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  1. ‘Tidy International: Tidy Vs Masif’ is the brand new album from tidy showcasing the world wide sounds of the Hard Dance scene. Here we team up with our Australian friends the mighty Masif to bring you an upfront insight into the current and future anthems rocking the dance floors on both sides of the equator. From Hands in the air, to big room euphoria right through to the deep down and dirty, all the many sub genres of the harder styles of music are included on this album from two of the leading labels in the global Hard Dance community. Expertly mixed by label favourites Guyver and Paul Maddox representing tidy, and Head Honcho of all things Masif Steve Hill along with Hard Trance super producer Technikal, the album includes exclusive tracks made especially for the album and also previously unreleased mixes and brand new material from the likes of BK, SHOKK, Steve Hill, Guyver, Technikal, Paul Maddox, Ilogik, Stimulator, Luca Antollini and many more! ‘Tidy International: Tidy vs Masif’ is your one stop snap shot of the biggest and best Hard Dance sounds from around the world! Available NOW from all good record stores and download portals! Tidy.com Hmv.com iTunes TRACKLISTING DISC 01: TIDY MIX Mixed by Guyver & Paul Maddox 01. Kris McLachlan – The Awakening 02. Tidy Allstars – Get Up Stand Up (Neal Thomas Remix) 03. Rodi Style – We’re Gonna Rock You (Log:One & Wragg Remix) 04. Velos Feat. Guyver – Eternity 05. Stimulator – Cry For You 06. Paul Maddox Vs Sam & Deano aka Tidy Djs – Nut Job (Guyver Remix) 07. Guyver – Shattered Dreams 08. Rob Tissera & Technikal – Freefalling (Technikal’s Double Drop Mix) 09. Guyver – Breathless 10. Stimulator – The Spirit (BK Remix) 11. Olive Grooves - Think Pink 12. Andy Farley & Sam Townend - Mouse Shack 13. Paul Maddox - Conscious Awareness 14. Rodi Style - We're Gonna Rock Ya 15. BK - Rave Monkey 16. Amber D - Rush on Me (Paul Maddox Remix) 17. Tidy Allstars - Get Up, Stand Up (Andy Farley & Paul Maddox Remix) 18. Ilogik - Tronic Equator 19. Stimulant DJs - Hoovertime (Rich Resonate Remix) DISC 02: MASIF MIX Mixed by Steve Hill & Technikal 01. Luca Antolini - Loving U 2009 (Ricky T Mix) 02. Steve Hill vs K90 - Alone (Liberated) 03. Steve Hill vs Technikal - R U Ready (S.H.O.K.K. Mix) 04. Steve Hill vs Technikal - Welcome (To The Club) 2009 05. Masif DJ's - Every Heartbeat (Steve Hill vs Technikal Mix) 06. Steve Hill vs Technikal - Sawtooth Dentist 07. Distorted FX - Heaven In My Hands (Dark By Design Mix) 08. Steve Hill vs Technikal - Welcome To My World (Luca Antolini vs Andrea Montorsi Mix) 09. Luca Antolini vs Andrea Montorsi - Free Pt. 2 10. Steve Hill vs Technikal - In The Zone 11. Steve Hill vs Technikal Meets Cantosis & Spinout - Sweet Sensation (Steve Hill vs Technikal Mix) 12. Neon Lights - Southern Sun (Steve Hill vs Technikal Mix) 13. Technikal feat. Rob Tissera - Don't Say Goodbye 14. Nylon - If You Love Me (Steve Hill vs Technikal 2009 Mix) 15. Phlash! - Get A Life (Steve Hill vs Technikal's Back 2 The Old Skool Mix) 16. Steve Hill vs Technikal – Strong To Survive 2009 17. Ian Betts - Love Ressurection 2009 (Steve Hill vs Technikal Mix) 18. Steve Hill vs MDA & Spherical - Be My Angel 19. Technikal featuring Anne Savage - Give it To Me 20. Steve Hill vs Hardforze feat Merenia - Don't Speak Watch The Exclusive Promo Video Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6onOTMPxdw
  2. Hi Guys, Checkout the tidy ebay store, it has the whole tidy catalogue for sale from old vinyl and singles, to the brand new tidy albums and monthly music library’s and even tidy merchandise all for bargain prices! Link - http://stores.shop.ebay.co.uk/The-Official...e__W0QQ_armrsZ1 KEEP IT TIDY!!
  3. Now available to download in DJ friendly format from all good download stores! ***Single of the month in Mix Mag &..."The Elasticman Anthem Machine Strikes Again" 5/5 - Mix Mag *** Includes the massive singles 'Feel The Pressure' & 'Tronic Equator' 1. Ilogik Tronic Equator 2. Ilogik Tronic Equator (BK Remix) 3. Ilogik vs UK Gold - Player 4. Ilogik El Castro 5. Ilogik Vs Dave Owens Feel The Pressure 6. Uk Gold Nuclear Shower (Ilogik Remix) Available NOW from all good download stores! Download here http://www.trackitdown.net/recordlabel/103720/tidy.html Watch The Exclusive Video For ‘Feel The Pressure’ Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw9MJb0mKLc
  4. Tidy Music Library 13: Tidy Presents Ilogik Ilogik and tidy team up to bring you an exclusive audio and visual experience for the Harder Generation featuring two discs of brand new and exclusive music. Disc One see's Ilogik, BK, UK Gold and Dave Owens teaming up for the single releases this month plus Ilogik gets to grips with the tidy classic 'UK Gold - Nuclear Shower' to round off this DJ friendly disc. Having already secured the coveted 'Single of the Month' in Mix Mag, this is one the most talked about forthcoming releases on clubbing related message boards in recent times. Support from Kutski on BBC Radio one and all the main players from the Hard Dance scene across all the singles on this release. Disc two of this release see's tidy push the boundaries once more with an audio and Visual DVD mix supplied by ilogik exclusive to this release. Featuring brand new music videos, Tidy TV footage and visuals taken directly from Ilogik's ground breaking DVJ sets. Ilogik & Dave Ownens - 'Feel The Pressure': Tune Of The Month in Mixmag - "The Elasticman anthem machine strikes again" 5/5 CD01: DJ Friendly 1. Ilogik Tronic Equator 2. Ilogik Tronic Equator (BK Remix) 3. Ilogik vs UK Gold - Player 4. Ilogik El Castro 5. Ilogik Vs Dave Owens Feel The Pressure 6. Uk Gold Nuclear Shower (Ilogik Remix) CD02: Tidy Vision Presents Ilogik Exclusive Audio & Visual DVD 1. Ilogik & Paul Janes Hole In the Speaker (Unreleased Ilogik Remix) 2. Ilogik Vs UK Gold Player 3. Ilogik & Dave Owens Feel The Pressure 4. Ilogik Tronic Equator 5. UK Gold Nuclear Shower (Ilogik Remix) 6. Ilogik I Feel You 7. Ilogik El Castro 8. Human Resource Dominator (Ilogik Shrink Wrapped Remix) Available NOW from all good record stores CLICK HERE WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE ALBUM VIDEO HERE! Tidy.com HMV.com
  5. *** For Audio samples check out the front page of tidy.com *** With over 80 entries into tidys massive competition to remix Technikal & MC Whizz Kids 2008 anthem Music For A Harder Generation our quest to find the next big producer to hit the Dance music world has finally come to a close and we can now reveal the winner is Iridium We felt Iridiums remix edged it because of the high quality production values and the different elements he has incorporated into the track from both a producers point of view and also from how the track would work on a dancefloor in the clubs. So congratulations to him and you will be seeing much more from iridium on tidy very very soon! You can listen to the winning remix on the front page of tidy.com We are absolutely delighted with the amount of interest in this competition and the very high standard of the majority of entries we have received; this is very positive for the scene and shows there is some great talent out there that is sure to burst through into the lime light over the next couple of years! Everyone who entered should give themselves a massive pat on the back and buy themselves a drink as trust us, getting this down to a top 10 was by no means an easy task! The other 10 remixes that we felt cut the mustard where as follows (in alphabetical order): Chris Latt Remix Dean Zone vs. The Sixth Sense Remix Deep Doc H Remix Louis Ferno Remix Manik Remix Matt Capitani remix miDJe & DandyCrouch Remix Sabotage Remix Venkman Remix Zac-F Remix (You can listen to these tracks on the front page of tidy.com) Once again, thanks to all the producers who entered and keep up the good work! The competition was judged by tidys Head Of Music Sam Townend, Alf Bamford aka Technikal and MC Whizz Kid.
  6. “If you only ever buy one Music Library…buy this one. Absolutely essential purchase” 5/5 – Mix Mag “Andy Farley & Sam Townend – Mouse Shack” – Tune Of The Month – Mix Mag Tidy Music Library issue 12 is now available in DJ Friendly MP3 format across all digital download platforms! 1. Stimulator – The Spirit 2. Stimulator – The Spirit (BK’s Tidy 6 Mix) 3. Andy Farley & Sam Townend – Mouse Shack 4. Andy Farley & Sam Townend – Xchange & Mart Paul Maddox Presents Olive Grooves EP02 5. Olive Grooves – Raise The Roof 6. Olive Grooves – Think Pink 7. Olive Grooves – Desert Island Disco Curve Pusher EP 8. Curve Pusher – Tarpon Point 9. Curve Pusher – Cupertino DJ Support from Anne Savage, Kutski, Andy Farley, BK, Paul Maddox, Nik Denton, JP & Jukesy, Ben Stevens, Amber D, Ian M, Sam & Deano aka Tidy DJs, Cally Gage and Scott Fo shaw! Links to buy - http://www.trackitdown.net/search/advanced?recordlabel=Tidy Tidy Music Library 12 Available NOW! From all good record stores and digital download platforms!
  7. Tidy Gold is the brand new album from tidy featuring 38 classic tidy anthems, past, present and future and is available NOW from all good record stores! MIxed by the Tidy Girls Lisa Pin Up & Kym Ayres, and the Tidy DJs Sam & Deano, this album is a perfect snapshot of the worlds number one Hard Dance label! Featuring music from Lisa Lashes, Lab 4, Tony De Vit, Heavens Cry, BK, Technikal, Andy Whitby, Guyver, Paul Maddox and many more! We have 3 copies of the album to give away signed by the Tidy Girls and The Tidy DJs, all you have to do to win a copy is email your answer to the question below, and 3 winners will be chosen at random! Q - Where is the Tidy Office based? is it... A - Scunthorpe B - Rotherham C - Clacton on Sea D - Grimsby Send your answer to [email protected] with 'TIDY GOLD COMP' as the subject line, please include your full name and address! Closing date for the comp is Thursday 23rd July and winners will be notified by email! Keep it tidy
  8. “If you only ever buy one Music Library…buy this one. Absolutely essential purchase” 5/5 – Mix Mag Tidy Music Library issue 12 continues the break through collectable CD series from tidy with more essential music for those who like it hard! Headlining the CD we see tidy favourites Stimulatormake a welcome return to the label with the euphoric ‘The Spirit’. Classic Stimulator big room trance sounds are the order of the day here, backed up with harder edged remix from BK as part of his ‘Tidy 6’ project. Already receiving support from Kutski on BBC Radio One, ‘The Spirit’ looks set to be one the main room anthems of the summer! Hard House legend Andy Farley joins forces with tidy’s Head OF Music Sam Townend to bring you ‘Mouse Shack’ and ‘Xchnage & Mart’. Funky basslines, uplifiting riff’s and cheeky vocals all combine to great effect with ‘Mouse Shack’ earning the coveted ‘Tune Of The Month’ in Mix Mag! Paul Maddox returns in Olive Grooveguise with more funked up party music delivering three brand new Olive Groove tracks for your listening pleasure. To round off the release we have Dave Owens aka Curve Pusher making his tidy debut with 2 tracks that go straight for the feel good Hard House vibes, essential listening for the summer holiday season! Support from Anne Savage, Kutski, Andy Farley, BK, Paul Maddox, Nik Denton, JP & Jukesy, Ben Stevens, Amber D, Ian M, Sam & Deano aka Tidy DJs, Cally Gage and Scott Fo shaw! Disc Two see’s Andy Farley provide the showcase mix featuring brand new tidy music and some exclusive tracks from Andy’s very own Cubed Records for good measure! Tidy Music Library 12 Available NOW! From all good record stores CD01: DJ Friendly 1. Stimulator – The Spirit 2. Stimulator – The Spirit (BK’s Tidy 6 Mix) 3. Andy Farley & Sam Townend – Mouse Shack 4. Andy Farley & Sam Townend – Xchange & Mart Paul Maddox Presents Olive Grooves EP02 5. Olive Grooves – Raise The Roof 6. Olive Grooves – Think Pink 7. Olive Grooves – Desert Island Disco Curve Pusher EP 8. Curve Pusher – Tarpon Point 9. Curve Pusher – Cupertino CD02: Andy Farley Showcase Mix 1. Olive Grooves – Think Pink 2. Untidy Dubs – Funky Groove 3. Olive Grooves – Raise The Roof 4. Jimmy Dean – Don’t Give Up 5. Andy Farley & Sam Townend – Mouse Shack 6. Andy Farley & Paul Maddox – Anomaly 7. Andy Farley & Paul Maddox – Move Forward 8. Curve Pusher – Cupertino 9. Andy Farley & Sam Townend – Xchange & Mart 10. Base Graffiti vs Andy Farley & Ben Townsend – New Sense 11. Equinox – Immure (Ilogik remix) Links to buy - http://www.tidy.com/gotopage.asp?subject=s...p;PNO=tidyml012
  9. Tidy Gold – 38 Classic tidy Anthems Past, Present & Future! For 14 years tidy has provided the soundtrack to thousands of clubbers lives. Week in and week out the ‘tidy army’ descends onto the clubs of the world for unforgettable nights of pure hedonism to the sounds of the worlds number one Hard Music label. Tidy Gold presents a snapshot of this soundtrack, with key moments from tidy’s history, and looks forward to tidy’s future with classic tracks from our past, mixed with present day floor fillers and future anthems. Expertley mixed by the tidy Girls Lisa Pin Up and Kym Ayres, and the tidy DJs Sam & Deano this albums covers all aspects of tidy's discography from ass shaking to hands in the air right through to deep down and dirty, tidy music is for all those who like it HARD, FAST and FUN! Available from all good record stores and download portals from June 29th 2009 tidy.com - http://www.tidy.com/gotopage.asp?subject=a...;PNO=tidygold01 hmv.com - http://hmv.com/hmvweb/simpleSearch.do?sear...ubmitSearch.y=0 iTunes Youtube link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQWk0sLobdQ Disc 01: Classic Tidy Anthems Mixed By The Tidy Girls – Lisa Pin Up & Kym Ayres 1. Tony De Vit – The Dawn (Paul Janes Remix) 2. NRG – Never Lost His Hardcore (Baby Doc 97 Remix) 3. Signum – What Ya Got 4 Me (Kumara Remix) 4. Lisa Pin Up – Rock With Me 5. Question Mark – The Birds 6. Seballina & Oddball – Your Ass Is Mine 7. Miss Behavin’ – Such A Good Feelin’ (Barely Legal Remix) 8. Heavens Cry – Till Tears Do Us Part (Flash Harry Remix) 9. Signum – Comin’ On Strong (Hyperlogic) 10. Guyver – Man On The Moon 11. Kym Ayres – More & More 12. Paul Maddox Feat. Nikki Mac – Reach out 13. Shaun M & Abandon – Another Man’s Language 14. Rumble & Maddox – Party People 15. Etraxx – Lets Rock (BK’s Nukleuz Remix) 16. Human Resource – Dominator (Stimulator Remix) 17. Tony De Vit – Are You All Ready 18. Lab 4 – Candyman 19. Lisa Lashes Vs Lab 4 – Unbelievable Disc 02: Future tidy anthems Mixed By the Tidy DJs – Sam Townend & Deano 1. Anne Savage – Centrefold (Nu Raverz Remix) 2. Rachel Auburn – Screwdriver (Olive Grooves Silly Disco Remix) 3. Technikal Feat MC Whizz Kid – MFAHG (UK Gold Remix) 4. Paul Maddox & The Tidy DJs – Nut Job 5. Jon BW – Cant Stop this 6. Scott Fo Shaw – That Summer Track 7. Benjamin Leung & Tazix – Raindrops (Ilogik Remix) 8. Andy Farley & Sam Townend – Xchange & Mart 9. Stimulator – Nostalgia (Cortez & York Remix) 10. Jimmy Dean – Don’t Give Up (BK Remix) 11. Eskimo – ReCycled 12. Tom Berry & Paul F – Come Together (Original) 13. Amber D – Rush On Me (original) 14. Paul Maddox – Mesmerized (Rob Tissera & Technikal Remix) 15. Paul Maddox Meets Karim – Double Edged Sword 16. Ben Stevens & Rodi Style – The Eternal 17. Equinox – Immure (Stimulant DJs Remix) 18. Andy Whitby & Matt Lee – Higher State Of Consciousness 19. Organ Donors – Super Mario
  10. Tidy Music Library Issue 11 has something for all music appetites of the Harder variety! Ranging from Hard Trance to Hard house, Tech Dance to Funky Ass wonky hard beats, there really is something for everyone with this release! First up Paul Maddox combines with Sam & Deano aka The Tidy DJs to bring you 'Nut Job'. Quirky vocals, Jacking riff's and a beat so Skippy the kangaroo's in Australia will be dancing to this. Backed up with 2 remixes from future scene leader Vandall bringing his Tech Dance vibes to the table and with a mighty 'Tidy Two' remix from the Scarlet Pimpernel of Hard Dance, Guyver. Storm's Jimmy Dean makes his debut on tidy with 'Dont Give Up'. Taking the classic vocals from Inner City's 'Big Fun', Jimmy goes straight for the funk with a heads down no nonsense Hard House groove. BK ups the tempo with a mix suited for the moor peak time floors. Finishing off the release we have the Nu Raverz make their second appearance with a brand new Remix EP. Getting deep down and wonky with takes on Anne Savage's 'Centerfold' and the Organ Donors & Vinylgroovers 'Techno Shock’, the Nu Raverz are certainly adding a new twist on Hard Dance! Disc 2 of this release see’s a classic Tidy Two mix from Guyver which features choice anthems from the iconic Hard Trance label from DJ Spoke, Lee Haslam, JX and many more! Tracklisting CD01: DJ Friendly 1. Paul Maddox Vs Sam & Deano aka The Tidy DJs – Nut Job (Original) 2. Paul Maddox Vs Sam & Deano aka The Tidy DJs – Nut Job (Guyver’s Tidy Two Remix) 3. Paul Maddox Vs Sam & Deano aka The Tidy DJs – Nut Job (Vandall Remix) 4. Jimmy Dean – Don’t Give Up 5. Jimmy Dean – Don’t Give Up (Bk Remix) Untidy Trax 6. Anne Savage – Centrefold (Nu Raverz Remix) 7. Organ Donors & Vinylgroover – Techno Shock (Nu Raverz Remix) CD02: Classic Tidy Two Mix By Guyver 1. DJ Spoke - Ignition (SHOKK Remix) 2. Yoda - Definately (DJ Scot Project Remix) 3. DJ Zagros & Pacific – Shine 4. D & A - Demons (Spacecorn Remix) 5. Riot Bros - Ripped Out 6. Guyver - Serious Sound 7. Lee Haslam - Music Is The Drug 8. JX - Restless (Guyver Remix) 9. Guyver - Man On The Moon 10. Signum - Coming On Strong (SHOKK Remix) TidyML011 - Available NOW from all good record stores tidy.com http://hmv.com/hmvweb/displayProductDetail...&sku=986875 hmv.com http://hmv.com/hmvweb/displayProductDetail...&sku=986875
  11. Paul Maddox, Guyver, Jon BW – just some of the now well known producers that tidy have helped break onto the worldwide dance music scene. Do you think you have the talent needed to sit alongside these audio geniuses and work with one of the biggest and most well known labels in Dance music? Well here is your chance…. We at tidy are firm believers in pushing new talent, and we want the next big producer to stand up and be counted. This brand new remix competition gives you the chance to remix ‘Technikal feat MC Whizz Kid – Music For A Harder Generation’ which was one of the stand out releases on tidy in 2008. Now you have the opportunity to create a remix that could be one of the stand out tracks of 2009. What you will win: • Your version of ‘Music For A Harder Generation’ released on tidy • A fully commissioned 3 track EP release on tidy • A fully commissioned remix on tidy • Full interview on the front page of tidy.com How to enter: Simply follow the link below, download the parts and get creative! http://www.tidy.com/MFAHG%20-%20Tidy%20Rem...ion%20Parts.zip A few pointers before you start: 1. The competition is free to enter, open to anybody and you can use engineers. 2. We are looking for originality in the sound and arrangement of the remix, if you do use an engineer don’t just sit back and let them do the work, don’t forget we work with these people daily and can tell when someone has had good creative input on a track. 3. Please send entries to [email protected] as a downloadable link with the FULL TRACK in 320kbp MP3 format. 4. Closing date for the competition is August 03rd 2009, winners will be announced on Friday August 07th at 12pm. Competition Rules: 1. All musical parts and sounds remain the exclusive property of tidy and any use of the samples in any other music is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. 2. All entries submitted remain the property of Tidy 3. Competition is strictly one entry per person. 4. Tidy’s decision if final. Good luck!
  12. Tidy Faithful, it is with huge regret that we have had to take the hard decision to cancel the forthcoming tidy event at Magna on Saturday 20th June 2009. This is due to unusually low ticket sales, and the tough economic climate we are all currently enduring. With the venue being so large and the running costs of an event this scale at a premium it was just too high risk to continue with the event. We want to be honest and open about our reasons and hope you understand and support us. As ever we wanted to let you know as early as possible and we apologise unreservedly to those who wished to attend the event, you will get a full refund. Please note those who have already purchased tickets will automatically be refunded We look forward to seeing you in the very near future at one of our up and coming shows. Keep it tidy.
  13. In early January we at tidy declared 2009 'The Year of the Party' and it looks like the tidy faithful are all ready to show the world how it's done... Again! Early Bird & Saver tickets for The UK's hottest party at Magna have long gone and sales for its £30 standard ticket, and the £35 day & night ticket indicate this is going to be 2009's most scorching hard dance blow out. In fact the tidy crew are bursting to get a chance to re-group. And with a line-up straining at the corners with some of dance music’s most recognised and loudest stars who can blame them? In the daytime tidy have pulled out all the stops for what is going to be nothing short of a mind blowing outdoor event with attractions such as tidy’s very own fun fair, big beach outdoor arena, BBQ, hog roast, inflatable fun, coconut shy. All this hosted by non other than dance music legend Dave Pearce, Dave will be bringing his colossal Trance Anthems Album tour exclusively for tidy. Not only that, but we have got Radio 1’s newest star Kutski to help kick things off in daytime playing a rare Old Skool set and he will be joined by Coventry’s very own Paul Morrell. The day time event is limited to only 1000 of tidy’s most loyal followers, so be quick and book up! On to the main event and tidy have pulled out one of its most diverse line ups to date, enlisting the likes of hardstyle guru Headhunterz. Fresh from headlining the massive Defqon1 festival in Holland, he will be playing his debut set for tidy. Tuneboy, John O’Callaghan, Lisa Pin-Up, Kutski, BK vs. Vinylgroover, Andy Farley vs. Pete Wardman, Paul Glazby, JFK, Paul Maddox LIVE, and Mark Sherry are just some of the 25 strong line-up. Known for having the best production in UK we won’t be letting you down, we will be entirely changing the look for this event compared to the last Magna. This time we will be running with our Beach Party theme throughout so look out for the following things: • Exclusive balcony/area in the main arena for those signed up to Tidy Xclusive, giving them the hottest view in the house! • Dodgems track inside the main arena • Huge video wall • LIVE tidy Bingo – Grab a card & WIN a year’s entry to all tidy events. • DJ box to be located in the middle of tidy’s towers – A huge sand castle! If you have not bought your tickets yet then hurry to avoid disappointment, tickets are still available from www.tidy.com and 0870 777 2652 tidy present: The Sizzling Summer Beach Party! @Magna! Sun, Sand, & Summer Frolics!! 20th June 2009 Magna, Sheffield Road, Temleborough, Rotherham, S60 1DX Day Time - 4pm till 8pm Dave Pearce - BBC Radio 6 Kutski - BBC Radio 1 Paul Morrell Dave Perace Trance Anthems Tour Listen to Dave Pearce Dance Anthems Sunday nights at 8pm on BBC 6music www.bbc6music.co.uk / www.davepearce.co.uk *Daytime Outdoor Beach Party (limited to 1000 people only) -Dave Pearce 2 hour Trance Anthems Set -Trance Anthems album tour -Kutski - BBC Radio 1 Old Skool Set -Big Beach Out Door Arena -Fun Fair -Coconut Shy -BBQ -Hog Roast -Inflatable Fun -Plus much more to be announced Night Time - 9pm till 6am Headhunterz Tuneboy John OCallaghan Lisa Pin-Up Kutski BBC Radio 1 BK vs. Vinylgroover aka Scott Atrill Lee Haslam Andy Farley vs. Pete Wardman Paul Glazby Mark Sherry Ilogik Paul Maddox LIVE JFK JP & Jukesy Guyver Townend & Deano aka Tidy DJs Garbo Jordan Suckley Tickets: Early Birds - £20 (Night time admission only) Savers – £25 (Night time admission only) Standard - £30 Daytime beach party & Main event - £35* - (limited to 1000 only) + Booking Fees will apply More on the Door Ticket Outlets: www.tidy.com or call 0870 777 2652 TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Websites: www.tidy.com www.tidydsi.com www.trackitdown.net www.visitmagna.co.uk Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/event.ph...9102&ref=nf Travel & Hotels Information: M1, JNC 33, follow the brown Magna sign posts Full maps on www.visitmagna.co.uk Road: www.theaa.com Rail: www.nationalrailenquiries.co.uk or 0845 748 4950 Hotels www.enjoyengland.com & search Sheffield Car parking at Magna maybe subject to a small fee, please contact Magna for details www.visitmagna .co.uk
  14. Tidy Music Library hits the landmark 10th release with the highly anticipated 'Jon BW Meets EP'. Here we see the wonder boy tidy producer showcase his full range of sounds and skills with 6 collaborations featuring Anne Savage, Kutski, Cally Gage, JP & Jukesy, Superfast Oz and Scott Fo Shaw! From the forward thinking sounds of 'DJ's Are Vermin' with Kutski, to the offbeat madness of 'Borrowed Milk' with Scott Fo Shaw, right through to the ass shaking 'Let Him Hear it' with Anne Savage; all bases of modern day Hard Dance music are covered with Jon adding his own unique twist to the mix! To round off the singles this month we have 'the BW' smack home his remix of the tidy classic 'John Whitemann - Cant Beat The System', cranking up the tempo and taking no prisoners, this remix is sure to find favor in any peak time set. The CD release also contains a bonus feature Jon BW sample pack and a 10 track Jon BW showcase mix! Tidy Music Library 10 Available From All Good Record Stores NOW! Tidy.com - http://www.tidy.com/ev/tidystore_singles_v...CT=PL&MBC=T Hmv.com - http://hmv.com/hmvweb/displayProductDetail...&sku=975363 Trackitdown.net - http://www.trackitdown.net/search/advanced?recordlabel=Tidy
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