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  1. PLEASE your the lyrical disease that everyone talks about wipe that mouth get off your knees and give me one reason not to seize a heater and sqeeze ur rhymes suck i'm sure everyone agrees stay in school i don't know how the hell your words look before you write em cause u can't spell you herb burnout i probably sell you herbs ain't u heard ur verse sucks at best so u must be deaf cause thats the only reason left u make no sense i'm intense u probably live in tents u see my intent is to vent some steam to anybody i see on this compu screen picture this shit .........i stomp u scream you'll dream for nightmares to forget that scene so keep readin keep writing i'm the hand of GOD I strike u down like white lightning [email protected]
  2. **I keep fighting………… listen Keep reading keep writing Seething underneath strike you down I’m white lightning Your reading too much into my intentions Vile style….a viper in the cipher Easily riled I can act civilized but I’m also wild I ‘m livin life hot and your all so mild Force not to be reckoned with Smokin trees OR my enemies And I don’t give a rats ass where I ash I’m long-lasting bong-blasting Full of passion lashing out in a violent fashion Vicious when I’m given restrictions Get claustrophobic like its boa constriction So gather your gear or rather Dress in a way that most of us can’t even fathom Deep……….. Into… hot water I go Boiling blood bubbling just below the surface I need to know what my purpose on this earth is You see there’s not enough room inside me I’m filled to burstin I think that’s why I’m so intense Intent on living my life on the fence Content to use my sense of smell to enjoy the sinsemelia scents We all need some way to vent I tend to believe that I’m better person once the pressures relieved **Its like my life is a mess Get all cocky when I listen to meth Or death metal riffs deliver black petal roses leaving you stiff A dark omen rhyme like I’m possessed mouth foamin While peoples jaws hang open I fight dirty like I’m soap and Half of ya’ll…cant even cope ………….think you got a chance …..nope Your pathetic I’m easy on the eyes aesthetic Run through your crew like diuretics A ball of vibrating energy dianetics Don’t rub me wrong like plate tectonics Causing quakes and sonic …………..booms One verse and the rooms consumed Look into my eyes and you’ll see doom Death always seems to loom Large and sinister Behind me feels as if its time to find me a minister To release these demons inside me
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