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  1. Sounds like you don't know how to write poems >_>.
  2. Lmao, Like to see you do better man. :)
  3. I swear that when it happened I felt the world around me shake As I lay trembling in my bed I was crying, and wide awake I thought we were the ones Who are always meant to be Yet there I lay, confused as hell With doubts tormenting me Within a week, my mind was set That I loved him as a friend He was all that I had ever known But I finally saw the end “Why?” He sobbed through the phone. And I cried as my heart was shattered “I thought you loved me, Jesus Christ! I thought you said we mattered!” No one could ever know How much it broke my heart To hear him sob through the phone And slowly tear apart He is and always will be My best and greatest friend And though I left him all alone I’m with him till the end I just can’t understand it What has caused the change? One minute I loved him The next it all felt strange I broke my best friend’s heart Because I couldn’t lie And now I am hated And left wondering why? Even though the months have passed I can still hear him in my mind His voice broke and he whispered “How can you leave it all behind?” I left him, my best friend And shattered him through But leaving him, I swear It broke my heart too...
  4. Making mo with a brand new 4 Livin low so the cash flows On tha next level where tha thugs at Shits easy betta fall bach got bags so fat Ride all day just like a buss pass Speedin through the streets so fast Rappin' for top nots i came wit dots Still neva givin up never gunna letta free spot Run pass better get flashed n dash Fo tha streets watchin for tha dikes Dodging the spikes with ma dogg mike But hey where my moneh at young blood Not brawling no fights but still see mo' floods See a nigga rolling up click,click bang Chyeah messin with me you on a whole new thang I go right getting it tight so bright watch out might smite cha chyea Cash flows who knows where the flow goes damn yo betcha believe this is mo'flow neva trippin' tie ma laces with a ace on ma face reppin straight bless Chyeah you be running daily' living it mainly Putcha hands in the air tell em that you ballin Don't sit down get goin' ride up with a brand new flow Get'it write'it flow it knockin the blocks off with yah brand new m4 Lock 'n' load nigga going down for the kill niggah hitting low missing so few..
  5. Once upon a time, There was a handsome young boy playing on the swings Wishing he could share the moments with his mother You could see his eyes crumble into tears with pain He would shout out "mommy" in a quiet lonely voice He'd walk to school with tears running down his cheek When the rest of the children go to class he sits in the corridor alone all week. There would be children and their mothers with them in the park Where the young boy was alone and cold in the dark He would be looking how they're happy together It makes the young boy's body drown of sadness His skin tightens up his body releases the power and falls to the ground Wrapping his little body close in a ball crying with a broken heart with no sound. Then yet the rain starts to pour, Raindrops starts falling onto his cold little body defenceless and terrifide as he feels the rain The dear boy was calling for help but still there was no answer to gain He would slowly open his eyes with tears slowly coming through He'd wipe away the tears slowly and tried to stand up. Soon there came the daddy he finally saw the terrifide cold young boy crying The daddy dashed over to the young boy as fast as he could Shouting "La'shawn!" "La'Shawn!" in a crying voice and he would Lay the young boy in his arms and runs off in the rain to his home He then returns to his home and lays him on the bed and then The baby would lay up and reach his arms out to this lady Then the lady shows her face with a smile and it was.. The Mother.
  6. Sometimes I wonder what you think inside It really does make me nervous I wonder if you're going to leave me without a bye Perhaps if I say I love you and I'd never make you cry There would be sad songs which touch your heart It relates to love which is fragile but you're my desire Never will I forget you because you touched the heart of mine Forever shall i remember those times those special melodys and used to see you shine I run for you in the rain wishing I'd see your face again I never wanted nothing to come between us I often wonder why you loved me maybe it was a mistake Now you are the one I care for and now I lay beisde a lake So I look in the water while it smoothly runs down without a sound There I see a shadow of me in the lake and feel my heart drown Crying and charishing the memories we've had together I curl up in a ball near the lake and feel the weather whistle past Day by day I still feel weak of you not being beside me You were my desire..you took me higher.. I remember the times I could feel you're gentle touch But now all those days are gone and flown away and I..Miss you much..
  7. As i quietly sit in my room i play my guitar, In an emotional feeling while playing the chords, I feel every strum of the strings and thought, I should show my passion to the world and brought, A new eletric guitar to show the world his power. He plays the guitar in the rain, Where he shows how to gain, The power of a guitar and released the pain, He would play the guitar till he drops, Where there would be raindrops falling down telling him to stop, I lay by the road in the rain in a ball next to my guitar, Wishing I would some day come so far, I have nowhere to go i remain alone, Where my family kicked me out from home, I needed love and a home to be out of depression, I walk alone all day with my guitar solo, All i need is for god to tell me where to folo He said go where your heart is leading you, I pray in the rain for something good to come, I follow my heart and my soul and then i was gone...
  8. FlowSitGo


    (click, click) Chyeah, Ey yo knock knock bang bang where's the flow fo dis show Living it low so the po-po's won't show up at mah door yo Respect dis cause i'ma still alive with a whole mo songs Be spitting dah mic putting yah hands in the sky so high Living no lie be repping with dis cash flow gimmi a high-five (chyeahh) you're now rapping wit dah best wit no vest icey bling dangling from yo chest Chya betta convest the next best song you'll ever make so take yah time mo' dimes Getting stressed buh so blessed n ah keep mah cool to get through these goddamn bills (Chyeaahh, Ha Haa) Shiit.. Been repping these streets since way bach Buh jiddy up new day stay fresh see a nigga get jacked Gaah Forgeh it pull dah igition put the flow on high yo n get those hoes living low Then get ready in dah studio wit a couple hundred grands in ma bags for tha track blastin' the beats with mo flow to add to tha show get mo doe Leave tha room wit ah new track see tha dubz spinning n ma jordans so fla throw mah paper in the back hop in ma bentley go fo a ride so right (Ballin!) Got the shades on so bright living it tight need a wife to fit my life dayyum head to the kingpin need ah nine to fit the time if i have a lil drive-by dats fine (dayumm) Holla to mah nigga's den be speedin away to ma crib wit my moneh still fresh {yeah..) (Trillahh, Ha Haaa, click click, Boom!) Stillah got mah album up going up top to swap places for tha nigga infront Heard ah got a show goin' down so hit the streets wid ma brand new mercedes Hit the streets bangin' out beats feel the heat so neat so swiftly for yah bentley Get ready buh keep in mind stay fresh wit dah bling then hit the stage Hear ma fans screamin' den the lights be on meh throw ma hands in dah air be flowing my lyrics so fast better watch yo ass before i kill yo ass betcha that's fair (Trillah!) see a nigga takin' a pic with a quick flick feel tha beat make yah feel dah heat (bang bang) we be ballin' n brawling to stay on top n'ah so slight of frights never a nigga get a milleh feel tha rhyme in ma body so ah leave tha stage hear people rawring n dancing getting hypa (Chyeah) See me on tha numba 1 chart list Never willah use ma fist You'd wanna make a wish To flow like this, dish Those plates wanna hear a mad act I'll flow for a quick time so low buh infact Nah i'll be here so fear the near death Takin' to much heroin lookin like nelo Tryin' to holla buh got no reply They on anudda level they so fla I'm goin' down hill nuh right (shiit) Hear nigga's bangin ma door See em comin' through on tha next floor Pull ma nine out to find out where they at Pull ma triger mo' thrillers be blasting the last cast i'll never pass Nigga's start shootin' anudda bruh falls others be inna brawl finna fall back buh shit goes hella' crazy So ah surrender den get blasted Shiit..I had it..(dayyumm, BOOM!) Comment..Rate chyeah. This goes well with Ace Hood "Cash Flow" instrumentals. :) P.S: tell me if you wanna hear more or not
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