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  1. If you like your tunes soulful & funky you need to give this a listen: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content...18/Misdemeanour Boy wonder of beats A-Skillz prizes open his globetrotting DJ schedule to proudly introduce his exciting new label Jam City (http://www.myspace.com/jamcityuk). Built on the foundations of funk, soul and hip hop, Jam City launches with ‘Misdemeanour’, a superlative slice of good time vibes from hot new production outfit The CBs. Taking inspiration from the pantheon of feel-good floor fillers, The CBs smash open Jam City’s account with a cover of Foster Sylvers 1973 classic, ‘Misdemeanor’; a solid golden party groove, to shake up every club it hits. Featuring guest vocals from the ever-incredible Yolanda, the track alloys the spirit of infamous hit-makers The Corporation, the vibes of early 70s Motown, Malena Shaw and The Honey Drippers with razor sharp, crystal clear 21st century dancefloor production. Remix action comes courtesy of lauded Liverpudlian crew No Fakin’, who manoeuvre the grooves to the true-skool, cutting dope beats with lush strings and a sub woofer worrying low-end that is guaranteed to get booties bouncing. The AA side completes this scintillating package to see Jam City’s head honcho A-Skillz step up to the plate on his label’s inaugural outing, ramping up the dancefloor possibilities with slick cuts, brutal bass and a heavyweight beat to pack the final punch in this knock out 12’ Already gaining support from Z-Trip, Krafty Kuts & DJ Yoda. Released on 23rd November on Jam City The CBs ‘Misdemeanour’ can do no wrong
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