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  1. I just grabbed this Tribal Electro compilation mixed by Mr. All-Nighter it is like none out there! Also this other one by DJ Chris “The Greek who delivers again a slamming dance music CD called Dance Anthems . These dude’s mixes are for the deep house heads out there compilations that will move your soul.
  2. this is a slamming CD if you like electro-house these guys always put out something with some fist pumpin anthems..
  3. i agree she has talent thats for sure..and shes attractive to boot..beware Brittany!!
  4. thanks for the invite floyd ,,this is a great mix of music that is definitly banging..i bought the first vol. and it was cool this one must pack another punch! _________________ cheap gadgets
  5. like the slogan says...it is slamming!..the track listing is hot and burns up the dance floor thats for sure!
  6. yes this is a cool mix CD with some hot tracks...let's dance !
  7. this is another great mix of music . reminds of me of the clubs i use to run to in the 80's ..miss them a lot! great work guys B)
  8. these beats definitly keep coming ..a lot of the music I enjoyed when I was younger fun to listen to..
  9. this is a cool CD with some cool music i was able to get the link ... http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore...53&s=143441 enjoy guys!
  10. this is a jamming CD with damn 50 tracks ..wow thats enough for drive from my town to CA...its just as hot as Vol. 1 on iTunes..
  11. thank you for the link as well...i love the 80s !
  12. not everyone is into chill out music but electronic chill out thats different! this is a cool mix!
  13. cool Cd all i need is a beer and hot dog and im set!
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