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  1. basically cuple of bars jotted down They aint finished nd ar no where near perfect im synz yh still reppin b town// think ya funny cuz nah your no clown// coz roll in my ends nd youll get gunned down// my boys lurk in the shadows, dont make no sound// i creep along walls , crawl along ground// then rip ya to pieces like bloodthirsty hound// parts of ya body spread over the ground// nd ill slip away never to be found// coz im synz; im a deadly assasin// im fatal bruv... theres no point clashin// my bars are soarin, nd yours are crashin// before to long// your wifey im mashin// coz fam... your all washed up// you make me sick like 2 girls one cup// seriously bruv dont start hypin// your a computer neek better start typin// coz on this music ladder im always climbin// back in the day, i's stll rhymin//
  2. thanks :) yh same ere prefer first set second set kinda just cuple of ideas jotted down
  3. yh der alryt m8 i just started aswell ave a look at mine and gimme sum feedback if u want http://www.beatking.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=35335
  4. ok thanks :) yh like i said not really perfected yet just sorta jotted down thanks :)
  5. Basically just started mc'in and shit one of my 1st set of bars basically wanna know if der any good they aint finished and probs need editin thanks Yeh im synz, im from b town and dat// you n your boys dont wanna start a clash// coz ill come at ya quick like bolt on a track// leave your guys with more then a thump n a whack// yh vex me be prepared to take a smack// dont come at me cuz u better take a step back// coz ill chop you down quick like lumberjack// dont expect me to add p'z to none of your stackz// im down ur chikz throat like pepsi max// dont claim topspot bruv coz none of its facts// nar nar nar none of its facts dont tell me to calm down i dont wana relax// i got pride,yh bruv im not runnin from jack// / Im synz'kidd N im spittin the truth// one thing u best no,got nothin to lose// no need for a crew// was writin 16s when u cudnt tie your shoes// dont hype to me bruv coz i will cut u loose// n like scooby feds'll be lookin for clues// Im the kid who got the most hype in the youth// higher then tiles on a roof// Claim your a badman, thats lies not the truth// coz straight up synz kid will come up 2 u// nd ull be spraked on the floor wit 2 quick moves//
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