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  1. [img]http://i.imgur.com/0lz38l.jpg[/img] [b]Line-up:[/b] Jimmy Edgar (Live AV) Bok Bok Illum Sphere (Live) [b]Venue:[/b] Hoxton Sq. Bar & Kitchen 2-4 Hoxton Square London N1 6NU [b]Tickets & Info:[/b] http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?193130 * * * The next installment of Tender Love Soundsystem is going to be a very special kind of night. After hosting Matias Aguayo & Band with a UK-debut live show, we're bringing you Detroit's own Jimmy Edgar for a rare live audio-visual performance, joined by the Night Slugs boss Bok Bok and Mary Anne Hobbs' favourite Illum Sphere. Jimmy Edgar's "XXX" album released on !K7 just a few months ago has been our favourite record of the year so far and it seems that the hype around the man himself is now reaching climax. Justifiably so. His own blend of intergalactic funk proved to be a deadly weapon, no matter where you drop it - lethal, sexually charged and masterfully executed, almost like Prince jamming with Timbaland and Egyptian Lover, if the former two had the balls! Tender Love is bringing Jimmy Edgar back to London for his first live UK show in six months, since his appearance in Fabric alongside Magda (m_nus) in June. This time Jimmy is coming with a full audio-visual performance - first time in London! [b]NOTE:[/b] Doors for live shows open at 7.30pm, last performance finishes before midnight. Free afterparty thereafter until 2am. Don't miss the live shows as we're going to kick off early! ** Visit [b]http://www.tenderlovemusic.com[/b] for more upcoming events **
  2. [center][img]http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_NfBhSRv_9Ik/S-OFoz8dYoI/AAAAAAAAAAw/2Qul7GF4-VY/s400/28322_1355520022138_1655598726_819028_7260213_n.jpg[/img][/center] May 23, 2010, 8pm-till late / [b]**FREE ENTRY**[/b] 2-4 Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, N1 6NU [b]CASPER C (Blogger's Delight) / BRAIDEN (Rimse FM) / Tender Love & guests[/b] We are Tender Love, a London based DJs / promoters outfit and we are launching our first in the series of monthly Sunday nights at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen (Shoreditch, London). We invited our good friends and expert dancefloor commanders, Casper C and DJ Braiden, to play alongside Tender Love on our launch party. [b]Casper C:[/b] Paris Social Club and Adventures In The Beetroot Field resident, Casper C also presides over the notorious Sunday club, Blogger’s Delight and has toured the world as a solo DJ and with his French Fluokid buddies, who made a name with their influential music blog. His current sets incorporate anything that jacks, from classic house to UK funky and future techno moments, a sound that has won him fans including Bugged Out, The T Bar and Fabric. Casper also books Field Day, the hottest summer festival in London, and usually sports a thrilling mustache which has become his widely recognized (and equally envied) trademark. [b]Braiden:[/b] Listen to Braiden throw down a three-deck mix on leading London pirate Rinse FM, or play alongside the great & the good of dubstep at clubs like Plastic People, Scala, The End and The Egg, and it’s clear that he sees music through his own unique lens. An exhibitionist described by FACT Magazine as “absurdly talented”, Braiden lives up to the hype with a mixing style that thrives on the element of surprise – he has been known to crawl Berlin’s clubs in search of undiscovered glitch- or disco-infused music from alternate universes. An avid photographer who has recently shot artist portraits for the Ministry of Sound, look to Braiden for a technicolour vision of the future of London music. http://tenderlovemusic.blogspot.com/
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