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Everything posted by TempZ21

  1. as a younger i was rhyming alot all day everyday none stop wit ma ill barz get 2 da top go on spit a 16 show ur a flop i spit a 16 the place im heating it up every1 every where knows im on top if da barz aint sik listen 2 the flow neva heard nuffin like it boy better know and dnt beg it neva heard of u before im da 1 taking ur girl 2 da dance floor after dat will be closing da bedroom door im moving so quick next year im goin on tour blud you dnt no wat ur here for spit a 16 il spit a 24 and my barz will alwayz be better than yours
  2. thanks for the feed back guys i really appreciate it n il make sure i take all off it on board
  3. im movin i could see it from day n iv got potential 2 level in diz game the hype talk dat aint hard drop a few barz dat make u look hard nah im out 2 make seriouse musik listen 2 da variety on ma flow n ma melody since i was a kid i knew musik was my speacialty but face it we gotta look up 2 reality 2 many kidz diying cuz a hand on a gun n mother left crying for sons im just wondering wat da goverment does styl we gotta be strong pik up da pen instead of a gun da first day u be finking ima don da nxt day ur sayin wat iv i dne so instead of crime lets turn 2 grime diz way we wont end up inside
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