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    Poetry, Writing, Snow boarding, reading, getting inspired
  1. [i][font="Comic Sans MS"]No more red eyed late nights Used to see the twilight delights Ready to rise through daylights Time to measure units of time And get ready for a new year Because seasons have pasted And I had my ways, Through the darkest days I Waited patiencely Although I was beaten down Kicked around It was all the same And I took it all for the blame. (Chorus) I took the blame for nothing, Nothing is gunna be the same, Shame I took the blame for nothing, On I go I took the blame for nothing Took for the blame for nothing Took the blame for nothing. She took it
  2. [quote name='DudeAsInCool' date='30 March 2010 - 04:21 PM' timestamp='1269987704' post='188622'] You can write anything you like - things don't necessarily have to rhyme. I think I would continue working on the piece above. The sentiment is nice, but the first verse seems too long and the bridges and choruses feel like they need something extra. Just my opinion. You're a good writer. Practice makes perfect. [/quote] Thinking the same, I always go back and change the lyrics I just like to post the current lyrics then seeing what people say then I would ask for improvements and here i
  3. [i][/i][font="Comic Sans MS"][/font][size="2"][/size] [color="#000080"][/color] (Verse: One) Lured them, Got an enthusiastic crowd Feeling that I gotta energetic cloud Entwinding those diabolical rhymes and Letting loose the hard times Droping syllables lemme play with my lines here comes the adrenaline After came the epinephrine Hiding my feelings under the skin Hiding the shade that's daunting within Still thinking it's never over I know you think it's unfortunate Singing ignoring never listening Never able to see her glistening Face again yes I feel regret But feels I've
  4. [i][size="2"]Why am I still here? Day by day I remain alone Night by night sleeping with ghosts unknown And I say to myself, Why am I still here? Every glance Is every breath Every breath is ever closer To a word too deep to even show In which my heart will never glow And I say to myself, Why am I still here? Growing old through years Struggling to hear in my own ears Life starts to daunt in my despair While I wander the lonely roads, Thinking to myself this world isn't fair. And I say to myself, Why am I still here? [center][/center][/size][/i]
  5. Relaxing back on Beatking.com ;}

  6. RJS

    Inner Joy

    Thank you =) This seems like a chill website, might as well see what it's all about :P
  7. [i]I searched on google but can't really find it :/ but description says it all and it'll be appreciated folks :)[/i]
  8. RJS

    Inner Joy

    [size="2"][color="#000000"][i][size="4"] Twisted in a nation of pain The pain caused by frustration Everyday locations getting double creations On how to maintain their everyday formation And some-days try to start a conversation Ended up standing with such devastation Shit I have to erase the phrase humiliation But I'm here still trying to exhale the pain And inhaling the feeling of exhilaration. If I could lead the life I want to plead If I would to leave the quiet side of me Thus I would but there would be a fee To commit to my words and release My inner joy. And what I'
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