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Miss Kash

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    RnB, Funky House, Grime Stuff
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    Chipmunk, Devlin, Skepta

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  1. Haha Herez Mine Theres Everythin In The World That You Could Never Be An Any1 Could Bun You Physically And Lyrically Mentally An Definitely - You Would Lose So Easily Slewed In Your Own Home - Trus That's Jus Some Fun To Me Man Can't Test This Cos I Got A* Fore He Was Ready Don't Wanna Rock The Boat Cos I Gotta Keep It Nice An Steady I've Beaten So Many While You Been Writin Your Barz For A Penny Mate I Keep It Real - We Aint Alike Cos Im Too High While You're On The Ground Waitin For Some1, I Bin In The Sky Pushin Up Ma Levels An Waterin Your Barz Cos Their Dry An I Noe That You're Wishing That You Could Be Like Me N Fly By Hmm You Aint Like A Jedi - Or Anythin Else Maybe A Neek Thats Been Left Sittin On Some Unused Shelf Noone Looks AT Ya So You Should Keep To Yaself I'l Be Mrs.Santa Claus An You Be The Little Elf Nah You Aint A Star You're The Moon Jus Reflecting My Greatness - Jus Like A Spoon You're Like A Baboon Stick Your Arse Out An Hope Ta Get Recognised Soon You Best Watch Out Cos Am Strapped Mate My Barz Are Set For Shootin - They'll Leave You In A State Don't Think Of Replyin Cos You're Already Slewed Im The End Of This Short 1 Drop Each Feud Lol
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