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  1. i'll go right away just lemme know who you want to drop first and what rules we using.
  2. open to any challenges just hit me up with a message and we'll talk rules...
  3. im a lyrical demon bust in your face like semen make you feel funny, like yous on the ceiling my ingenious flow, thats what your feeling Iv been labeled many things, sometimes a criminal shit that i spit, keepin it subliminal i match up to the top dogs, wiley and griminal ima keep my bars simple, keep them to a minimul spit bars all day, and people call them fire you dont spit shit, fam you must be a lier hear me, pray to me, call me the messiah hear you spit shit and man says that’s dire pull the pin its so lethal..my words come direct to people. on your knees feeling weak n feeble i aim straight like a crackwhore sticking in her needle lyrical explosions i blow the best another freestyles diss on you its just a test bringing my thoughts to picture words so tuff jump out the page and hit ya dont be dazed.. u just enternd a new phase.. now im learning how to speak in different ways i bring flows so dark that they end your days Yeh coz im big n im bad n em Best white mc fuck Devz in Dagenham Boys try it with me no sweat im stabbin’ em One by one waste men im smackin’ em If its bout skills im definitely not lackin’ em If its bout bars you know im the best You boys can try it but you can’t even test Coz im like superman got an S on ma chest Don’t outstay your welcome you’re just a guest So don’t come round here and act like your raw Unless you like being left cold on the floor You may think your a lot but believe me im more N If you wan’na clash I’ll burn you for sure 3 seperate sets there tell me what you think...
  4. i've seen you use those bars just slightly different in like 3 battles if you think you can spit then write some new ones and hit me up i'll battle you...
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