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  1. This has been patched as 1.0.4 has been released.
  2. Wow. Christians creep me out with thier shenanigans.
  3. http://www.supernova.com/ ^^^This site is no longer a scam site.
  4. Hey guys, just letting you know that this is the second search result if you search for "ISO Hunt" on google. :P Thought you might want to know. lookie.
  5. Waste


    Behind a firewall? Is your windows firewall on?
  6. Waste


    See if your ISP blocks that port. If not, are you behind a router?
  7. Foxytunes is a damn good plugin. They left out the image zoom plugin though.
  8. Agreed :) Except Suprnova is still listed in the great sites Therefore no one should go there ever. Why you say that? I used to get good stuff from there. I do need to take it off because they have been shut down. I'll probably replace it with a link to thier forums. Anyways, thanks for the welcomes and shit.
  9. You too, RD. The last time I came here was when I was still using IPB on my site. That was a loooooooong time ago.
  10. ...since I've been here. Thought I'd drop by and say hi. :psychofun:
  11. Checking this out now. :)
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