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murrant boh

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  1. Lyrical staff, never could they ever take me for a chav Schollar in the English schollar in the math Dizzee aint no rif raf Hit 'em with the rise, move, kick, uppercut, jab Don't make me lose my rag I'm a troublesome lad Barefoot shaolin lad Lyrically far from swag And I'm far from clean I'll play kiss chase with your aunt Maureen Get rhymes, get heard, get seen Dizzee run things like Idi Amin Keep vigilante, keep on guard We chuck grenades at Scotland Yard Retard, get kicked hard, real hard Leave death threats in your birthday card beat the bars bruv!!
  2. yo rhys its tommy now my go manz :) Yo I, murrant on these Put these MC's on deep freeze Hit these, whip these and rip these Come like busta we flip these Please, dont rap with these Fearless, angry, sick MC's Dont like Christine's or Britney's La La's or Tinky Winky's This one's strictly for picnies Old school afros, dry white kness Barklays, Halifax we stick these Endless gunshots we lick these Trick these CID's with ease Touch mic MC's jump like fleas Player haters get chopped like trees avoid Rascal to avoid injuries
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