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  1. What are your 15 Favorite Albums These are mine although there are about 30 more I would like to cram in. 1.Giant Steps by John Coltrane 2.The Return of the Space Cow Boy by Jamiroquai 3.Songs in the key of life by Stevie Wonder 4.Emergency on Planet Earth by Jamiroquai 5.Songbook by Kenny Garrett 6.Wayne Shorter Speak No Evil 7.DJ Shadow Endtroducing 8.Thrust by Herbie Hancock 9.A Love Supreme by John Coltrane 10.Innervishions Stevie Wonder 12.Kid A by Radiohead 13.Head Hunters by Herbie Hancock 14.Turn it Out by Soulive 15.Breesing by George Benson
  2. I would call herbie hancocks thrust, head hunters era straight up funk/jazz. If you have not herd thrust, get this album. Along with some grover washington stuf, soulive, skofield.
  3. I really like Coltranes Giant Steps album
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