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  1. not much of a topic for dis lot. i not finished wid dem yet. so known for my grimey rappin antics, known for violence and random damage, known for burning fools like acid, makin a massive impact coz im out da attic. call dat a metophor im just breakin a habit, known for bein quiet but now im savage, wreckin da place and spittin frantic, wherever, whenever il sink da place like titanic, so sick of little half wit parrots, actin so street but they cant hack it, like they got cred but i know they lack it, go home believe il send you packin. seriously cuz coz i wont have it, set off home and carry on wankin, get off da pavement and give up da actin, coz you lookin like a comedy, specificly slapstick.
  2. wrote these relly quickly so the structure might not be too gd. these bars r bout some of my "friends" dat take any oppurtunity to suck up to the feared lads in my school. sickins me so i decided ta write bout dem. ha. i never trust a soul, its like evryones out to get me, ma mates say they got ma back, but no ones ever come to rep me, im so familar with rejecting, coz the bigger blokes provoke my zone, so ma friends feel their dead meat, so they represent and flex wid g's, now im comeing to grips with hateing these pricks, the fake smiles dont fool me, and how dare they claim it was only tricks, only messin, all for kicks, laugh n a half fuck off stupid bitch, dis aint a game and you cant just switch. 2 faced clowns is all i see, lick arses performing treachery, but im still laughing away, coz in the end they all crawl back to me, "im sorry mr rochey, didnt mean it honestly" lie in the bed you made u fool, what makes you tink il show u mercy, u can go back to your so called mates, lick their holes and hope for praise, mayb 1 day you'l be their right hand man, but for now your just a pet primate, keep looking for attention, the occasional a pat on the side, if i ever wanted to gain respect, il do it with honor and with fuckin pride!
  3. cheers. i wanted ta try someting new. i wanted it ta be abit more artistic dan just borin lines.
  4. cool. anyways der not ma only bars. got plenty more to share. those wer ma first. heres another lot just bout ma ex and my friend who was her ex. just wrote dem now. il write another verse l8r. i see solice in knowing shit will only get better, no one can hurt me much more, iv felt the wet of the weather, through the eye of the storm, now im stronger than ever, it wont be the same as before, dats coz its the end of an era, but how cud u use me you whore, i thought we were good together, remember you swore to the lord, you said me and you forever, i shud hav listend to milks warn, he said ud use me coz im tender, but u hid it without flaw, il give ya credit ur clever, but me n D started war, i bet u laughed at the gesture, although we never locked horns, the drama was shore to test us, one of us was bound to fall, but are friendship withstanded presure. so through the tension, heartbreak and all, who had the last laugh and final plesure...
  5. oi cuzzy its true im an amateur, but il still slew u like its chainsaw massacre, im rapid fast nd my bars scar, dont step to diss im da ultimate challenger, take on titans twice my stature, lyrical combat im all dat, your not near ma league so fall back, raise amazing 16's to false cats, il rip you apart like saw traps, im not gona stab at ur girls arse hole, i chat shit bout you i dont know, but why was i seen lyrics from dizzee rascal, serious dont ya hav bars of ur own, diss is da warm up so dont get hyped up, still got nuff bars lined up, enter da land of roch n show me wot u got!
  6. ha. show me how its done den.
  7. still thick through flames, im da scorcher, i warned ya. now im out da dark like a shadow soldier breakn bolders over my sholders. no one can stop me doin my ting, ignorance is shaken off da rightside wing, step back n il pump my musels, regain my hussle, explain dis puzzle coz my bars mean shit to u. ur mind wont comprehend wot i throw at u. iv got explicit lyrics to fling at any fridget, agressive insults, repulsive remarks dat spark a riot of hatrid, angry patriots, make no mistake i aint a racist. i just tink its right i share my vision, but so many are ignorant,people take my words n twist em constantly refusing to listen. daily dealin wid types dat dislike evrybody, lookn to fight jus bout anybody. call it survivil of da fittist well iv wittnesd my fair share of dicks, skets, pricks bitchs its checkmate, full scale rebellon, im renegade. male dominence is nonsence, id be da king of da ring if i didnt hav a consciense. if i wasnt responsible, or felt imortal id flip you all horizontal. drop some thunder n leave u wonder: did rocheys slang bang like an arangatang? can u handle this animal, il nibble on ur bones like a cannible. i scorch, its blaten iv got magic,an arsenal lyrical and fantastc, cast a mist n raise some static, crak da ribs of any faggot. dis is brute force, wave of vocals destroyn moble homes, infecting minds wid a raw source, a voice of passion and a noble cause. aplaud dis man on a rally corse, verbal corpsen evry sort, i will breifly pause..... but dis wont end till my mind gets saw. away wid dis dictorship, i raise some taintd shit, blazn quik, phase a razor slits, king crusaider, evaiding clips, erasing dicks on my daily trips. il shatter glass on ur arse so fast il barely leave marks. no evidence no sentence, its all mental dismemberment,il easily violate ur mind, make u question ur own inteligence. my name is rochey, grime hybrid, the titan. greenhood is my legacy so at least som will remembr me. do or die, this is my time, i dont live by knife i live through lines.bye bye. ((RB))
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