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  1. smallzz37

    Aimee Allen

    Hey All! I had the opportunity to preview Aimee Allen’s new CD A Little Happiness which comes out tomorrow and instantly fell in love. Although usually i’m a bit skeptical of the run-of-the-mill cute girl singer songwriters, Aimee is a bubbly breath of fresh air in the pop/rock/reggae world. Check her CD out tomorrow! You can even preview the Album for free via aol at: http://music.aol.com/new-releases-full-cds/#/9 Cheers!
  2. Hey all, The time has come, Sugar Ray’s new album “Music For Cougars” is now available for pre order! Their long awaited return has finally come, and to show their appreciation to their fans they’re offering some cool opportunities for some one of a kind Sugar Ray merchandise. If you pre-order the album now, you receive an autographed CD booklet for free! Also, if you go to one of their shows and buy an autographed CD you get to personally meet the band after the show! Spread the word folks, and enjoy the Sugar Ray comeback to the fullest. For more info, check it out HERE Cheers
  3. hey All, So apparently Rebelution is coming out with a new cd called "Bright Side of Life" that's coming out August 4th. Their recent stuff has been pretty good, is everyone as excited for some new tracks as I Am?
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