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    Rap/Hip-Hop, Bollywood
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    Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymnes, The Game

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  1. yo i spit when i talk and stand up when i spit my rymes are so hard i can break a mans hip my rap will make a earthquake then tha sun will come down and make all ya'll bake i make weather go from good to bad i'll make all u haters fellin' sad but you know what i'm still fellin' glade! all u haters can keep doing shit but this is not over that was just a bit! everyone say they like lil f baby but u know what,,,.. F STANDS 4 FAKE all ya'll haters can keep hatin' someone will buss ur lip, punch u in ur face in this same place put u in a hospital bed YOU AINT GONNA BE FELLIN' BETTER B CAUSE BY THEN YOU'LL BE DEAD!!!!
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