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  1. May 10, 2011 - Hollywood, CA - When music publisher Janet Fisher of Goodnight Kiss Records produced the comedic album "Tall Tales of Osama Bin Laden" back in 2004, she had no idea of the celebration that would greet news of his demise, or that the controversial recording would have new significance seven years later. Now that the infamous terrorist has been dispatched, the album is enjoying new life as a party recording. People are having barbecues and laughing along with such satirical songs as "Tall, Dark and Ransoms," "I'm Turnin' in my Turban," and "I am Invinci…" a song that has the extremist die before he can complete the word "invincible." With 34 songwriters and artists collaborating on the l4-song album, the twisted world of Bin Laden is musically explored from multiple perspectives: his mother, his therapist, his college roommate, and one of his wives, among others. Considered shocking at time, the album now feels like a wild revue on a late-night cable TV show. "The mockery of OBL is merciless, as it should be," notes one of the singers. "Writers from around the world thought about this fanatical, scamming, mass murderer and then put that to music," said songwriter/singer Princess Ten. One song, "Osama, Your Mama Raised a Killer," is sung by Bill Spooner, famed founder of The Tubes ("She's a Beauty"), while other tracks are handled by a highly respected group of session and studio musicians and singers. In a world where fear can send people into the torments of relentless and apprehensive discomfort, the songwriters on this CD fight back by applying their command of the human soul to the notes, rhythms, and lyrics on this uplifting collection of parodies. The songwriters provide a grand opportunity for all Americans, to dance on all of the tortured dreams of Osama Bin Laden. "There are a few defining moments in one's life, where you have to stand for something, or run from something," said Fisher, who is President of Goodnight Kiss Records as well as publisher of the "Tall Tales of Osama Bin Laden" songs. "We chose to stand together fight the oppression of fear with our own musical message of truth." For all the comedic moments on the album, there are serious feelings, too. "There's some subtle rage deep down in the whole CD, but there's also a lot of humor here," said Lani Silver, co-writer of "Osama Your Mama Raised a Killer." The CD musical-comedy-parody songs from the album "Tall Tales of Osama Bin Laden" are available on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby. Or visit www.goodnightkiss.com/talltales.html MEDIA CONTACT: John Scott G [email protected] 818-223-8486 Email: [email protected] Website: http://www.goodnightkiss.com/talltales.html YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXwwqDf91qE
  2. Always in search of holiday music, whatever the holiday, my husband was this week searching for Halloween songs. He put together a playlist for his iPod, like he always does. But I do have to hand it to him, he finds some good new songs each holiday. We always have "Monster Mash" for Halloween and some crazy version he has of "Little Orphan Annie," but he usually finds one or two new things every year. This Halloween he found a dance and party Halloween song called "Scare It Up!" Written and performed by independent musician Nelson Trout, this song is a pretty far cut above most the of the songs available from indies on the web (in particularly holiday music). "Scare It Up!" is danceable and actually has clean lyrics. After I heard the song, I did a little research on Nelson, who I learned also wrote the New Jersey State Song, "New Jersey, USA." Pretty good for an independent! And he's been writing for thirty years, which is probably why it sounded so professional. I contacted Mr. Trout through his record label, Goodnight Kiss Music, and I was able to get a quick interview. Q. So, Nelson, how did you come up with the idea for a Halloween song? A. Well, I've always loved " The Monster Mash " and I decided that the world needed another cool Halloween standard that people of all ages could have fun listening to and dancing to. Q. What were you doing when you first were inspired to write it, and what actually "triggered" it? A. I was listening to a really weak Halloween song on the radio when I decided to write "Scare It Up," which of course, had no title at the time. So, I went back to "The Shack" (my writing studio), hit a few chords, and the song was born. Q. What came first? The music or the lyrics? A. The music and lyrics came to me at the same time as most of my songs do. I usually start a chord progression on guitar and the words come at the same time. Then I go back and polish the song. Q. Is "Scare It Up" family fare? Or is it more adult oriented? A. It's definitely family fare! I wanted to make it a song that made everybody want to get up and dance and sing along, kids and adults. Q. Do you plan to write any other Halloween songs? A. No more Halloween songs in the near future for me. I'm working on my 5th CD right now. Anyway, how could I out-do "The Monster Mash" and "Scare It Up!"? Q. What would be your ideal future for the song? A. Everybody seems to just love it, and that makes me happy. But I look forward to "The Monster Mash" every year, and of course I'm hoping the same thing happens with "Scare It Up!" That people will enjoy it for years to come. You can hear most of the song at their site, but I had to wait for the sample to load for a minute. Whether the song ever leaves the web or not, I'm glad my hubby found it, and I'll be dancing to it from now through Halloween. SCARE IT UP! http://www.goodnightkiss.com/halloween.html Kathy Gonzales
  3. Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) September 24, 2010--When you see the name GoodnightKiss.com, you might think it's a site that deals with romance, but if you're in the music industry, or want to be, you just might want to check it out. Janet Fisher, the owner of the company, is a music producer and songwriter herself. Her informative site posts great tips on how to find success in the music business for those seeking careers in songwriting or composing. The music placement and library portion of Goodnight Kiss handles song and master use licensing of quality songs and music for movies, television, and ad campaigns. She gives her readers a chance to participate in these industry requests, whenever appropriate. Fisher asks for a certain type of song and the subscribers to her newsletter or readers at her site send in that particular type of song or music. She doesn't accept unsolicited materials that are sent to her, just the particular requests that she is interested in at the moment. "That's why we have the online newsletter," she recently said at an interview in San Francisco. "It's the only way to let the 6,000 songwriters who subscribe know what we need immediately. In the part of the industry I'm in, we have very specific deadlines. Once they are over, they are over, so the Internet is our best bet for timely communication." Although there is a miniscule charge for a subscription ($7 per year) for the newsletter, any subsequent pitches for requested materials are free, with no charge to the writer or artist to present their work. The news also contains software recommendations and other resources for the subscribers. There is a very educational Q&A section at the bottom of every issue. Fisher is known for not pulling any punches about the reality of the business, and doesn't disguise how hard it is to make a living from original music. There is also a free version of the newsletter (sans song requests), for anyone who cannot afford the $7 per year fee. Over the course of the year, Fisher hosts various gatherings and projects to get her readers more directly involved in applying themselves and their material to paid uses. A recent example is a set of weekends where she held free phone conferences with her readers, giving them a chance to have their music or lyrics critiqued and get feedback from each other. Her bio is long and diverse, and those who learn from her seem more than satisfied. She consults with producers, directors and others regarding the legal aspects of licensing music, and counsels many writers and musicians about how they can get their careers to a more visible level. She produces both live and recorded music and shows. Testimonials from the Goodnight Kiss site are many and sincere. A gentleman from Australia writes, "I stumbled upon your article 'Don't dream it! Do it!' by absolute accident in a weird set of circumstances, and amazingly you bring up some issues that I'm in fact dealing with right at this moment." Another writers states, "It seems to me you have it exactly right: open to new material although not necessarily all types all of the time; enthusiastically encouraging and demanding artistry, though stating baldly the market and competitive realities. Your advice to songwriters on how to proceed is impeccable. My detector registers an absolute zero (bs)* factor, and that is all too rare, especially in this business. The way you approach things seems to me to be objectively true. Keep it up!" A musician writes, "Thank you for your plea for integrity as the music industry grooves onward in this internet age...Let us endure with passion and patience." The Goodnight Kiss label has physical CDs distributed by CDBaby.com, where free samples of the songs are hosted. There are also downloads of the albums or single songs available at I-Tunes. Subscriptions to the music business newsletter are available by visiting the link: http://www.goodnightkiss.com/subsc.html Making contacts within the industry is often said to be the most difficult part of the music business. Goodnight Kiss Music makes that contact a little easier. Mary A. Wagner # # # # Contact: Janet Fisher Goodnight Kiss Music (BMI) Phone: (808) 331-0707 www.goodnightkiss.com
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