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  1. Probably cuz most of us were busy lol. It was pretty good for your first post.
  2. No prob man, a little constructive criticism can go a long way and improve the way you write your rhymes.
  3. Most of the shit you wrote was the truth, it was real But the way you type made...well i didnt know how to feel i hate rappers that have sick rhymes but can't type for shit, its like they dont even try so here's a little tip for when you're gonna write some more verses type a little better, and insert some more curses
  4. That was pretty good, but you should type normal. Don't type out the words in the way you say them because I had to re-read some of the parts cuz they didn't make any sense. Overall, that was some real shit man.
  5. Learn how to muthafuckin type bitch. You have weak ass muthafuckin rhymes, and what the fuck does bruv mean? Do you mean bruh? And if you did, that shit is stupid as fuck, i hate people who say that shit. Dig your own grave already, bury yourself, and die a slow death.
  6. When i fight you i won't snipe you, I'll use an HIV infected needle to strike you, As well as anyone that vaguely resembles or looks like you, And just to spite you, i'll force your children at gun point to fight you,
  7. anyone understand spanish? cuz i have some rhymes in spanish & i want some constructive criticism on them.
  8. Good shit, this should be laid down on a track.
  9. Uhhh i got nothing right now lol.. kinda busy, i'll get back atcha in a few days
  10. lol the ending made me say wtf wen i re-read it, but like i said i wrote this pretty fast.. i think i should have tooken this rhyme in a different direction after the 4th line
  11. They got censor bars, while i spit 6 bars these muthafuckas must thing i have the SARS but, i've never been to asia, and nor will i cuz im too fucking scared to fuckin fly and if you tell me"why dont you just to take a boat?" then i'll come back atcha and say "which corrupted politician got your vote?"
  12. Liked it, especially the ending.
  13. people tell me that i should stop spitin my lyrics they tell me "you have talent, why you wasting it?" telling the truth isnt a waste of your time it helps you open your eyes and take a control of your mind dont listen to the media, instead read up on the shit that's happening in the world, before god says "this is it" the end is near, lets kill off the queers dump the bodies in a lake, and drink us some beers light up a joint, and stare up at the sky lets forget everything, just this last time let go of all your troubles, and dont be in dispare cuz i got some heavy kronic, and im willing to share the clock strikes 9, we're just in time to ask god for a clean slate, lets hurry up before its too late once forgivin, we'll all raise hell we shouldnt be doing this...oh well
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