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  1. [IMG]http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y236/brokenbeatnik/Dead%20Famous/DF35_banner.jpg[/IMG] [u][b]Home Alone – The DJ (Orig / Beatsmack) [DF35][/b][/u] OUT NOW :: at [i][url=https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/279645/The%20DJ]Beatport[/url][/i] for the next 2 weeks, and then everywhere else afterwards. We at Dead Famous are celebrating 35 releases, and can't think of a better way to do so than focusing on multiple things we love all combined into one package - Breaks, techno, house, acid, and new artists (the key element here!). The original here sees recent newcomer [b]Home Alone[/b], who's been making fans galore among the breaks community with his blend of face melting techno and breaks. Between the funky vibe, and the cheeky sample, there's no lack of drive to this tune, and we at Dead Famous HQ can see it destroying rooms for quite some time. On the flip, we've enlisted [b]Beatsmack[/b], who you may not have heard of yet, but trust and believe it's a name you'll be hearing loads of soon. Having already signed to Miles Dyson's Plasmapool imprint, These guys have delivered a whopper of a breaks remix that's both chunky and blistering, with a massive dose of acid filth. There isnt a lot of breaks tunes coming out right now that cater to this sound in quite the way they've done it, and we love it so much we've already drafted them for a future remix. These gents have an amazing future ahead of them, and we've gotten on the boat early. Don't take our word for it, here's what others had to say about the DJ: [b]Far Too Loud[/b] "Orig goes on a really crazy journey but I think it's the remix that will go in my sets. The groove is FAT!" [b]Perpetual Present[/b] "Some quirky rolling tech business from Home alone this one. The beatsmack remix is more my kind of thing though with its squelching electro party breaks twist" [b]Lee Martin / Dusted Breaks[/b] "Dino's original is great but I think my full support will go to the beatsmack remix, as its phat n filthy, just how I like my women!!! :D" [b]Hexadecimal[/b] "Really like the original, not a new approach, well it reminds me of past my clubbing days (but what is these days) but driving, rolling bass is definitely grabbing my attention, good shit!" [b]Karton[/b] "The Beatsmack Remix is great - will play!" [b]EK[/b] "Thanks for the promo. The original is pretty cool but the Beatsmack remix is the one I prefer - but only by a little bit. Both solid mixes." [b]Kickflip[/b] "Beatsmack remix is top notch firing breaks! Looking forward to hearing more of their work." [b]Llupa[/b] "Dig the first drop on this, then bang straight into the groove - very cool, great builder of a tune. This is so 4am gurn material - love it. Beatsmack turns it into a monster of a breaks tune, the groove of the original has grown into an all encompassing riff that struts through the tune, but there are enough changes up/down/left/right to keep you well hooked - very cool breaks take" [b]Duane Barry[/b] "Beatsmack remix is sexy as fuck! Production quality is superb and I can see this destroying dancefloors everywhere. Full support from me!" [b]Henry D / Bombtraxx[/b] "Beatsmack remix for me. First I've heard of Beatsmack and I'm impressed. Big, chunky, funky and full of bass." As always, Keep it Evil.
  2. [IMG]http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y236/brokenbeatnik/Dead%20Famous/untitled.jpg[/IMG] [u][b]Sawtooth – Dance With Me (Orig / Jade Mixes) [DF33][/b][/u] OUT NOW :: at [i][url=https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/264301/Dance%20With%20Me]Beatport[/url][/i] for the next 2 weeks, and then everywhere else afterwards. This month sees the first official release from the man known as [b]Sawtooth[/b]. Crafting an uber-driving slice of psy inspired acid breaks, Sawtooth shows that he’s not new to the scene by any stretch of the imagination (and he’s not!). Dance with me is chock full of the vibe that originally put Dead Famous on the map – breaks that make your mind melt and drip down your face. On the flip, Hungarian drum and bass turned techno producer [b]Jade[/b], fresh off his amazing remix of Meat Katie’s “Lucia” for Lot49 has put the same warehouse vibes into his remix of Dance with me. I’ll be completely honest here – when he first sent this over, it was a unamimous YES PLEASE @ the Dead Famous camp. It’s work like this that will keep Jade plenty booked for techno work for quite some time to come. Don't take our word for it, here's what others had to say about Dance With Me: [b]LuQas[/b] "Yes! Top release this, the original is a solid groover with some lovely spazzy bits. Love the Jade remix too - nice deep seedy vibes." [b]Neurodriver[/b] "The Jade remix is really cool, full support!" [b]Karton[/b] "Loving the original, another acid breaks stormer from DF.." [b]Kultur[/b] "Progressive Acidic Breakz !! The original mix my favourite. l support in my Kultura Breakz show (iBreaks radio) in the next weeks and also in my live sets." [b]Hedflux[/b] "Yeah man, this is a quality release. Both mixes have a really strong vibe with tight production, definitely want to be hearing more of this from DF!!" [b]Duane Barry[/b] "Love the Jade remix, great production and got me moving!" [b]Kraymon[/b] "very well produced, chunky shit! I think the Jade jsut takes it for me. heads down beeef cake. Nice one :)" [b]EK[/b] "Both mixes are great. Yes, Jade remix is very cool - tight production." [b]Perpetual Present[/b] "Full on rolling and progressive tech grooves. Quality production level on the Jade remix." [b]Pale Penguin (VIM / Freeze Mag)[/b] "original is really GOOD! Fully charged Psy/Acid Breaks roller.....well produced...powerfull.....for sure will do some damage on the dancefloor....the Tech remix of Jade is simply QUALITY stuff!!!" [b]Youthful Implants[/b] "Jades remix is probably my pick of the two its so warm and sexy. To be honest I have been playing more and more techno lately I could easily play whole sets of the stuff and would prefer to as well. The half time breaky section at 1.40 is the aural equivalent of cottage cheese on toast, a bit naughty but totally satisfying." [b]Far Too Loud[/b] "Orig has a nice groove" [b]Kickflip[/b] "Tasty chunk of acid breaks on the original! Loaded with squelch and mind bending synths, and sounds well up Dead Famous St. Also good things on the creeping techno remix!" [b]Hexadecimal[/b] "Original mix is cool! Loving the old skool acid vibe!" As always, Keep it Evil.
  3. [IMG]http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y236/brokenbeatnik/Dead%20Famous/alteredstates.jpg[/IMG] [u][b]LuQas – Altered States (Orig / Perpetual Present Mixes) / Replicant (MDK Remix) [DF32][/b][/u] OUT NOW :: at [i][url=https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/252710/Altered%20States]Beatport[/url][/i] for the next 2 weeks, and then everywhere else afterwards. This month sees the release of another original from up-and-comer LuQas, who has made quite a name for himself in the past year. As someone who’s big on the big psy/tech phenomenon going on in breaks, Luke has definitely carved himself a niche as one of the names to look for when describing tunes of that sort. We at Dead Famous are proud to present his newest original, entitled “Altered States”. Leaning heavily on the psy this time around, Altered States is a dark and driving acid riddled monster that would fit quite nicely in both breaks and psytrance sets. If psybreaks are your thing, this is definitely something you’ll geek out over, as it twists your brain fourteen different ways on the way to victory. On the remix front, we’ve got Perpetual Present. Fresh off his stunning remix of Robosapiens & Break the Box’s “Summer Rolls”, and recent original signing to Dead Famous entitled “Big Badger Theory” (out later this year), Perpetual Present has been one to watch for quite some time. We’re obviously big fans of his, and this remix shows quite why. Taking the driving evilness of the original and turning it into a mammoth techy number, the bassline on this tune might actually contort your face to the point where even your own mother will not recognize you. No lie. Lastly, but surely not least, we are excited to release the winning entry in our recent remix contest for LuQas’s “Replicant”, MDK. The proverbial field was quite full of great entries, but MDK hit us right where we love it, delivering a hands in the air funky, psy-inspired anthem of a remix. Clearly this entry shows that while he’s still new to the game, his future is so bright it’s unreal. So much so, in fact that we’ve already pegged him for something else later this year. Don't take our word for it, here's what others had to say about the Remix LP: [b]Far Too Loud[/b] "Most impressive track from Luqas so far I think. Perpetual Present remix also a banger. bigups!" [b]Neurodriver[/b] "Pick of the bunch for me is the clean & funky MDK remix of Replicant which is really cool" [b]Kultur[/b] "Fantastic Release ! All the tracks of this release are 100% to the dancefloor !! I will support it in my Kultura Breakz show (iBreaks radio) in the next weeks and also in my live sets." [b]EK[/b] "Really like the MDK remix, nice flow . Really like to hear more from MDK. Also liking the Perpetual Present remix. Nice!" [b]Hedflux[/b] "Nice one for this! Really like the original mix, proper driving psybreaks with a hypnotic progression to it. The MDK remix is cool too, good production and arrangement, and catchy riff from the original. All round a good quality release!" [b]Stephen Cole[/b] "The Perpetual Present remix is the heat!" [b]Karton[/b] "The MDK remix of replicant is a banger, the Altered States original is great as well. Both will get plays." [b]Duane Barry[/b] "Incredible sounds from LuQas once again so dark and driving love all the nasty synth stabs and PP have done a great remix feeling that growly bass. Impressed with the MDK remix wonderfully uplifting and the bass is great - might have to get him for DSUK sometime! Big ups, this package will be huge :)" [b]Kickflip[/b] "the MDK remix is hands down the pick of the package for me! Utterly firing and definitely looking forward to hearing more of his output." [b]Lee Martin / Dusted Breaks[/b] "Prefer the remix of Altered States, although the original sent my head spinnin with its mental'ness (is that a word?) Love what MDK did to Replicant and will try and play this one out." [b]Retroid[/b] “Massive EP! Original and MDK remix for me.” As always, Keep it Evil.
  4. [b]This go round Dead Famous and Dusted Breaks proudly present 2 wicked releases from B-Phreak, with a host of stellar, and yet, completely different remixes. If you like your head twisted, your feet glued to the floor, your mind expanded, and then destroyed like it was Armageddon, you will definitely find something that suits you on one of these![/b] [IMG]http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y236/brokenbeatnik/Dead%20Famous/wavy.jpg[/IMG] [u][b]B-Phreak – Wavy Gravy (Kid Kenobi / Duane Barry Remixes) [DF31][/b][/u] OUT NOW :: at [i][url=https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/248581/Wavy%20Gravy]Beatport[/url][/i] for the next 2 weeks, and then everywhere else afterwards. After the success of the Dead Famous Remix LP, we’re trying something a bit different this go round. Stepping outside the proverbial dark acid drenched box, we @ Dead Famous are happy to present something a little more outwardly upbeat for the crowd that likes to move. First up, we have B-Phreak’s Wavy Gravy. Fresh of a string of recent well received releases, and a crucial remix for Mesmer’s Scarcity imprint, B-Phreak delivers what he’s most known for – hard ass techy breaks with a dash of drive, a smidgen of funk, and a giant helping of nasty. I’m sayin pull out the bowl of mashed potatoes, because it is indeed that type of party. On the remix front, we firstly have Kid Kenobi, who has lately returned to the forefront of dance music. While championing a different sound than old breaks heads remember him for, it’s worth noting that the production on his recent big room house tunes is just the same, If not better than what some remember him for. Crafting a giant funky affair that fans of funky as it comes house will love, Kid Kenobi has definitely incorporated a chunk of breaks in this remix to keep the chin strokers happy. Lastly, label head of the stellar Digital Sensation UK, Duane Barry has delivered a remix that is guaranteed to make hands raise all summer long. Turning out a remix that is reminiscent in vibe of old Chable & Bonicci, and coupled with a main build and breakdown that is so massive it can’t even be described properly, Duane continues to push trancey breaks unlike anyone else. Don't take our word for it, here's what others had to say about the Remix LP: [b]Karton[/b] "Original is nice and tough - DB's remix adds a nice proggy element without losing the energy. Can see both getting a play from us at different times. " [b]Mr No Hands / Mixmag[/b] "Kid’s remix is sicko ravey pants in the garden time!" [b]Far Too Loud[/b] "Original is a filthy filthy banger. Naughty. I like it." [b]Kultur[/b] "Duane Barry has created a marvelous remix, like always !! I will support both in my Kultura Breakz show in the next weeks and also in my live sets." [b]Kickflip[/b] "Yes yes, liking the big bendy bass original here!" [b]Carol Campos[/b] "The original is a true banger, very hard ass indeed! Like it a lot. But the one which is going to have more rotation on my case in the Kid Kenobi mix. Boy, I was missing his tunes! Played alongside him a few years back and was truly missing his stuff... :) Love his remix, a great mix of house and breaks, a transgenre bomb! Top production! " [IMG]http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y236/brokenbeatnik/Dead%20Famous/DBR020.jpg[/IMG] [u][b]B-Phreak – Shooked / Bulletproof (Vandal / Shut Up And Dance Remixes) [DBR020][/b][/u] OUT NOW :: at [i][url=https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/244684/shookedbulletproof]Beatport[/url][/i], as well as all other good download shops! Dusted Breaks are pleased to kick off their relationship with a producer who's studio seems to have moved to an industrial bulding site of late!! Whilst Bernie has never been shy of tough beats and big bass, he has taken all he did in previous years and smashed it out of the park to bring on the heaviest gut wrenching beats and twisted teeth grinding basslines, that only the most hardened clubber will be able to take! Both Shooked & Bulletproof give you no choice but to play them loud and are both relentless in their ability to get yo ass up and dance! For the remix Dusted Breaks wanted something really special to compliment the originals and they don't come any more special than legendary producers VANDAL & S.U.A.D VANDAL took on the job of remixing Shooked and moves for the more Electro Breaks sound, with a battering ram beat and awesome synth work that manages to shank the tailbones and metertarsals of the unsuspecting dancefloor!! S.U.A.D Basically took all of the original samples that Bernie had offered, screwed them up and threw them in the bin, in favour of bringing in the THE RAGGA TWINS and turning the tune into a broken dubbed up party banger that you will automatically recognize as SHUT UP AND DANCE! [b]Lee Coombs[/b] “Vandal Remix is slammin! Will use this for sure!!” [b]Splitloop[/b] "I like what the Shut Up and Dance guys have done with it, it's mental but really solid. Out of the package I like the original of Bulletproof best, closely followed by the Vandal remix of Shooked" [b]Run Riot[/b] “B-Phreak is HUGE! ALL about the originals for me - right up my street!!” [b]Drumattic Twins[/b] “"Im a big big SUAD fan but the Vandal mix Here is immense....Its like,,,,,its like Pete Tong,,,,makes me wanna go out.....” [b]Maelstrom[/b] "Quality ! lovin the SUAD mix and shooked original 7/10"
  5. Pimpwax – Bass Pumpin (Orig / Farace) [DF29] OUT NOW :: at Beatport for the next 2 weeks, and then everywhere else afterwards. Dead Famous is back again with something a little different than what you’ve come to expect from us. This month sees the long awaited release of Pimpwax’s Bass Pumpin – an uber funky techy inspired number that is sure to get the vibe started. Relying on a nice groove, Pimpwax work the contrasts between techy and funky well, and the famous vocal sample doesn’t hurt either. This has been a staples of certain well known breaks djs for a few years, and we’re happy that it’s finally seeing the light of day. On the flip, we have American of the moment Farace, who’s turned out a remix that quite simply, destroys. Switching from Breaks to House, and back again a few times, Farace shows here fully why he is in such massive demand as a producer. Taking the funky groove out, and replacing it with a just massively heavy electro vibe, this remix is just, plainly put, ridiculous. Play this tune at peak time, and watch heads be crushed by its massiveness. Is massiveness even a word? It doesn’t matter when you’re playing this remix. Don't take our word for it, here's what others had to say about this package: Far Too Loud "Farace remix is rocking. Love the driving groove!" Kickflip "Farace's done a good job but still loving the original right here... never really left my CD wallet, so now I have two. Why do you insist on making it heavier all the time? :-P" EK "Definitely the Farace remix for me! Nice one." 601 "Original mix for me on this,it really brings the FONK,nice p-funk flavour and well selected keys make for an authentic sound OW!!!" Karton "Farace remix is mega - never heard a tune of his i didnt like!!" Stephen Cole "Diggin the Farace remix" Duane Barry "Fantastic use and editing of the vocal from Farace - I love the throbbing bass and pumpin is definately the right word to describe this track. Enjoyed the funky licks of the original as well definately has it's place. " Kultur "Welcome to the groovy Funky side of Breakz !!" Hexadecimal "the Farace mix has grown on me, I really like how progressive it becomes, could be a good roller for late in the night." Steve Maccabe "My choice is the original mix, a really good blend of tech and funk elements perfect for my sets, great track." Mobius "Bouncy as hell this one with plenty of funky flavas on the original, and Farace toughening things up a bit on the remix. A bit different and a bit good. :)" http://www.myspace.com/deadfamousrecordings Until next time, Keep it Evil.
  6. Home Alone – Revolution No. 3 / Get Away From Me (Orig / Kiwa) [DF28] OUT NOW :: at Beatport for the next 2 weeks, and then everywhere else afterwards. Revolution No. 3 - Techno Get Away From Me - Techno Kiwa Remix - Breaks Welcome to Dead Famous in 2010. We’re kicking off the new year in gritty fashion with 2 slabs of peak hour techno that would turn any warehouse completely on its head courtesy of newcomer Home Alone. Starting things is the completely mental Revolution No. 3, with its driving nature and dark and tribal–meets-industrial vibe. Revolution No. 3 is something that needs to be heard to be fully understood because one minute it’s a pressure cooker of thick and groovy, and the next it’s full out face melting bang your head techno. Definitely something for the 2am techno massive. On the flip, Home Alone takes it into even more peak hour warehouse territory with the blinding Get Away From Me. It’s not hard to imagine loads of sweaty bodies crammed into a dark dingy place completely out of their mind to the sounds of this tune. Trippy vocals, and the mother of all hard techno grooves punctuate this one. To back Get Away From Me, we enlisted psytrance come house and breaks stars of the universe, Kiwa, to take the daunting task of transforming the blisteringly dark groove into full on peak time hands in the air madness, and that is exactly what’s been done. This remix takes the original to a completely different place, and manages to be electro house, dark heavy techy breaks, and all out funky rave rolled into a psy influenced package. Win. Don't take our word for it, here's what others had to say about this package: Far Too Loud "Accciiiiiddd! Nice old skool warehouse vibe about these tracks." Hedflux "Kiwa remix is the one for me here! Nice solid production and the wicked driving sound of kiwa in full effect!" LuQas "The pick for me is the original of Get Away From Me, love the acid!" Hexadecimal "Revolution No. 3 rules man, wicked tune!!!" Karton "Kiwa remix is massive - love it.." Kickflip "Get Away From Me original brings up trippily haunting retro acid flavours while Kiwa - definitely two to view - drop their techy dancefloor style with a few melodic touches which will surely stick in the mind well. Good stuff!" Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) "Revolution 3 is awesome and i'll play that in my more tech driven sets" Hightower "strong remix, but for me its all about the accccciiiiiiiiiiiiiddddddddddddddddd!!!! of get away from me...." Duane Barry "So many top notch weird and wonderful sounds going on in this package - especially the Kiwa remix, it just has something of everything! Full support from me :)" Steve Maccabe "Its the two originals for me, great use of the 303 in both tracks which is always a winner in my book. Nice breakdown in 'Get Away from me'. will support both." 601 "We'll be playing the Kiwa mix i should imagine as that's the mix with the heavy bass action" http://www.myspace.com/deadfamousrecordings Until next time, Keep it Evil.
  7. http://www.breakspoll.com, go to vote thanks!!
  8. Fisso & Spark – Bangers (Karton / Christoph Maitland / Imprintz & Kloe Remixes) [DF26] OUT NOW :: at Beatport for the next 2 weeks, and then everywhere else afterwards. It’s no secret that we at Dead Famous HQ like it raw – and it gets no more raw than the latest output from Italian techno-breakers Fisso & Spark, entitled Bangers. Fisso & Spark, much in the vein of early Chemical Brothers, specialize in breaky techno that has an energy and vibe about it that’s hard to beat. Bangers starts off with a proper breakbeat, but soon after dwelves deep into pounding techno territory. When I say pounding techno, I definitely don’t mean for the faint of heart. First up we have the release of a remix that has garnered much support, despite not even going to promo yet, in Karton’s breaks reworking. These fine lads have taken the raw energy of the original, and refined it into a massive peak time breakbeat anthem filled with highs, lows, and utter destruction. This remix has earned the support of breaks dj’s from all ends of the spectrum – from techfunk to tearout, and all agree that Karton have come correct here. I challenge you not to make the bassface at the first drop of this tune…don’t even bother fighting it. Next up we have something a bit different. Breaks/DNB stars Imprintz & Kloe have taken the brutal techno vibe of the original, and translated it into equally as brutal techstep. Being no strangers to hard hitting drum and bass, these 2 producers have made it their purpose in life for this tune to crush skulls, and it’s quite obvious even at first listen that they’ve achieved that goal. Lastly, but surely not least – newcomer Christoph Maitland has transformed Bangers into a slick driving techno influenced electro house number. After the successful Powertrain earlier this year on Myagi's Pop and Lock imprint, Christoph is definitely making his mark on the scene, and with basslines like the one he’s created for this remix, it’s quite easy to see why. Don't take our word for it, here's what others had to say about Bangers: Annie Nightingale "Really like the Karton mix, have been a fan for ages" Robosapiens "Seriously hard to pick a fav on this package as would play all.Gonna go for the orginal as its been doing damage in sapiens sets everywhere for months" LuQas "Massive tracks all round! The Karton mix is bound to turns heads of the breaks massive, I quite like the original for its mish-mash craziness." Attack Release “loving the Cristoph mix and the orginal quality stuff” EK “The original and Karton remix are the Bangers for me! Top stuff!” Hexadecimal "The original sounds top! Will play at Godsktichen tomorrow night :) I quite like the drum & bass mix too, very original sounding!" Henry D (Bombtraxx / High Grade) "I've been giving the Karton remix a spanking! BIG!" Youthful Implants "The Christoph Maitland remix is a breath of fresh air as is the Imprintz and Kloe version - love proper neuro-punk DnB and this kind of stuff is what excites me about the genre." Far Too Loud "I prefer the original here...there's not a lot of pounding 4/4 at that tempo and it's refreshing to hear." 601 "Already been playing the original for a while now as you know so it's great to get a Karton remix on this, which i love.I think Karton are really delivering this year and this is no exception,plump big bass and a fantstic overall vibe set this off" Kiwa "I really liked the Bangers original. Some nasty sounding thing going on there! From the remixes difficult to say which one takes the points home but Karton and Imprintz & Kloe's mixes will surely blow some holes in the speakers. Will definitely be dropping them on my next set. Quality package alltogether as always from DF." Hedflux "Karton remix is my pick of the bunch. Big and heavy and really well arranged and produced." Mesmer "God dayuuumn I cant decide which one is the top pick - They are all dayuumnnn ghood! Totally love this release :) Liking the original, liking the DnB affair on Imprintz & Khloe Remix. Pffff, still.. My top picks are Karton Remix (Which I already played in three gigs and one radio mix) and Christoph Maitland! Dayuumnnn ghood release man :)" Llupa "Original - Huge tune!! great groove - the beatboxing is wicked - really dig the change in feel @ 3:40. This is such a big room tune!" Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) "Karton Remix all the way for me! Love all of their stuff lately, Right up my street!!! Will play out tomorrow at oxjam and beyond!! :)" http://www.myspace.com/deadfamousrecordings Until next time, Keep it Evil.
  9. beatport link fixed. sorry all! this release was single of the week on thisisbreaks.com http://www.thisisbreaks.com/profiles/blogs...-tracks-from-10 and it got 9/10 in the latest/next issue of idj. woot!
  10. LuQas – Replicant / Robosapiens – Monkey Drummer (LuQas Remix) [DF25] OUT NOW :: at Beatport for the next 2 weeks, and then everywhere else afterwards. Dead Famous celebrates 25 releases, and what better way to act on that than to push a bit of the old with a bit of the new. Replicant sees the long awaited label debut release from Dead Famous’s own LuQas. Big on the psybreak phenomenon, LuQas has turned in quite an epic number that encompasses an entire journey in one tune. Lifting elements from breaks, progressive, and psytrance, LuQas contrasts everything in quite fine form – creating a driving number that will easily sit in many djs boxes no matter the style. Replicant pushes the limits of your mind, and then explodes into a moment of pure emotive monstrosity. The damage this tune causes to dancefloors needs to be seen to be believed. Trust. The flip sees LuQas taking on his favorite DF tune from yesteryear, and a tune that was on the very first Dead Famous record – The Robosapiens’ own “Monkey Drummer”. We saw it fitting that one of the people that we strongly believe to be the future of Dead Famous take on one of the most known tunes in the label’s hi***** to celebrate our 25th release. Not disappointing in any way, LuQas has transformed Monkey Drummer in his signature driving/techy/psybreak style, and he’s done it in fine form. This is peak as they come, and it’s not hard to imagine a whole floor just jumping up and down to this. It’s packages like this that make us thankful that LuQas is Dead Famous, through and through. Don't take our word for it, here's what others had to say about Replicant / Monkey Drummer: Kraymon “The remix is my favourite one of the two. Top notch production on both though” Far Too Loud “Monkey Drummer remix is my favorite here. Nice groove and build in the middle” Farace “Replicant is a wicked tune, big!” Hedflux “Wicked release, absolutely loving both of them! Will be hammering these for a good while! Luqas on top form!” Llupa “Replicant - deep driving techy breaks at its best - 10 minutes of head down psy lick trickery and groove - the perfect 5am tune - GTFI Luqas” Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) “Loving both of these, Although Replicant just edges it for me. Will play both at some points though“ Kickflip “Replicant is cool, but favourite of the two is his remix of Monkey Drummer. Luqas uses the original's riff to perfection, bringing a flowing techy but melodic vibe with lots of spicy noodles.” Perpetual Present “Awesome release from luqas, loving both tunes. A sublime infusion of deep, techy, trippy Breaks!” Hexadecimal “LuQas has been improving with every release, really feeling both of these, the remix is probably my fav, perfect for Godskitchen later in the month” Yreane “That's what I call breaks! Love both sides, especially remix. Already played it on gig this friday - cool reaction. Full support from me.” Karl Sav “Dig replicant , nice chuggy vibe , nice acid stabs , definitely supporting this” Duane Barry “Massive tracks! Replicant had a solid rolling groove which chugs along nicely with bleeps and techy goodness in all the right places. The electro elements of the Monkey Drummers remix really get the ass shaking!“ http://www.myspace.com/deadfamousrecordings Until next time, Keep it Evil.
  11. 11/7 Archives Dead Radio - 11.7.09 Archive fyi - it's 96kb. will be 128 going forward - and mind the volume change in the first few minutes. getting acclimated to a new station and all that. it wont be an issue from now on. 1. glitter - thai [nuuktal digital] 2. direct input - eddie's money [level seven] 3. rex - alternate reality (introspective mix) [sinister] 4. lee coombs - detox (burufunk mix) [lot 49] 5. breakzhead - cheers, mate [unsigned] 6. access denied - one more time (stephen cole mix) [kdb] 7. jurassik - operator (left / right mix) [sound of habib] 8. mike hulme - 100mg (stupid fresh mix) [u&a] 9. mojo filter ft. jefferson airplane - white rabbit (anarchy rice bootleg) [unsigned] 10. bryan kearny presents the roecorder - chicky burger [prehab] 11. sam hell - logjammin (kickflip mix) [mofo] 12. unknown - 4chan angel [unsigned] 13. breaking news/quadrat beat vs. madison avenue - rush hour baby (dj nysus mashup) [subtribe / unsigned] 14. kid digital - critical systems [ibwt] 15. connectivers - exteshic (mars mix) [bass reflections] 16. new order - crystal (line of sight mix) [unsigned] 17. jurassik - like this (llupa mix) [yellowfinger] 18. leuce rhythms - this will roll (torqux mix) [chipsound] 19. shakedown - at night (beatshaker mix) [unsigned] 20. jokr - on point (myagi mix) [dusted breaks] 21. ahmed abdel al kadeer - yeah yeah (kultur mix) [logico beatz] 22. robosapiens - bodies (hedflux mix) [dead famous] 23. utah saints - something good '08 (farace edit) [unsigned]
  12. Kraymon – Papillon Rouge (Mesmer / LuQas / Mike Lennon) [DF24] OUT NOW :: at Beatport for the next 2 weeks, and then everywhere else afterwards. Every now and then a piece of music comes along that grasps at your soul so fiercely, that as a label, you would be a fool not to release it. That piece of music, in this instance, is Kraymon’s “Papillon Rouge”, or red butterfly, if you will. Papillon Rouge is an elegant breakbeat tune, meshing big strings, an ethereal vibe, and tough acid, all on top of a crisp broken beat. There aren’t loads of tunes that come out like this nowadays, and Kraymon has once again proven himself the master of it in this day in age. When we first signed this tune, the #1 choice on the remix tip was Mesmer. Mesmer is someone who has proven himself time and time again as one of the hardest working producers in breaks, pushing the dark progressive sounds quite like no other. On this remix, He has invoked the spirit of early nuskool (before it was even called nuskool!), and delivered a tough as nails electro breaks monster of a remix. Working contrasts well, Mesmer uses the strings of the original to lift you up, and then just drops into bass so nasty, that your face will permanently disfigure itself. Next up we have Dead Famous’s own, and quite the rising star, LuQas. Making a name for himself in the psy-breaks community, Brighton’s poster boy for the new generation of breakbeat producers turns in a remix that drives massively, while appeasing the proper breakbeat aficionados. Building and building until the main break where he drops this ridiculous acid line and blows the spot completely up, LuQas continues to be a producer that you definitely need to keep your eye on. Lastly, but surely not leastly, we have Mike Lennon. Mike is no stranger to Dead Famous, having turned out a wicked remix of Attack Release vs. Robosapiens’ “Trip” earlier this year. In fact, when we heard that remix, we saw it a no brainer to have Mike take a stab at Papillon Rouge, and he has definitely not disappointed. Very ethereal, and in typical Mike Lennon fashion, very head noddy. Don't take our word for it, here's what others had to say about Papillon Rouge: Robosapiens "Its the Luqas mix for us been playing out loads quality as usual from one of the best new producers 9/10" High Eight "The original, it goes without saying, is great, but it's Mesmer's remix that I'm particularly excited about on this package. I'm a Mesmer fan anyway, but he's definitely delivered the goods here!" Left / Right "Liked the original and mike lennon best for their chiller vibes. got some interesting throwback sounds but still with a modern edge." Farace "Original is my favorite in the pack, but all the mixes sound great! Awesome release all around!" Perpetual Present "A nice melodic & floaty breaks tune but still packing a tight bass end and plenty of acid! Quality progressive remix from Luqas too" Far Too Loud "Nice string sample in this, and i like the way its used in the mesmer remix...mesmerising one might say! Luqas remix is my fave though, nice rolling techy breaks." Marty B "The original mix is as close to perfect as you will ever hear in this genre with a sound that literally journeyfies listeners. My fave on this was very hard to pick so I went for the Original and the LuQas remix equally, 10/10 RESPECT!" Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) "Love Pete's original, It's easily one of the nicest sounding breaks tracks I have ever heard!! (I shit you not) Great production from the man himself and full playing support from me!" Hexadecimal "The luQas mix is by far the best thing about this package, takes the best elements of the original, best thing I have heard from him so far :)" Jurassik (Thisisbreaks / IDJ) "My favourite is the LuQas mix, though I really like the Mesmer track too. There's a whole heap of genuinely exciting, uncompromising breakbeat being produced right now by artists with a true love for the music who aren't just trying to sound like the next big thing, and you guys are right at the forefront of that. The quality levels of each release are just insane! Big ups!" 601 "Lovely release guys.the Original is my favourite mix closely followed by Mike Lennon's moody re-rub,top work!" Steve Maccabe "Can't get over how good the original is, can see myself playing the original as the last song in my sets for some time to come, love it. Really like LuQas's remix aswell, will give that some peak-time plays too." Kickflip "Love the deeper sounds of the original, with a gorgeous classical sample and an overall sound staying true to Kraymon's distinctive sound. Favourite has to be the original, but with a nod to Mike Lennon's ethereal dubstep rework and Mesmer's still deep but slightly tougher edged breaks rejig." Llupa "Original - very cool tune, something a little different, loads of melodic and organic elements fused together with a great rolling bassline makes this almost the perfect tune for me. great set opener and great for the summer outdoor vibe. This will be rinsed by me for a while - great work" Stephen Cole "Diggin the progressive feel of the LuQas mix, but the acidic synth lines and ethereal strings of the original win it for me on this release" Quextal "Love the original of this. As you say, it's a rare breed. So much beauty" Anarchy Rice "Definitly the Mesmer remix for me, got a great Hybrid sound & and an awesome flow to it, cheers!" http://www.myspace.com/deadfamousrecordings Until next time, Keep it Evil.
  13. Tommorrow's Show - Perpetual Present! look for the first hour from Daniella Downs and the second hour a slammin guest mix from rising star in the breakbeat world - Perpetual Present Neil Gray (aka Perpetual Present) - English producer, DJ and performer for a variety of electronic music genres. Influences come from a wide spectrum of styles and eras but generally the louder, fatter and funkier the better. Making noises and experimenting with recording techniques since the mid 90s, Neil formed several bands in his misspent youth, playing either guitar, bass or drums. After graduating Electronics & Music Tech from York University in 2005 and discovering the delights of digital broken beats, he went on to help shape the direction of young label Acidphonic records. Debut release 'Discoteca' in 2007 gained some underground support and recognition and demonstrated the progressive tech-funk breakbeat sound that is now associated with the label. The aim was simple; to provide some unique, chunky, dirty beats and bass for the modern dancefloor and beyond. Support in the scene has grown steadily, charting no2 on trackitdown & Djdownload with 'Red Light On' and achieving a no1 spot with 'Girls & Devices' earlier this year. With Dj support from Plump Djs, General midi, Leeroy Thornhill, Ils, James Zabelia, Hexadecimal, BSD, Kultur, Toni Jarvis, expect to hear plenty of fresh tunes and remixes in the coming months. Visit the acidphonic records website for more tunes, info, downloads etc - www.acidphonic.co.uk http://www.myspace.com/perpetualpresent
  14. Saturdays on NSB Radio just got a little more hypnotic. Dead Radio has moved to the award winning www.nsbradio.co.uk! Starting this Saturday from 9-11 pm GMT (4-6 pm EST), Dead Famous moves to the breakspoll winning www.nsbradio.co.uk for a bi-weekly romp through all the same acid drenched techy and psy beats and breaks, only expect a smidge more house and techno now as well. Same time, just different station. And it should be noted that we are following the magnificent Slackers Convention show (which is co-hosted by Dead Famous’s own – LuQas), until November 21, at which point we’ll be following one of the hottest rising dj’s in the psybreaks scene - Quextal - so tune in early! This 4 hour block of awesomeness starts at 2 pm EST (7 pm GMT) with Slackers / Quextal, and then 2 hours later with Dead Radio. Don't forget to pop into the chatroom and say hi! TUNE IN!
  15. Circuit Breaker vs. B-Phreak - Droppin This (B-Phreak / Matthew McCurry vs. Stephen Cole) [DF23] OUT NOW :: at Beatport for the next 2 weeks, then everywhere else afterwards. Dead Famous is back again with something for the djs who like their music on the techy side. This go round we are proud to release Circuit Breaker & B-Phreak's "Droppin This". The title track is a thick and chunky house number that melds the styles of these 2 prolific producers in brilliant fashion. Taking elements from techno, breaks and house, this tune truly defines the melting pot that is today's darker tinged music..and the huge nasty bassline doesnt necesarily hurt either. First up we have the man B-Phreak himself turning in a re-rub. More in tune with what you would typically expect from B-Phreak than the original, this remix is peak as they come chunky breaks with a hefty hint of electro influences. We think this is one of Bernard's finest works to date, and hope you will feel the same. Next up are American techfunk wunderkinds Matthew McCurry & Stephen Cole, who turn the original completely on it's head with their unique brand of deep, dark and driving techy breaks. We're massive fans of these 2, and they came 100% correct on this brain frying remix and we’re definitely not the only ones! Don't take our word for it, here's what others had to say about Droppin This: Meat Katie "I really like Matthew & Steven's remix..... will play it tonight!!" Far Too Loud "Well the B-Phreak remix wins on the pure craziness front, but I think McCurry and Cole have turned out their finest yet. Funky, driving and techy, just the way I like it. Will be playing that out for sure!" Piwi (Lucky Break) "Slammin beats for those who like it rough!" Steve Maccabe (Techfunk Sessions) "Really into the electro feel of the original, bouncy & tough at the same time but its the Matthew McCurry & Stephen Cole remix for me, love that bassline and the techy glitches, will be giving this alot of plays." Jeroen Van Aken "Excellent production all round in this release, but its all about the original mix. Filthy, stompin and very catchy, will be playing this out for sure! The McCurry & Cole mix is also pretty good." Hedflux "Qutie like the McCurry and Cole, particularly that crazy bassline groove - definitely will be spinning this one! " Kickflip "B-Phreak's more stompingier thumper and Matthew McCurry vs. Stephen Cole's more teched out rejig take the biscuit here" Andy (Acidphonic) "Loving this one mate, original is rude! and the b-phreak remix is bloody filthy, nice one" Hexadecimal "The McCurry vs Cole mix totally wins on this package!" Perpetual Present "Liking the tech-funk backbeat to the original and can imagine the B-phreak remix doing the job on the dancefloor with that massive synth stab. The Matthew McCurry/Stephen Cole Remix drops fattest for me though." Vital Substance "All about the B Phreak remix for me...Some serious bumpin nastiness right there!" Until next time, Keep it Evil.
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