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  1. Fruity Wootys are bootys to the mootys Beauty you all are not beauty your ugly Fugly you are fugly fugly fugly ugly dugly This website is fudgie and wacky and a lil bit of tacky You're a blacky covered in lacky paint smudge it all over your face Get mace for your bass into the chase MJ is a mothafucka like you all Lootie that pottie for wannabe g's get g strings for your g's ex girlfriend 2Pac is a legend and a bellend you muppet I was kidding he's the greatest legend You lot a fake Babies living out of labies Fav me Blame me or better yet don't you tame me I slap the black of your face and you end up white you're a slut coming out a cows butt I Teehee from the HeeHee and Be me for a tea and coffee weee here comes the Beep and you weep Other shitty ass guitars and meep perhaps you sleep on shit whether you're a ducky wucky you get slappy slappy rap is for traps for gangsters who start to brap about caps when they get shoot in the ass it feels like ricky roll must of shot out his ass face the gas when gas flys out his ass You anit a mass murder you live outof feeding on the corner with a dollar I'm not American, Americans are fat who eat Maccy D's for breafast and A whopper for lunch and A extra double cheese bacon burger for DINNER! minister watch your language I'll get shot for writing such demcratic shit Don't come all Polotic on me Eazy E is a disgrace no wait hold on erase that shit I wrote I MEAN THE PERSON WHO IS READING THIS WHOLE LOAD OF WORTHLESS SHIT HAS NO LIFE AND THAT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I MAY PRONOUNCE YOU ARE THE DISgRACe! :lol: :lol:
  2. Lol I know how to rhyme I was just randomly typing that crap
  3. You respond back like a new comer I respond back developing eternal flows To leave your ass back at the station Where shitty words pour out your micky mouse voice I’ll smoke yah like a deadly blunt And be all up sucking your girlfriends cunt I’ll crawl like a snake to seek my victim But man where the fuck do I find a anorexic rapper I’ll fluently speak fast but homie can you rap that way Nah I guess your just gunna betray Yawning as your words trumble with a delay Tonight we came to party rev up the Ferrari Forever I’ll try to live up to my expectations But the complexion of your face is terrible I M A D E M O L I S H you in fact I’ll be doing it T W I C E still you Understand that you’re talking shit You started of with nothing to spit You acting like you don’t know There’s a problem to be resolved n that’s the flow That you try to kick but it always ends low In the game you need to step it up mo But this guy claims I’m a nerd? I guess that’s true.. Because My words and rhymes are better than you! So what’s it gunna prove? You think your through I can kick it and do whatever still we're through. Reversing my verses so you think you anit copying my verses Confess your progress so we all know you’re done with this Son your words are totally lacking Give up now before you have a snacking Pop ma collar let em know I’m backing
  4. I know old school stylish swag Fag stop judging these lyrics fleabag Living life but it’s just like a zigzag Hell brings fire spiting venom Bleeding rapidly heavily defeated You been spotted by the rated I don’t use slang anit nothing but rotted Escort that lady of the premises’ Cos she anit nothin’ but a bitch Ahha you wanna hitch a bitch Until you run out she’s just a snitch I gotta colonnade of lemonade Money flows cashing draws Police calls nigga’s roll My body needs eternal rest You know the drills solve dem bills Running through golden sands Jacket loose holding out grands Money is a universal thang Feds aren’t worth shit I’m in command Fists are ruthless as my forehand leashes Leaving nothing but the ultimate force of my rages So dude please don’t step to me Can’t promise they’ll be no homocides I can keep a endless love that I can always provide Numerous times that I said I love you Let the dude see you through boo So we can be two as we wanted too Because I’m not cold-blooded I’m not that type who would get flooded Cos I know that would be horrid Our souls can combine together as one Sail through our lives and be gone Let our fate collide So we can be beside For all times
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