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    im a G-E-M when it comes to the P-E-N if you dunkoe then tell your M-E-N i got bars rated 10 out of T-E-N youll hear them become my F-A-N got more buds that bill and B-E-N www.myspace.C-O-M forward slash spit M-A-N spitmann, dont need no hitman ill come to your ends with a 10 man gang been in the shadows but im out with a bang bang, dont get hot fam its just a metaphor you aint gettin shot fam try and clash me your gonna need a lot fam cos these bars im sprayin put me on the top fam ive seen what youve got fam have you lost the plot fam trust me you might as well stop famalam your better off workin as my camera man followin my tour in your transit van o wait i forgot ur on a drivin ban cosur a badaman dont make me laugh ur not a badaman your just a pussy u wudnt bangaman so dont try it cos u aint no badaman Rate Them Please Bless x
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