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  1. Looking for some new music? Dana Carmel's new album "Validity" is now available on iTunes. She cites Pearl Jam and Regina Spektor as some of her biggest influences. Check it out if you're into indie pop: http://bit.ly/VLPRRZ
  2. Check out Fiction Family and their new Holiday EP. It is available for FREE on NoiseTrade! http://noisetrade.com/fictionfamily
  3. You gotta hear his latest record, They Call Me Mr. Melody. Singing Melody has been in it since the early '90s, and continues to put out great music. The single "Collide" is one of my faves from the album. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jx09PaLhY28
  4. Just listened to them here http://on.fb.me/KqEBVn Check it out!
  5. Hey everybody! One of my favorite bands, The Explorers Club, has a new album out today called Grand Hotel! I really wanted to share with you guys, cause I think you'll really love it. If you could check them out on Amazon here http://amzn.to/xRKcU8 that would be great! If you like the music, help me spread the word and pick up a copy. The digital download is only $4.99 and you can also grab a cd or a copy on vinyl! Thanks guys!
  6. KDrew just dropped a hot track featuring Gucci Mane on hip hop dx. Always a Gucci fan and KDrew def did his thing! http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/singles/id.12138/title.kdrew-f-gucci-mane-bedroom
  7. cmusiclives


    these guys are like the cali sunshine version of OK GO with the videos!
  8. new mixtape is hot! cota cotas got that midwest flow and the mixtapes got young buck, Layzie Bone, E.D.I. Mean, Thin C. His record "Stats" is where its at Check it here: http://www.mrcotacota.com/MUSIC.html
  9. cmusiclives

    Ingram Hill

    GREAT rock band if you don’t know them. They had an album out in 2004 called June’s Picture Show which is one of my favs! Theyre putting out a new album on a new indie label and it comes out next week. Ive seen the track “As Long As Im With You” up in a few places and really like it. I’m glad they’re back!
  10. Green screens at their best ☺ and the song is catchy too [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8Mxti91Coc[/media]
  11. Emii is giving away these cool “death to autotune” tshirts on her website emii.net. All you have to do is take the 3 question quiz and you get your choice of 2 different ones for free (good gift?!)
  12. Sister Hazel announced the title of their new record today! "Heartland Highway" is due out October 12th! Who else is excited?
  13. Really enjoying his latest album Two-Shade that just came out….hes really a great composer and pianist. Two Heads One Pillow is a great track
  14. I've never seen her live - would really like to!
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