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  1. blud, i got to sleep i dont have dreams i dont have nightmares whats left to fear when the nightmare is living right here people wanna front like their tight wit u but they dont really care we all get tarred with the same same brush and that aint really fair we've all got our own little hustle but some above board i wanna do this music ting get in the studio and start to record but unfortunatly studio time is a lot more than i can afford so was someone lying when they said the pen was mightier than the sword because the path to success is frought with dangers and there aint a map dont ask strangers for help around here cos u could get jacked its a fact that its a dog eat dog world out there and some remain strapped some man dont and can only be identified by there name tags and there aint nuttin new there just rude youts and crack shottas and police wonder why we give them aggro whenever they stop us cos lifes kinda milintant, drug addicts and street crime nuttins equivalent to this council estate of mind so these are lyrics for my people, stuck in the streets who wanna get out before these rough roads defeat u but if u got a council estate of mind they'll never beat u hold ya head head up high and think positively i can teach u and u can hear what i say but do u really listen have u done anything in life to try and change ur position or have u dismissed all i said as just a load of bullshit go back to the ends with the mandem drive around and let off a full clip and thats exactly wat the problem is, londons like wat compton is its hard growing up around here, not wat u really want for kids but ask the olders here and they wont wanna be livin here either in a place where u are categorized as a destined under acheiver even if u make it through school the opportunities are limited to use your initiative get plucked from obscurity and reach the top of the pyramid cos lifes still kinda militant kids with guns commiting street crime but nuttins equivalent to this council estate of mind bless please comment thats verse 1 and 2 currently working on verse 3 :)
  2. im from the southeast side, so let me define what these streets are like young minds are in decline tryin to get by in these meantimes and in the meantime... politicians on the tv screen saying we gotta be vigilant in order to defeat crime and that may seem fine, while there living in comfortable surroundings its found that round here some little kids wont even make it home for tea time teenagers are attracted to the prospect of fast money commiting street crime and most of them wouldnt change a thing even if they could make time rewind money and scraping by are just a fact of having to grow up and the police dont show love round here so why should we trust them whenever they show up an
  3. Who's the best? come on ask... Im so sick i dont spit i throw up Dont understand well u might when u grow up, your boys too wet so he..... cant blow up Im gasolinish, flow is machinish, Im ahead of the whole damn globe like venus not serena's, i squash dreamers, 30 yards out that hit goalkeepers like sweepers, jeepers creepers, i aint convinced that ya real like jesus im like a mobile compared to beepers but still u compare me with these fuckin eejits im a genius and i really mean it, we're not the same like breasts and a penis the rest of ya team is, chests is the weakest, u cant hold it down like buleimics spit so much shit u dont even believe us, stop asking for things before u recieve it fuck wat ur doin u aint got another life, proofs in the pudding blud come and have a slice its... food for thought, u can have a bite but its still my turn like a double on a dice and i take time like i stuck up a jewellers, spittin rhymes that would shut up the rumors so hard that i'll fuck up the tumors, chemo flow, u follow like lunas u make claims just unfounded, stop tellin... fibs u'll get grounded nobody cares bout who u hang around wit weakest one in the room is the loudest, give back the mic his daddy said he aint allowed it "thats my son but im just not proud of it, he wernt deliberate, he's illegitimate, idiot thinks its cool to be illiterate" i really dont get him still talkin bout pistol, the only thing u ever buss into is tissue dont ask if i diss u, if the cap fits u, do wear it cos i dont give a shit who wanna take issue, u know us, represent peace and knowledge and love but when alls said and done, u can blame mum, she told me son fight never run so i dont know how, the mandem all bow, cant play games wit me cos i foul and i prowl like a predator, who could better the track wrecker the rap reckoner, messenger serve u like federer... im so bright that i burn retinas off competitors
  4. you dont look right holding a mic so tell me blud wats going on with ya screwface listening to you spitting ya bars its becoming apparent to me that we have a new case but i dont wanna be 2 faced so i'll spit this shit and mail it to you on ya homepage because people thinking that they can spit when they cant even talk properly... this shit gets me enraged and then i feel that i wanna engage, but not with u in conversation so if.. conservation of your pride is something that you feel you cant really be wasting dont grab the mic out my hand and go on like u think your too lyrically deep cos ill rush the stage slap ya face and make u sound like the bitch that spits in misteeq so listen blud take my advice and dont pick up the mic again because battlin me u'll only gonna be fighting for ya life again once i start blowing up like hydrogen u aint got a chance i'll leave you in the darkness like i just blew out ya lights again cos as your probably aware, any thought i happen to have spare gets written down to help prepare for oncoming lyrical warfare but this aint wat id call warfare cos its slightly one sided get it right cos you man like block weed, and im something like hybrid ive been mc-ing on road for time blud, your just a little shy kid when beef escalates u scream ya mout of and close ya eyelids curl up into a ball whimpering til theres nuttin but silence sounding like that old raekwon tune screaming STOP THE VIOLENCE lyrically i could never be outsmarted, i'll finish your spitting career before its even started i thought i told u man, dont come into this game half arsed and half hearted cos that means theres a rat amongst us mc's and its my job to flush u out like the departed and you lot make me laugh, you think your a tight click you think your close friends but in reality your just thick so tell me which one of you lot is sucking who's dick in fact you man dont even make me laugh because you make me feel sick and you might end up on the sharp side of my stick or i might beat you man with an array of metal bars and bricks but i find that my feet and fists usually do the trick you remind me of a bunch of little redneck hicks running ya mout chattin about how you fuck all the boom chicks but your wrong blud, they aint the choong ting theyre all swag picking up allycats, town bikes and local slags
  5. Oi murrant boh thats dizzees own lyric u chief come up with ur own shit
  6. haha u merked that guy standardly you need 16 i only need 8!!!! JHEEEZZZZ shut him down blad
  7. safe for the feedback cuz, ill type it out properly next time i put something up, safe tho star
  8. some people say im angry, some people say im vexed but people dont understand the shit im carryin upon my chest ders gonna be no time to rest na no time to take a breather cos ders gonna be no end to snakes comin in ur circle tryin 2 deceive ya but thats just a little piece of life, so build ya bridge and get over it sometimes life can be like climbing everest but never give up and never be forced to quit cos half the people just talkin shit der jealous of ur talent mad cos they studied in school to get the good grades that u havent but u can keep A pluses ill stick to D minus cos every track i touch turns into gold like i was midas
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