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  1. Dear musiclovers.

    I saw that vinyl-masterpiece celebrates his 5 year of anniversary. They are 5 years online now and I have get a free cd-seal-opener by my order! You can also choose for a mousepad both are with a logo!!! Very nice.

    Finally a company who’s not thinking about the money but for the customers,

    I hope you like my information!!! I do this because they have a limit of the cd-seal-openers and mousepads p.s. there also has been 2 new releases. 1 of my favourite gap band – V !!!! and gap band – III.

    Check them out vinyl-masterpiece.com/vm-pages/vinyl-masterpiece.com-5-year-anniversary.php

    All the best funkyfreak

  2. Dear Members!!

    I’ve heard that there is AGAIN a new release of Vinyl-Masterpiece.com titled: Soulshow Classics volume 1.


    On their website you’ll find more info and some sound files.

    If you order before 26th of November you’ll get a discount to!!

    Hope I informed you enough!

    All the best,


  3. Dear Members!!

    I’ve heard that there is again a new re-issue on Vinyl-Masterpiece.com titled: Gwen Guthrie – Padlock (Special mixes by Larry Levan)!

    On their website you’ll find more info and some sound files. I already ordered this CD.

    Here the link:


    Hope I informed you enough!

    All the best,


  4. Hi!

    Just seen on http://www.vinyl-masterpiece.com two great CD reissues of Gwen Guthrie (Portrait) and Millie Scott (Love me right). Both with 3 exclusive bonus tracks.

    Naturally the Larry Levan remixes (‘Hopscotch, ‘Padlock’ & ‘Peanut Butter’) on the Gwen Guthrie album !!

    Check it out!

    Funky Freak

    Gwen Guthrie – Portrait

    Gwen Guthrie (1950 – 1999) started in the seventies as a songwriter and doing background vocals for various artists as Roberta Flack, Madonna, Stephanie Mills, Billy Joel, Luther Vandross etc. Her first album titled ‘Gwen Guthrie’ has been released on PTG 34046.

    Her second album ‘Portrait’ continues with the same dancestyle, ballads and production of Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare. Especially in the discotheques the tracks ‘Hopscotch, ‘Padlock’ & ‘Peanut Butter’ were very hot. Mainly due to the remixes of Larry Levan (the most influential and famous remixer of the 80’s). Naturally these long 12 inches mixes have been added as bonustracks!

    For the first time ever now available on CD!

    With three exclusive bonus-tracks!


    Millie Scott – Love Me Right

    Millie Scott was born in Savannah, Georgia and sang in the gospel groups The Pilgrim Gospel Singers and The Sermonettes. When The Temptations came to New York they tempted Millie to move to Detroit, where she remains to this day. She formed a new group Quiet Elegance an toured with The Temptations and The Detroit Spinners and did sessions with Al Green.

    In 1986, she signed as a solo artist to Island Records and released a debut single 'Prisoner Of Love' (UK Top 75, USA R&B Top 25, #28 Holland single Top 40).

    'Prisoner Of Love' was followed by the album 'Love Me Right', including 'Automatic' (UK Top 75, USA R&B Top 50, European Disco charts Top 30) and 'Ev'ry Little Bit' (UK Top 75).


    With three exclusive bonus-tracks!

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