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  1. That Mr. Leers has got the monkey by the tail! He is a mayor with good sence and he realises that weed-tourists are TOURISTS! And besides that, legalisation has more to offer: controling the quality AND the pollution (insectiside and so on) getting it out of the criminal circuit. For those of you who do NOT live in the Netherlands: Lots of home-growers are using very unsafe ways to connect the electricity-wires that are needed for lamps and fans. It is not unusual that a weed-grower is detected AFTER a house fire.... It is SO hypocritical: Coffeeshops are allowed to SELL, but NOT to BUY.
  2. Is Dude a dutchman or is this Tiësto really that famous? (I live in the next village from where he comes from)
  3. 2! Thank you for the days - the kinks & Boulder to birmingham - Emmylou (Harris, of course!)
  4. I like her voice very much. She's the only one who can compare with the original when she sings Gram Parsons-songs with Emmylou... I wish her all the best! And I really hope she has dealed with it completely!
  5. I have many Dylan songs, covered by others, I collect them, in fact. :bigsmile: The reason is that I think of him as a great poet, as a good songwriter, but as a nasty person who sometimes ruins his own songs. Other songs that are covered WAY better than he ever did himself were: Mighty Quinn (Manfred Man) and It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Van the Man, of course). Forever Young was sung by Chrissie Hynde in a way Dylan never could have done.... And a while ago my son surprised me with a download of KohD from Jon Bon Jovi, not bad at all!
  6. But at least the man DID something that you cannot say of the civil servants in my country....... :P
  7. I hardly ever watch it.... But how about flat screen monitors?????
  8. Cool site! There is no song I do not own! I'm a big fan and so is my husband. :yup:
  9. At new-years eve you never get unexpected visitors. This is the first year my HB and me will be alone, without kids! :bigsmile: I'm not gonna tell you what we will do. :bigsmile:
  10. megabitch

    Bob Dylan

    Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. The entire album! Definitely! It is un-Dylanlike, but it is my favourite! I do not agree Method, but I am convinced that he will be remembered as a poet! possitively 4th street! MARVALOUS. and bringing up the kids I always used TURN TURN TURN. Later on, as the went older, I sang to myself THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING. helps me to think young :rolleyes:
  11. I cannot find it anymore. I used to have a site filled with these, anonther one than is allready mentioned. The funniest thing I remember, was someone who understood Jimmy Hendrix singing: 'excuse me, while I kiss this guy' (kiss the sky) BTW: My daughter was about 8 years old when she came home, singing: We will, we will fuck you...... :bigsmile: Unfortunately our cousine was older when she sat in a discotheque in France, knowing no French, and singing: Voulez vous coucher avec moi, se soir.......
  12. I wonder? Everytime you sugest a site, I get those nasty pop-ups. Sometimes even 5 at a time. Is that international, does everybody get these, or do i pick them up on their way to europe? I am Blond, you see............... :bigsmile: Because, if you get them as well, would it be possible that you warn us? They have told me that these are things that might carry spyware... :wha':
  13. I will be at the sink, in the kitchen, in the fridge. At the toilet trying to help my father to get back to the room. My husband's birthday is december 25th. Mine is 23th. Everybody is dropping by, in between meals. :duck hunt: :shootin: I HATE IT and I wish it was the 1st of januar.
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