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  1. y u going on like u got a gun u wont have one when i draw for the shotgun in the long run, your bars of overdone this aint grime im just making a slogan ill merk out the scene, with a quick sixteenn start to spray and pull out a machine hype on the scene like ive had caffine im going up your going downstream merk your team wit a single line merk your team in a nissian skyline im in the middle your on the sideline coming up yh this is my time my time is now so i got to show doing the grime to make the doe ill merk you on a solo next time u see me will be at the mobo mobos winning the best newcomer see me in a stretched out hummer yh ill be picking up that award you need to go back the blackboard O.T.F Bless xx
  2. O.T.F yh on the frontline im going up, i got to climb 2009 this is my time im coming through i got to shine i used to be a little boy from thanet now im the talk of the planet legalise weed, so we can all get high jump off a cliff and belive we can fly let of a sigh and think we wont die cos we wont cos were as high as hell open the door and come out our shell see me on the local gazzele it will say skitz your doing well your bars are intact im just stateing a fact look at you, you aint gonna attract lets stop before you get blackjacked you got 21 seconds to go im sticking out like an affro your hiding down bellow falling down like a bit of snow dont know me then get to know im going up like a yoyo your starting again, bac to zero im moving fast like a turbo your at the back going on slow ill have to start getting hypo im big in the game like a jumbo your down, you need to grow stop think that your so ghetto your the one still shopping at netto im sorry to pop your ego sorry you aint no P-R-O. Need advie Back Plz Anyone Likes wot they hearing and im likeing wot they hearing message me bless x
  3. why you trying to bring hype on the mic badman here ready to strike strike on the scene leave a bullet on your screen come to your town wit a one man team one man team thats all that i need aint even started and im in the lead im at the top and your at the bottom im going up like dot rotten why you think your the talk of the town im the one wearing the crown your the one looking up wit a frown your looking up, im looking down thats how it will always be you thinking your better than me when my bars are sickly so let me end this quickly if u wanna battle message me back so i can step up and attack
  4. someone step and spit
  5. It's woodman and i can't be stopped i'm like a hot air ballon and i can't be poped dont care what you say im more than alot im the bulletproof ballooon cuzzie take your shot its lil woodman and im gonna go far so high in the sky you can call me a star Im like a epeleptic kid on the scene fuck that you aint seen what i seen you aint been where i been you aint lived my dream im like a paraletic kid on the move trust me i aint got nothing to prove Im new to the scene, im new the green and im still a teen my bars are getting sicker lyrics that play wit your mic like licker 14 year old spitter, aint gonna be another quitter my bars are getting quicker and getting stronger got more bars yh i can last longer if you wanna clash you must be a plonker cos i got more bars than wonker see me all blacked out airmax on my jumper cuming on to the beat like thunder tell me wot u fink
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