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    Between Joe Budden and Royce da 5'9"

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  1. lights flash on our face as we ride thru the night, blind to what we dont care to see with sight, black skin or brown just being negro feels right exotic is what i am and a feeling i cant fight "minorities" all over the nation stand up if you feel it take everything but my pride, you cant steal it walk a mile in any ethnic groups shoes, see if they fit stand for who you are and where you came from or sit but if you stand for nothing then youll fall for anything so i jump up on the fact that my skin matches everything blacker shines brighter than your largest diamond ring brown holds it down and gets it in like Ali in a boxing ring the darker the berry the sweeter the juices oozing being "ethnic" means were already born loosing show "them" were just as good at any skill of our choosing wake up the "white" world dont let them keep snoozing took over in golf when they said the sport was theirs shook them when we got on the court, now wearin Jordan pairs look how we bomb on fools with the pigskin in hand runnin from racist cops made us the fastest in the land hundreds of years in the making it took for them to figure shit out took us 40 or so and that was when, alone we were stuck in a drought tell any nigga that his skin color means youre having doubts well succeed where you failed, and put DEEZ NUTS IN YA MOUTH
  2. governments making buildings crash down on the residents i say "show me proof terrorists did it." oops! lack of evidence people say get out and vote choose your president electoral college chooses who goes in its pretty evident lies on the news and they feed it to your children are they the same lies as a youngster i was given grown up now and to iraq they want to ship him im fighting for who? gotta die so the rich people can keep livin all the oil in world couldnt save the US of A wouldnt be shocked if we got attacked again today terrorist threat level is orange been that way everyday teach believe half of what you see and non of what they say naturally i disent because its in my genes im a panther born militant and black hating the world curlin my lip with scorn lose of innocence as soon as from the womb youre torn life is sad already as it is and everday the more we mourn pay attention or dont to the truest words ive written knowledge is free most times so take it when given i cant teach the masses but i can show the willing until the day i breath my last or my blood is spilling
  3. Dumb as dumb gets with a retarded flow, i drool all over a beat just so you know. i aquired the will to make you retire, i should make you say the truth like the movie Liar Liar. im burnin rap at the stake its on fire fire makin my subordinates bow down and say yes sire. main stream rap disgust me like somebody with herpes by their lip, even I could give lil wayne a few fuckin tips. like dont kiss your daddy and hide that face you wearin, your mug even has old bitches in church swearin. his pops got a face his own mother couldnt love at all, hey Birdman The Thing wants his face back he just called. and drizzy drake can rhyme a bit and write for lil weezy wee, but the rest of Young Money aint fit to sip my peezy pee. dont get me started on DJ Khaled with that "we make movies" saying, i keep hoping he dies but he doesnt so ill just keep praying. im tired of hearing niggaz bumping ignorant shit, half saying the lyrics cuz theyre so slow they forget how do you a hear a song 75 times a day, and you still cant catch what these wack fools say. maybe its ya brain tellin you to put the pipe down, take yo dumb ass back to school and try to get smart now. and if you dont take those 24 inch rims off that $500 whip, im gonna have to do some gone in 60 seconds type shit. im not even going off this is just me playing, and its like i taped a grenade in your mouth with what im saying. ka-boom.
  4. Nice. Good do to see others out there know what real Hip-Hop is. I cant stand that mainstream trash.
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