :) For the record, P2PC is not a spinoff from ZP. I think that rasta, Lion and myself have all been members there for a long time, but most of our time in the last 2 years has been spent as staff at either UTC or PCTT. We had this idea for a website that we wanted to pursue, so that is why P2PC was created
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