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  1. Yeah well there is rhyming words for "flow". Yet there is also some others so why not put them up to HUH???
  2. Rhyming words for Flow: afros airflows aloes altos anglos appose argots arose arrows autos banjoes banjos barrows beaus bedclothes bellows bestows billows bingos bistros blows bluenose bongoes bongos boroughs borrows bows bravos broncos brownnose bulldoze bullnose buncos bureaus burros burroughs burrows cantos cargoes cargos cellos chateaus chose close clothes combos compose condos cornrows credos crossbows crows dadoes dados deathblows demos depose depots didoes didos dingoes disclose discos dispose dittoes dittos dodoes dodos doze duos echoes egos elbows enclose escrows expos expose farrows fellows flambeaus floes flows foes follows foreclose foreknows forgoes frescoes frescos froze furloughs furrows gallows gauchos ghettoes ghettos ginkgoes gizmos glows goes grottoes grottos grows gumbos gyros hallos hallows haloes halos harrows haymows hellos heroes heros hippos hoboes hobos hoes hollows homos honchos hose impose inclose inflows jabots jatos jingoes jumbos juntos kayos ketose kilos knows kudos largos lassoes lassos limbos limos lingoes locoes locos lows machos maestros maillots mallows maltose mambos mangoes mangos marrows matzos meadows mellows memos minnows morrows mottoes mottos mows narrows negroes nightclothes nodose nose oboes ohs oohs oppose osmose outflows outgoes outgrows owes oxbows pesos pharaohs photos picots pillows pinkos pintoes pintos plainclothes plateaus ponchos pose primrose propose prose psychos pueblos rainbows ratios refroze repose rose rows salvos scherzos schizos schmoes sclerose sews shakos shallows shows sideshows silos slows snows solos sorrows sourdoughs sows sparrows stows stuccoes stuccos sucrose suppose swallows tableaus tableaux tacos tangos taros tempos those throes throws tiptoes toes torsoes torsos tows transpose tricots trousseaus typos unfroze vetoes virgos viscose wallows weirdos widows willows windows windrows winnows winos woes xylose yellows zeroes zeros Hope this helps you in your rhymes! just keep practicing and soon or later you'll be a master and show off you're flowing skills!
  3. Pulling them apart anit no mercy/ Hear em scream like freaking banshees/ Laughing at yah as you tryna flee/ You ballin? shiit ya boy is fallin'/ Freestyling throu battles maan wheres yah blessin/ Seriously dike the spikes you don't wanna plot a act infact/ You know drama yet you wanna cause drama thinkin yah hard.. FUCK relax/ Run jiddy Run, Oh wheres yah rum? like what dah fuck nigga..rise up heres yah tax/ Watchin yah moves as you walk out the front door man you anit got shit to spin/ You're girl is spoiled yah nigga got hacked bitch what now you gunna slave of me? bitch you trippin/ Down my hometown we go around without a sound living proud without a background so high without a trace bound triggerin up surrounding yah gunna drown yah shit flowin this gunna rebound so quickly pickin up ma boy in tha playground with more crown slight frowns yah boss this is prohound silence with ah silencer soo shit they well-found...grab yah greyhound to sniff tha drugs out off to the fairground..really.. where you at..? Ridin in my 64 lookin like kinfo letting cash go letting flows live close fucking yah on the same song ridin up leaving yah mouth traces on the phone, Oh wheres ma throne for the one you messin wit dah unknown loan, why groan when yah grown shaking shake tha hipbone never hitting tha jawbone! Oh so in tha club with Kimlo you kno tha crimals be runnin from tha one n only Jim Jones! I'm tha kingpin with tha dirty grin! on my face got the deadly backspin shiit ripping yah forehead god dammit! i'ma begin the legendary flows who knows where to go if I flow like this don't let the cash go don't go express'o you're rusted where yah clothes foo' compose that wack flow imagine bright lights packin up in tha limo.. Duck quick be quick running quick don't leave prick this is so simple drivin through with'ah breezo seeking me out tha window..!
  4. So fancy giving me a battle hmm?
  5. Been down since 1992 so dayumm true/ Pumpin beats like it'sa through/ Spinning tha same thang like bamboo/ In ma world niggas scream get chu ass up/ Iraq blowin away troops be rollin it's ah fuckin' blowup/ They kno wha am worth so filth of cash flows up throu europe/ Get'it throw'it living what life is worth day n night nigga tuneup/ There anit gunna be a next season cuz still got tha swag bruh cleanup/ Tha flow is back with a 62 on ah new life so bright no fights slow mixups/ Three strikes yah out new kid on tha block 16 years old you betta holdup/ Livin no lie living with fiftys not filthy we stay fresh with mo mesh homls fall back/ Ya boyz are back..Ya boyz are back ready for mo fame so dayumm laid-back/ Tempering with tha feds why tha fuck you messin with tha kingpin you wouldah get ah smack/ Flowing the general flows so tall anit speakin no spannish it's to manage respect..Gaah don't lack../ Taking em apart rubber bands for the fans with ah new brand for my new plan get cha tan man/ I'm in charge like ah motha fuckin' general spittin words so right blastin beats out sooo tight/ Lyrically blessin the world more rain fallin hittin the floo' thinking of tha niggas that passed/ Dreamin lookin fo a future burrying the fears deep down with a frown the past is tha past/ Sunlights on me feeling the burn on my heart feeling so ill just more fuckin thrills doll forecasts/ I didn't just took ova the game nigga, I took ova the empire nigga there'sa fever in you nigga/ 3rd degree, why can't they agree.. I'm living free anit messin wid police.. in ma world lay tha fuck off/ Overcoming you're lyrics immortal words on the wall of fame repping scenes we're so clean/ Money is a unverisal thang runnin' up daily not mainly nine outta two you better maintain mo' morphine....Chyeah..You know what it is...
  6. The ruin heart.. Oh why shall hearts be so fragile and lovable, Let thy loveliness guilde away for never be unforgiven, Such tales of happiness but with such sadness has it brang, Where thee gospel that shall fulfill my promises for now on be granted, Why let thy tender heart cry for mercy but shall make one wish be planted, Whispers from fairys telling to reach out for what I have wished for, Forever faith is key to heaven, Leaving thee fate behind for my destiny awaits, Dearests of all the women of my beloved dreams thou wouldst still be adored. Why try to forgive when you broke my heart which feels like fragile wings, I've lived for so long, yet see so many raindrops falling as it melts on the floor, There was a time where love lived in my heart, But for now there is nothing but sorrow, Because you, there wouldn't be much to do, but we're through so now you shall find another soul, To be happy, comfort, bliss, and peace I loved you much thy heart melts with love like snowflakes, As I write sweetly to you, I hope you remember the memorable harmonys we've had, These are immortal words wishing you'd see this..but luck is all I can hope for.. I'll miss you're tender lips, I'll miss you're sweet voice, I'll just.. I'll just....Miss You..
  7. FlowSitGo2

    My guitar

    Ooo yeah, didn't notice that..
  8. The colour of love is like a beauty within, With a story lying around waiting to begin, Seeing my girl smile just makes me grin, Magical thoughts running through that I can now believe, Having one blisful night with my girl that I can now achieve. You're the one I'd wait for, you're the one I'd wish for, Your soft gentle voice and you're beauty which I adore, The way you smile and the way you laugh makes you pure, I stop and think of you especially and that there will never be a cure. Having you in my arms playing with your hair smoothly, Gazing into her beautiful eyes with a smile and see her shine this was truly, Magnifisence, our love both touch and our hearts will forever be happy, Never wanting to see you cry but forever is forever and i'll love you dearly. Waking up to a bright day with my shining angel kissing her good morning, Making her breakfast with love saying a poem while she eats with a smile, Playing my emotional chords while my guitar gently weeps making time worthwhile, Spending our time together sitting in the sunset holding hands, Laying back wrapping my arms around her back neck while her hand smoothly runs through the sand. Our love is like a flower opening to a new beautiful life, Seeing you shine makes you glisten like a angel up from above, Looking at her smile makes me feel in heaven..this is one true love. Wrapping my coat over her at night and cuddling her while we walk amongst the seaside, Kissing her gently on the cheek saying "I love you.." whiles't looking up to the stars beside, My true love thinking she is the star that shines brightly making a wish for her to be my bride, Sharing our life together feels like a dream came true there is so many words I just can't describe.. You're the queen of my heart, You're the queen of my dreams, You're the one who I can't let go, You are a special art picture that I can't erase from my mind, You've touched my heart in a way which can't be changed so find, My soul and shall find the key to my heart for thee; Will forever be amused by your tenderness and softness throughout your sweet enchanted body, Believe me for shall I will never let you down, Believe I will make your life be full of happiness, Thou would still be adored and forever be charised, my love for you is like the ocean of love. Written by Will Harding.
  9. FlowSitGo2

    Wasn't to be

    Thought I had found the girl to make my life complete, I never wished for us to be apart but I guess it's a defeat, My love for you was so deep like the ocean i wish to repeat, That love but now I just don't know because you make me want to cry, I really try to stay strong but the feeling of you leaving me was just to much to let go, I play my guitar with a sweet melody hoping I'd find you again and i wish to show, You that we can last it out again but I guess that's to late, You've probably found a man while i'm still alone thinking of you and i hate, To see you again because it would just bring tears to my eyes, How could you of done this to me Why me Why now.., You probably thought this was a joke and how, Could you say that when i'm in my room writing poems about you, You just don't know how much i loved you because my love for you was true.. .:: By Will Harding ::.
  10. FlowSitGo2

    The argument

    Last night was a fright to see my mum and sister in a fight, I tried to keep them calm but in the end I had to hide, Laying beside my bed listening to them with a sigh. My sister calls up my dad telling him to back her up, I was feeling so angry that I had to run downstairs and tried, To calm my sister down but she was ignoring me with no reply. Then dad came knocking down the door with a angry voice, Wishing I'd never see him this way but then he strikes, I quickly run in front of my mum telling him to take a hike. So then my dad pushes me aside and argues with my mum, I join into the argument telling them to stop yelling because it was getting depressing, But I had enough and went up in my room with tears falling down from me and needed a blessing. I turn on my television and quickly turns the volume up loud trying not to hear them argue, I think to myself what on earth happened.. It can't have been my fault because I've been nice, I really wanted them to just sort this out and come to a agreement but it would come with a price. Later the next day I woke up nervous as to what might happen today with a nervouce voice, I asked my mum what was going to happen today and she said "I just really don't know" I was confused, Soon after college I walk home and see my dad knocking on the door again and told him to stop but he refused. So then I came up to him and said "Leave now please.." he finally gives up and storms off and drives away, Looking around the front garden I see the bags gone that my sister took and she lied, To my mother many times but in the end she's living with her father and that was her pride.
  11. FlowSitGo2

    My guitar

    As i quietly sit in my room i play my guitar, In an emotional feeling while playing the chords, I feel every strum of the strings and thought, I should show my passion to the world and brought, A new eletric guitar to show the world his power. He plays the guitar in the rain, Where he shows how to gain, The power of a guitar and released the pain, He would play the guitar till he drops, Where there would be raindrops falling down telling him to stop, I lay by the road in the rain in a ball next to my guitar, Wishing I would some day come so far, I have nowhere to go i remain alone, Where my family kicked me out from home, I needed love and a home to be out of depression, I walk alone all day with my guitar solo, All i need is for god to tell me where to folo He said go where your heart is leading you, I pray in the rain for something good to come, I follow my heart and my soul and then i was gone...
  12. FlowSitGo2


    Sometimes I wonder what you think inside It really does make me nervous I wonder if you're going to leave me without a bye Perhaps if I say I love you and I'd never make you cry There would be sad songs which touch your heart It relates to love which is fragile but you're my desire Never will I forget you because you touched the heart of mine Forever shall i remember those times those special melodys and used to see you shine I run for you in the rain wishing I'd see your face again I never wanted nothing to come between us I often wonder why you loved me maybe it was a mistake Now you are the one I care for and now I lay beisde a lake So I look in the water while it smoothly runs down without a sound Then I see a shadow of me in the lake and feel my heart drown Crying and charishing the memories we've had together I curl up in a ball near the lake and feel the weather whistle past Day by day I still feel weak of you not being beside me You were my desire..you took me higher.. I remember the times I could feel you're gentle touch But now all those days are gone and flown away and I..Miss you much.. .::By Will Harding::.
  13. FlowSitGo2

    Young boy

    Once upon a time, There was a handsome young boy playing on the swings Wishing he could share the moments with his mother You could see his eyes crumble into tears with pain He would shout out "mommy" in a quiet lonely voice He'd walk to school with tears running down his cheek When the rest of the children go to class he sits in the corridor alone all week. There would be children and their mothers with them in the park Where the young dear boy was alone and cold in the dark He would be looking how they're happy together It makes the young boy's body drown of sadness His skin tightens up his body releases the power and falls to the ground Wrapping his little body close in a ball crying with a broken heart with no sound. Then yet the rain starts to pour, Raindrops starts falling into his cold little body defenceless and terrifide as he feels the rain The dear boy was calling for help but still there was no answer to gain He would slowly open his eyes with tears slowly coming through He'd wipe away the tears slowly and tried to stand up. Soon there came the daddy he finally saw the terrifide cold young boy crying The daddy dashed over to the young boy as fast as he could Shouting "La'shawn!" "La'Shawn!" in a crying voice and he would Lay the young boy in his arms and runs off in the rain to his home He then returns to his home and lays him on the bed and then The baby would lay up and reach his arms out to this lady Then the lady shows her face with a smile and it was.. The Mother. .::By Will Harding::.
  14. I often wonder how this could be I love you dearly but do you love me? I can see tears from your eyes trying to flee. My love for you is like a river running so deep But the waves are making my love for you wash away My love is crying with emptyness wishing you'd stay. We had two hearts and one perfect harmony.. But now all we have is two broken hearts and one sad harmony.. There's a fever burning deep inside.. I counted the hours until I can find you again, But then I guess you've touched the heart of someone new It felt you just washed me away in the ocean floating away from you it was true.. Walking along the sea side throwing pebbles into the sea, Still charishing the moments we've had as it seems it's the end We were like two different colours that made us blend. Forever shall i wait for my chance to be with you again Never will I give up because I believe we were two.. When you touched the heart of me it was so blisful. Countless hours just ticking pass without you here, Memories still running through my head with the fear, that you'd see me and just walk away without a tear.. Day on I think and wonder why am I doing this in the end I'm not getting nowhere but getting shivers and feeling empty.. Leaving it all behind trying to move on..so I guess.. It wasn't to be.. p.s this is FlowSitGo the other one i forgot the username :/
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