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  1. doesn't matter if its bush or kerry, both of them are retarded israel lover
  2. Finnish & Norwegian Metal

    Norwegian Black Metal destroys american metal bands. Hail!
  3. MuDvAyNe

    i suck wang.
  4. Elton John Unimpressed by Madonna

    ok. love you guys
  5. Too Phat

    i'm not so much into hip-hop but have you niggaz heard of Too Phat before? they're Malaysian and spits out some pretty ill rhymes you know what i'm sayin'??? well, what do you think?!
  6. Elton John Unimpressed by Madonna

    oh, ok. cuz i'm already used to the trash-talking back in sorry! no more bad posts from me.... $#$$#%
  7. Elton John Unimpressed by Madonna

    i don't know what lip-synching is, but i do know that gays do not have the right to speech. butcher the pervert
  8. John Preston Trades Rifle for Guitar

    i'll take that guitar and bust it on his head if i ever know he's responsible of any anti-arab massacre! STOP KILLING OFF THE MUSLIMS!!!
  9. South Park Clip

    what does "hone" mean?
  10. South Park Clip

    what was that??? i didn't get it at all
  11. Is Nu Metal Dead?

    that took you a while for a pretty short answer. close this topic
  12. Michael Jackson Jokes

    Q: What did the man lying on the beach say to Michael Jackson? A: Get out of my sun!!!
  13. Is Nu Metal Dead?

    so since nu-metal is dead now, what was your favourite nu-metal band back in the days? anyone?
  14. Led Zeppelin - Satanic Message

    this is absurd
  15. oh yes

    you deserve to be happy!