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  1. Katie Kerkhover is an awesome rocker! I love her!!! If you havent heard of her check out her myspace. I think she will be the next biggest thing.
  2. haha Wow I can't beleive that title but sadly it seems as though it'd fit... great song selection
  3. This video reminded me a little of the Beatles yellow submarine video
  4. BlackHearts09

    The Greening!

    well their shows in LA are at The Hotel Cafe and Saint Rocke. The one at the Saint Rocke should be pretty awesome!!!
  5. BlackHearts09

    The Greening!

    I love them! I'm really excited because I saw on their myspace that they are touring this month. They will be in the los angeles area from 2/20-2/24. Yay!!!
  6. does anyone else think that "she's so electric" by the greening sounds a little like the kinks?? myspace.com/thegreening
  7. Anyone like them? They remind me of the Gorillaz as they are a faceless band. So many talented musicians on this album.
  8. Well, after game 3, this should get a bit more interesting. After all, if the Magics lost, that wouldn't fair to well in their favor. Tonight's game should be good. Here is to wanting the Lakers get at least one win in Orlando...
  9. Nobody Knows - Keaton Simons Love him. He is my new on-repeat artist. Love his blues/rock sound and his album is absolutely incredible. If you haven't heard of him, check him out at http://www.myspace.com/keatonsimons.
  10. BlackHearts09

    Keaton Simons

    i just got came across this guy and downloaded his album. it's incredible. he's got this great rock-blues sound. definitely go check out his myspace - he's worth a listen. what do you guys think???
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