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  1. A shoutbox is a good idea. We will see what we can do

  2. [quote name='messenger' date='11 September 2010 - 02:37 PM' timestamp='1284237472' post='190790'] no u dont win, u pm me asking if i would lay down a few bars with u, this isnt realy a battle, otherwise there would rules , on how many bars and votes, if u want a reply ill give u one, but i like u and didnt want to insult u anymore, [/quote] Dw im waitin for a reply, just call it a light hearted battle. its only battle talk mate x
  4. Carlcaine

    The Ending

    bin writing for like 4-5 months i recon
  5. [quote name='Prime' date='02 September 2010 - 08:32 AM' timestamp='1283437978' post='190675'] yeh bruv lets do it [/quote] go for it
  6. careful dont freeze jeeze im a underpar with ease so much venom ur veins will cease why would i call your name when no-one knows who you are overpar bars ur n ak47 to my scope i aim far find it easy to type swiftly like the rise of fifty cent hell bent on sendin for the messenger, that message u sent, was it an orgasm to ur cunt, i apoloigise i despise being blunt but u barbled some font now im back to confront, see look im freestylin this message that im compilin will be the end of you ill get u a violin, when i get violent, viginlate's head up on the tridant see when it comes to battles
  7. Carlcaine

    The Ending

    2012 is where it all ends, be youself dont follow a trend, or contend with others n hang with false friends, kick back n blaze a blend of spices, do u realy want people to dice with, live for a buzz, i mean a thrill, fuck the white n the pill, stay relaxed an chill, rep your fam till the earth stands still were all fam but we aint related, 2013 we'll all be outdated, fixated on frontin n getin highrated, i aint gonna debate it, stay true to fam, i know u can relate it, speak ur mind or spray it, doesnt matter, cuz if its true ill rate it, fuck the people that dont understand and hate it, if i
  8. Carlcaine

    The Ending

    real talk, safe x
  9. this is the first of the trilogy litte faggot with twitter u cant follow me ur guts on a spillin spree ill come by myself, but u bring 3 call me trinity from the matrix or darren brown, im heavy with mind tricks i spit, skate, n do kickflips u didnt expect a skater to b able to do this. this is war not a lovers spat ermmm wheres the war at? im bringin the war straight to ur doormatt ppfft, ur just a joke man ull be left 4 red just liek a coke can aint a hiphop head just grime fam ill admit u got bare content, or just a hip plan my plan is to leave a man in dire need of a replace
  10. i actually cant think of shit all
  11. :) dw what everys said in battle stays in battle just tryon to think of a decent comeback :D aint had ma internet over the weekend :(
  12. this site needs more activity! anyone feel free to battle
  13. btw good idea for ur site, a shoutbox if u get me, basically like a big chatroom tab. safe

  14. im here to send for the messenger when its 1-0, i wont think less of ya bare respect, so blessings to ya i dnt care if i win or lose you i choose its ma first battle call it a slu this war is bigger then afganistan visions vague, im backastan u come wid a plan, im typin at random hypin deralict bars u better abbandon FUCK THE HANDGUN who needs a tool fam full time worker, cover bare milage essex to camdem give a fuck if u got 21 mandem ill bring 3 n still bang dem im 7 times better than you words never hurt me, none get through just a quick 32, reply for ma 72 ur regreting u c
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