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  1. Awesome new band the Black Circles are giving away their new single, Little Girl, here: http://www.mediafire.com/?ztoazbzon1ez3dk
  2. brownie2

    Aidy - Indie-pop

    Check out this singer / songwriter I've found, his name is Aidy. He plays kind of indie-pop. his back catalogue is all free to download on his website. http://aidy.com/ Aidy gigs in and around Cambridge but with a few gigs further afield. He’s managed to play a few festivals too. The site is pretty good; there is the ‘Song of the Week’ section, where he’s challenged himself to write a new song every week for a year and the results are on the site. There are also video podcasts, music videos and a bunch of other stuff too. He’s on Spotify and he recently signed to a small record label, Expat Records.
  3. brownie2


    These guys are so awesome! They've been around since 2006 and touring since 2007. Seems like they're getting pretty well known after that MTV Europe feature. One of their new tracks 'On The Run' can actually be downloaded for free from their website: http://www.emeraldrock.net/Page%201 They've got a new 8 track mini-album 'Master I Am' out August 30th. Anyone else heard of them?
  4. Its always good to expand your music library. Harder to hear of great folk/country bands. Ill start with Indigo Road. Saw them live in London and they were brilliant. You can listen to them HERE
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