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ruman skunk

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  1. how many people come on here bruv?
  2. 7 and a half bars and you used 8 words to rhyme, try and be more creative rather than just talking about being amazing and trying to get some quid, it gets boring after the rest of them do it,
  3. new beat king member, you best remember/ only been here since the end of december/ ruman skunk yeah thats me, im a beast in this sea/ like kracken, grabs heads and crack 'em secretly/ lost it,
  4. no limit, dont matter if you only get 3 bars and draw a blank, thats why its chill, just spit, bars bars bars, chill chill chill/ roll up roll up see me kill kill kill/ barstards dont par, im ill ill ill/ sketchy eyes like poppin pill after pill/ ruman gonna stun em, tell me whats the use/ shun em, generally beat you like child abuse/ im wild its true, off the top violent tunes/ clear my throat and rile up dudes/ and ladys too, i hear theres a few/ regardless what sex im bound to slew/ beatking crown me too, the sickest yooth's who?/ always come prepared like the browneys do/
  5. i speak with the wisdom of the ageless/ y'all took ages so sweep you all of the pages/ laid back call me rage-less, cook you like bakers, shook you like shakers/ its true im looking too rude for you fakers/ why are there so many threads with people calling out nobody?
  6. weak bars bruv you've got too many, slurred flow like your sippin too much heni, better go out back and spend a penny, cos your skull cap get sliced off the top with my chetti, bare new to this, lots it after that so i stopped typing
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