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  1. I always have my mind on my money/ money on my mind/ i will be out here hustlin all the time/ i be making that cash/ u be picking up my trash/ because i got my mind on my money/ money on my mind/ because i am the best rapper of all time/ i don't get my money by doin crimes/ and i will always be on my grind/ because i got my mind on my money/ money on my mind/ i be spittin this shit all the time/ i make more than a dime/ so it will be my time to shine
  2. man cracka u think u the shit / man i think u drink piss when u eat ur breakfast / man u think u can rap i heard better shit from a piece of trash / so dont u dare try to diss my cuzin / or i will have to throw u in a fuckin oven / man dont try to think u gangsta / i bet u are just a fucking wangsta / s o before u have write down ur rhymes just make sure u don't sound like window chimes / because when i rap it is golden beause im the chosen one / and u look ike a fucking bum so if u have something to say why dont u battle me and we can see who is the king / but let me tell u my rhymes will make u fall to ur feet
  3. man ur shit is wake man u cant even write good rhymes so why the fuck u talkin bout my cuzzo like that
  4. bigd18

    my life

    it was 1990 when i first saw my life/ I never had a chance to see my brother alive/ he died in my mom stomach before he opened his eyes/ i never knew wat it was like to have a brother by my side/ september 2003 was the worst year of my life/ the day that my grandfather left my side/ there was nothing i could do to save his life/ just pray that i could see him just one more time/ july 2001 was when my grandma post away all i remember is it was a very dreadful day
  5. yo i know yall aint talkin about my cuzin like that man he can work the mic so if yall got a problem then write me a comment and show me wat u got
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